Zoning officials

Zoning Department
Mike Joyce, zoning inspector
 Marge Hrabak, assistant zoning inspector

Board of Zoning Appeals
Chris Yaecker, 2017
 Lewis Tomsic, 2018
 Ed Meyers, Chairman 2020
 Mary Lee Brezina, 2018
 Karen Endres,, 2020
 Marge Hrabak, secretary

Zoning Commission
ZC Mike Nelson 2022, Vice Chairmen
Jerry Hudak 2021, Chairmen
Steve Boughner, 2020
Jessica Rivera, 2020
Margaret Avalon,  2018
Tricia Hajma, Alternate, 2017
Ed Deiulls, Alternate, 2019

About the BZA and ZC

Each member of the board of zoning appeals or the zoning commission is appointed by the township trustees and serves a five year term on the board. The terms are staggered so one term expires each year. It is up to the trustees to reappoint that individual for another five-year term or choose another candidate for the position. The dates you see after the members’ names in the list above are the dates their terms expire.

There are two alternate members to the BZA and two on the ZC who fill in when regular members can’t attend a meeting. Each alternate member serves a two year term, also at the pleasure of the trustees.

Anyone interested in serving on either board may submit a letter of interest and a resume at the town hall, 14899 Auburn Road, Newbury.

Zoning Positions Open


Currently Newbury is looking for individuals to serve on the Zoning Commission and The Zoning Board of Appeals. Interested applicants may send their resume' to: admin@newburyohio.com or Newbury Township, P.O. Box 257, Newbury, OH  44065

About Zoning in Newbury

Zoning activities include the creation, amendment, interpretation, and enforcement of the Newbury Township Zoning Resolution. Zoning activities are funded from the township general fund, into which is deposited zoning permit fees, and hearing application fees. Contact: Mike Joyce, 440-564-9220 or at mjtrustee@hotmail.com  (Please type "zoning" in the subject line)

Newbury Township Zoning FAQs

Welcome to the Newbury Township web site zoning page. Following is a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not there, please call Mike Joyce at (440) 564-9220.

Do new businesses need to register with the Township?
Businesses moving into Newbury need to apply for a use permit. It is in the permitting process that it is determined that the proposed use is permitted at a given location and the business is registered with the township.

Do I need a permit to move or put up a sign?
New signs require a sign permit. If an old sign is moved to a new location on a property a permit is required although no permit is required to simply change the text of an old sign as long as the size and location do not change.

Where can I get a zoning permit application?
The applications for zoning permits are available at Newbury Town Hall located at 14899 Auburn Rd. A draft application is available at the bottom of this site to help residents determine what information they need before filling out the paper application. Only the official permit applications will be accepted by the zoning inspector.

Do I need a permit to conduct a garage sale? 
Garage sales in Newbury require a yard sale permit, which is issued  free of charge and outlines the rules involved in conducting a yard sale.

  • Two sales are permitted per property each year.
  • Nothing is to be located in the road right of way, including signs.
  • Signs are not to be posted on utility poles or in the right of way.
  • Within twenty-four hours of the conclusion of the sale, all items must be removed from outside display.

  • Do I need to submit an application to remodel a structure, build a shed, a garage, or a barn? 
    Any structure with a roof requires a zoning permit application to be submitted, including but not limited to garages, houses, pole barns including structures for agricultural uses, and storage buildings.


    May I run a business from my home?
    Some businesses are permitted in residential homes. A home business requires a home occupation permit and a conditional use. Anyone needing further information on the permitting process may contact the zoning department at Newbury Town Hall (440-564-9220).

    Do I need a permit to erect a fence?
    No permit is necessary to build a fence although it is recommended that enough area is left open on both sides of the fence to allow for maintenance without trespassing onto neighboring property. Fences may not be in the right of way or block clear sight for drivers on roads. Additionally fences must be maintained in such a way that they are not unsafe, unsightly or be in danger of falling down.

    How do I contact the zoning inspector? 
    Mike Joyce, the Newbury Township Zoning Inspector, may be contacted at the Newbury Town Hall at 440-564-9220.


    Convenient links

    Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Newbury Township Zoning Commission and Zoning Inspector Mike Joyce the Zoning Resolution was updated effective August 14, 2009. If you have any questions about the changes please call Mike at 440-564-9220.

    The zoning permit worksheet link will bring up a draft of a form. It is a little ugly and, yes, we know it is crooked. However, if you print it out it will help you know what answers you need when you fill out the paper form (available in the drop box at the foot of the backstairs of the town hall.)

    Also, if you are trying to download the Land Use Plan be aware it is a huge document and takes some time to open on your computer.

    Zoning Meetings