Trustees special meeting November 3 2011

The Newbury Township Trustees special meeting to discuss the fire station roof was called to order at 9:09 a.m. Thursday, November 3, by Trustee Chairman David Snively. Present were David Snively, Trustee Jan Blair, Fire Chief Doug Zimperman, Geauga County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Susan Wieland, Jim Larsen, AIA of Larsen Architects and James Dixon Jr., president of the J. Dixon Co. Construction Services. Mr. Snively stated the goal of the meeting was to find a way to legitimately and economically get the storm-damaged fire station roof covered before it’s too late.

Mrs. Blair said the flat roof needs to be replaced with a trussed roof ASAP and the water-damaged interior can be repaired later. The insurance company, OTARMA/PERSO, wants proposals for repair/replacement of the existing roof. The township, which owns the building, needs to get specifications for trusses and proposals for construction, she said. Mr. Dixon said if the township wants to install a trussed roof the bidding process will take months. Ms. Wieland said that even with the threshold for the bidding process raised from $25,000 to $50,000 it would be better to bid the entire project together. However, she said she would look into the legality of breaking the work into three parts, each under $50,000. Mr. Larsen estimated it will cost $125,000 to fix the flat roof and $150,000 to replace it with a trussed roof.

Mrs. Blair said she would have the figures from the insurance company by late Thursday. Chief Zimperman said it might be possible for the fire department to donate the roof to the township. The department has funds enough for that, he said, and the bidding process might not be needed. Mr. Snively said the township could ask voters to approve a levy expressly for the purpose of replacing the funds for the roof.

Mrs. Blair said the insurance money from the roof could go back through the trustees to the department. She said it would be wise to have a structural engineer determine if the walls of the building will hold up to a trussed roof. Mr. Dixon said he knows an engineer who could make that calculation.

Mr. Larsen and Mr. Dixon agreed the project will go faster if Mr. Dixon takes the lead and Mr. Larsen will act as consultant. Mr. Dixon said the project is an emergency as there is a 6-week window before winter makes work impossible. He will hire Mr. Larsen and, once the truss people have inspected the building, he will be able to determine the cost and will get a proposal to the fire department. Once the money is available Dixon said he will solicit bids for the project. Design will take one to two weeks during which time the engineer will inspect the station and truss builders will visit and give Larsen a price. The trusses should be ordered by Thanksgiving, he said, and put up the first week in December.

This meeting was adjourned at 10 a.m.

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David Snively – Chairman Jan Blair – Vice Chairman

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William Skomrock, Jr. David Lair – Fiscal Officer