Zoning tri-board mtg 2-19-2011

The third annual meeting of the Newbury Township Trustees, Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals was called to order at 9:20 a.m. Saturday, February 19, 2011, at Newbury Town Hall.

Attending were Jan Blair, Ken Blair, Judd Douglas, Karen Endres, Marge Hrabak, Steve Kitko, Alice Munn, Carolyn Paschke, Bill Skomrock Jr., Bill Skomrock Sr., David Snively, Lewis Tomsic, Sue Wagner, Tezeon Wong, and Chris Yaecker. Trustee David Snively presided.

Zoning Inspector Karen Endres started the meeting by outlining where several projects stand in the permitting process and the possible need for another agreed judgment entry for one of the proposed businesses. One of the incoming businesses is a Zeppe’s Tavern at Newbury Center which will have a full liquor license and will probably request a sign variance for exposure on both sides of the restaurant.

Trustee Jan Blair said she and Ms. Endres and Ann Wishart are working with Clay Burnett of Inventure Technology to place a www.newburyohio.com website link to information about the availability of Grange Park for sale and development. She is also hoping to market the 10.8 acres through Anita Stocker at the Geauga County Department of Community and Economic Development and through the Geauga Growth Partnership.

Ms. Endres discussed the structure on Bell Road owned by Mr. Hanley. The large building was used for a tree farm but there was never a house on the property so now the tree farm is defunct, the property, which is in foreclosure, is unmarketable. Ms. Endres said she has recommended the well-built structure be converted to a residence, since it is in a neighborhood zoned for residential, and sold as a home.

Trustee David Snively said it is a common problem that buildings originally built under an agricultural exemption become in violation of zoning if no longer used for agricultural purposes. Zoning Commission member Carolyn Paschke noted there is no zoning that applies to agriculture in the Ohio Revised Code.

Ms. Paschke said the zoning commission has been working on several items including doubling the size of signs permitted, changing zoning of Grange Park to industrial/commercial, amendments for wind turbine/alternate energy and parking lot land-banking, model zoning and drafting code for composting.

Ms. Endres discussed the issues at TRC where they are producing mulch and appear to have overlapped their property lines. They are in violation of their zoning now and are “moving up the list.”

Zoning Commission Alternate Steve Kitko said outdoor boilers present more of a problem than wind turbines or solar panels because of the smoke and smell but he learned in a seminar townships should address them but not restrict them too much. Ms. Endres said the township can’t regulate boilers but BZA member Tezeon Wong said setbacks do apply.

Ms. Endres said the township needs to be proactive on road damage from trucks transporting heavy tanks of brine along township roads to future injection wells. Some township roads already have logging truck damage and she suggested working through the Ohio Township Association and county commissioners so townships can make someone responsible for cost of repairs.

BZA Alternate Ken Blair said from his experience truckers often don’t know how much weight they have on those trailers and the only way to prove they are misusing the roads is by getting a portable scale under their axles. Ms. Endres suggested some kind of bond be required of trucks bringing in brine. BZA Alternate Chris Yaecker said if the township can get advance notice that the trucks will start using a well for injection the township should take before and after pictures of the road condition.

Mr. Wong said he would like to see some accountability about what is being injected. Mr. Snively said he asked Geauga County Health District Director Bob Weisdak about that and was told besides getting advance notice each truck is coming in, the township would have to get permission to take a sample of the material being injected. So far there are three recognized injection wells in the county, one in Burton, one in Hambden and one in Thompson.

Ms. Blair commented that the annual meeting of the three groups is important to the community. Mr. Snively adjourned the meeting at 11:02 a.m.