ZC July 28, 2010

On July 28, 2010 the Newbury Township Zoning Commission (ZC) held their regular monthly meeting in the upstairs meeting room of Newbury Town Hall.  Carolyn Paschke called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. with Lou Tomsic, Judd Douglas, Sue Wagner and Steve Kitko present.  She reminded everyone that the meeting time had been changed to begin at 7:00 p.m. 


Judd Douglas asked to review the minutes regarding the questions asked by Jerry Hudak who was not in attendance.  Jerry had emailed the questions that were answered in the minutes.  Judd Douglas moved to accept the revised minutes, Steve Kitko seconded the motion that passed unanimously. The revised minutes of the June 23, 2010 were approved and signed.


Ms. Paschke asked the board to address wind turbines as the first agenda item clarifying that Townships can only regulate “small wind” (under 5 megawatts).  Steve Kitko summarized the seminar advice: don’t over-restrict and insure sustainability.  Discussion continued regarding the full alternate energy category of which wind, solar, biofuel, etc. would be subsets.  The Munson draft code will be distributed for the next meeting’s review to follow their code language as applicable to Newbury.


Also for the next meeting: Newbury Zoning vs. compliance with model zoning, conditional uses with specifics pertaining to restaurants, deli’s, food service, etc. and the restrictions of alcoholic beverages.

Those attending the seminar suggested ordering the zoning commission pamphlet by Mark Lukas for $5.


At 7: 40 the board began the discussion of the Planning Commission’s  letter of recommendations regarding the Zoning Amendment 2010-1.  At 8:00 p.m. Ms. Paschke officially opened the Public Hearing to review this amendment: there were no others in attendance for this Public Hearing.


Summary of changes made to Newbury Zoning Amendment 2010-1 initiated June 23, 2010

Per Planning Commission comments letter dtd 7/14/10

1)      Sec.  5.02 (A) (4):  definitions added for porches, patios, gazebos and pavilions,

2)      Sec. 12.00 (A): “flashing” & “frame effect” made subsets as 6 a & 6 b,

3)      Sec. 12.01 (A):  reworded for clarity, added “audio effect” to NO SIGN …,

4)      Sec. 12.01 (G): “limitations” changed to “regulations” ,

 also retain electronic message centers in R-1 as NZC has no Institutional District.

G-1&2:  changed timing to 6 seconds,

G-4: retain foot candles, preferred  economical  meter for inspection/compliance,

G-5: add “freeze or go blank at malfunction”,

G-6: electronic message centers subject to Se. 12.07 for All Signs.

5)      Sec. 12.04 (C): Mobile electronic message centers permitted per 12.01G,

6)      Sec. 12.05 (A) (9): correct “four” to read “three”,

7)      Sec. 12.05(A) (10): correct “sixteen” to read “three”.

8)      Sec. 12.06 (A): 12.06(B) added for electronic message centers in R-1.


Judd Douglas moved to approve the above changes and forward the revisions to the trustees; Sue Wagner seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote. 

Judd Douglas                                     yes

                Lou Tomsic                                         yes

                Carolyn Paschke                               yes

Steve Kitko                                         yes

Sue Wagner                                       yes


The trustees will then place a legal notice for their Public Hearing on the revised Amendment 2010-1 – probably for the Sep. 1, 2010 Trustee meeting.

Ongoing work will continue at the next meeting with Lou Tomsic and Sue Wagner presenting  their research for Wind Turbine code,  Judd Douglas for review/reconciliation of NZC with Model Zoning and Alice Munn and Sue Wagner  advising  topics for future study.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for August 25, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.


The Zoning Commission meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.