Trustee's Meeting (special) 07/14/2014

July 14, 2014

Trustees Special Meeting


Called to order at 7PM, Glen Quigley, Bob Moon, Denver Sallee, Jan Blair, Bill Skomrock, Bruce Cavalier, Sue Cavalier.


General discussion regarding Veterans Park and raffle ticket sales.

Glen is working on the state application for the 25K and with the CRWP on an additional grant, the grant that involved a match is not being sought as it would encumber the township’s general fund.

Events throughout the county were discussed with the possibility of getting space to promote the project.

The new flyer will be ready Wednesday and all will be emailed.

Sue, Glen, Bob and Denver will go to this evening’s 663 meeting to update the group and pass out tickets for the Vets to sell.

Next meeting July 28th 7PM .

Motion to adjourn by Bill Skomrock, seconded by Jan Blair at 8PM. Motioned passed.

Respectfully submitted Glen Quigley