zc October 27, 2010

On October 27, 2010 the Newbury Township Zoning Commission (ZC) held their regular monthly meeting in the upstairs meeting room of Newbury Town Hall. Carolyn Paschke called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. with Jerry Hudak, Alice Munn, Lou Tomsic, Judd Douglas, Sue Wagner and Steve Kitko present. She reminded everyone that the meeting time had been changed to begin at 7:00 p.m.

Jerry Hudak moved to accept the minutes of the 9-22-10 meeting; Sue Wagner seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote.

The first agenda item: Wind Turbines. Sue Wagner distributed the proposed code for Newbury Township, suggested the members review the material at home and come prepared to vote at the next meeting. Definitions are needed for “decorative & mechanical windmills” that may fall under the 35 foot maximum height restriction. Fee schedules were addressed but left to the Trustees to set. Discussion continued regarding surety bonds in conditional uses, the dollar value thereof, possibly 30% of construction costs, reset inflationary values every 5 years and small number of anticipated permits. Any discussion of solar applications was tabled for the future. Per the sheriff’s letter regarding turbine interference with safety cell tower transmissions, Karen Endres would request a map of the tower heights and beam directions.

Steve Kitko said the NZC should compare our parking land bank wording to model zoning (MZ). Karen Endres said the conditional use certificate should also be upgraded to agree with MZ.

Because the 4th Wednesday of November/December fall within the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday activities, it was agreed to reschedule the November and December meetings for Dec. 8, 2010. Ms. Paschke adjourned the meeting at 8:38 p.m.

Ms. Endres detailed the ongoing BZA hearings for Mr. Excavator – Sweet Peet process proposed for Cross Creek Pkwy: 1) Zoning Inspector Error, 2) Use Variance, 3) Area Variance & 4) Conditional use for landscaping business. Lou Tomsic said he thinks the applicants should come before the ZC to revise the regulations to allow EPA permitted composting. He reminded all that water table fears are overblown; since septic sewage percolating thru 4 feet of earth changes into clean water.