ZC August 22, 2012

On August 22, 2012 the Newbury Township Zoning Commission (ZC) held their regular scheduled monthly meeting in the upstairs meeting room of Newbury Town Hall.  Carolyn Paschke called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. with Jerry Hudak, Margaret Avalon and Steve Kitko present.


Ms. Paschke delayed signing of the minutes till Mr. Kitko arrived to complete a quarum.

Steve Kitko moved and Jerry Hudak seconded the approval of the June 27, 2012 minutes that passed by unanimous vote.

Carolyn Paschke                                 yes

                Jerry Hudak                                        yes

            Steve Kitko                                         yes


Carolyn Paschke said she delivered a copy of the ZC previously approved code for wind turbines (WT), solar panels (SP), land-banking (LB) and conditional use (CU)  to the trustees’ 9/5/12  meeting for their review/comments and subsequent approval.  The board agreed to give the trustees one more chance to review these ZC changes at their 9/19/12 meeting before sending it to the Planning Commission.

Margaret Avalon defined 3 types of mulch: inorganic, passive organic and active organic that was typed in for the next set of code changes.  The board agreed the goal should be to define composting as a process and mulch as an end product and not be “too technical” for better consumer understanding.

Discussion continued regarding Outdoor Boilers (OB) - whether restrictions were needed at this time because there have been so few complaints: none have not been in writing.  Most complaints result from residual smoke due to natural atmospheric inversion.  It was suggested OB be permitted only in the residential district conforming to R-1 setbacks.  OB zoning discussion shall be continued at the next meeting.

Size Limits for accessory Buildings – now 1280 sq.ft. per lot or 500 sq.ft. per acre whichever is larger.  Ms Paschke suggested a maximum size of 10,000 sq.ft. but tabled the discussion for more input from Ms. Endres. Parking chart/size review, especially for multiple tenant usage, was also postponed as topics for the next meeting.  NZC compliance with Model Zoning code is an ongoing review basis.

The board decided to skip the regular July meeting; with the next ZC meeting scheduled for September 26, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

Ms. Paschke adjourned the meeting at 8:10 p.m.




Signatures of the Zoning Commission



__________________________                 __________________________

Chairman, Carolyn Paschke                            Judd Douglas, Vice Chairman


________________________                        __________________________

Sue Wagner                                                     Jerry Hudak


__________________________                    __________________________

Margaret Avalon, 1st alt.                                 Steve Kitko                            


 ____________________________               __________________________

Date                                                                Attest: Marge Hrabak, Sec’y,