Trustess 01/21/2015

The regularly scheduled meeting of Newbury Township Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m., January 21, 2015, with Glen Quigley and Bill Skomrock, Jr. present.


Mr. Joyce was sworn in as Zoning Inspector and Ms. Hrabak was sworn in as Assistant Zoning Inspector.  Mr. Zimperman was reappointed as Road Superintendent.


Mr. Joyce discussed the needs of a new computer for the zoning department, since the County has changed Access Geauga and the zoning computer no longer works with this new software.  The quote was for $1,764.00.  Ms. Mansfield indicated that the permanent appropriations had not been approved yet.  Mr. Skomrock motioned to accept the quote and order the equipment after permanent appropriations have been made and approved, 2nd by Mr. Quigley and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Mr. Quigley discussed current zoning issues with Mr. Joyce, including Green Visions and when they would stop operations.


Mr. Quigley indicated that the zoning commission is requesting a joint meeting on February 25 at 7:00 PM with the Trustees.


Ms. Mansfield presented minutes from December 30, 2014, motion to accept minutes as presented was made by Mr. Skomrock 2nd by Mr. Quigley and, a unanimous affirmative vote by all.    


Mr. Fagan reported calls for the fire department for 2014 there were 661 calls, so far for January is there are 46 calls.  Mr. Fagan also reported that there have been several problems with 3rd party billing, but they are working through them.  They believe they should start the billing in the next few months.


Mr. Zimperman discussed the purchases for this year for the road department, including a truck and tractor.


The certified road miles for the township are 28.865 miles as reported by the Geauga County Engineers.


Mr. Quigley discussed the inside mills that were given to the school district many years ago, and it was decide to check to see if and how we would get those mills back.


Mr. Skomrock reported the 911 calls numbered 160 for December.  Mr. Skomrock discussed recognition for people involved in the Brinks Truck accident and for Lillian Saunders for her civil service.


The employee handbook was reviewed and changes were suggested.


Ms. Mansfield discussed the upcoming Local Government Officials Meeting April 1 – 2, and the passage of HB10 continuing education.


Ms. Mansfield presented the December 2014 financials for approval, motion to approve as presented was made by Mr. Quigley 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and, a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Ms. Mansfield presented three cemetery deeds for signature.


Ms. Mansfield presented Resolution 20150121-03 to allow the township under RC 9.37 and RC 507.11 to make electronic payments provided they are signed by Fiscal Officer and at least 2 Trustees.  This is necessary as the State of Ohio is now requiring online state report and online payments for all liabilities, state withholding tax, workers compensation, unemployment etc.  Motion to allow electronic payments was made by Mr. Skomrock, 2nd by Mr. Quigley, and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Ms. Mansfield presented Resolution 20150121-04 for permanent appropriations for the 2015 year as follows:  Motion to accept resolution by Mr. Skomrock, 2nd by Mr. Quigley and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.