Trustees meeting September 5, 2012

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township, was called to order at 7:30 PM, September 5, 2012, with Mr. Quigley, Ms, Blair and Mr. Skomrock present.

Ms. Blair started by wanting to honor Mr. Randy Hollis for his many years of service. Mr. Quigley then spoke and wished him well in his retirement. Mr. Skomrock then spoke of his many years of service and wished him well he ten read resolution 2012090501. A motion to accept resolution 2012090501 was made by Mr. Skomrock, 2nd by Ms. Blair and a unanimous affirmative vote by all. He was then presented with Resolution 2012090501 thanking him for his many years of service.

Minutes from the August 15, 2012 meeting were approved by a motion of Mr. Quigley and a 2nd by Mr. Skomrock, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

Ms. Mansfield presented the August 2012 financial information. A motion to accept the August financial information as presented was made by Mr. Quigley, 2nd Mr. Skomrock, and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.

She then presented documents to be signed by Chairperson Blair, to open a Star Plus account, with Star Ohio. All documents were signed.

Mr. Zimperman reported an estimate for Lucky Bell, to replace one section, in the amount of $2,550.00, from Miller Brothers Concrete. A motion to accept the quote was made by Mr. Skomrock, 2nd by Mr. Quigley, unanimous affirmative vote by all.

Various township roads had repairs made to them, boom mowing was done, berms were cut, asphalt patching. No burials.

Mr. Zimperman then requested that the new section of Newbury Center be opened to accommodate a request by a resident to be buried near a relative. The new section will be known as section 2, of Newbury Center Cemetery. The Board agreed to open plot numbers 1, 31, 25, and 33. Mr. Zimperman will meet with Hess Engineering to have a new plot map drawn up.

Mr. Zimperman gave the fire department report, they had 47 calls in August, and he reported that the campaign drive to raise funds for new equipment is coming along nicely. They are also getting prices on repairing one more catch basin in the driveway.

Ms. Endres gave the zoning report. There were two BZA meetings regarding the shooting ranges both were denied. The house on the corner of Crosscreek was sold to H&M Landscaping; they were informed that the property was to be cleaned up. Ms. Endres also reported that she was not notified on the oil well drilling permit that was pulled. She is going to follow up on this.

Ms. Blair reported on the welcome to Newbury signs that were stolen, she contacted the insurance company and there is a $500 deductible if we replace them as a group that were stolen all at once. Six new signs made out of metal would cost $357.50. Mr. Zimperman indicated that he talked to Dave Brent on replacing the signs with the same look as the ones stolen, but made out of steel. Mr. Zimperman will check on the price.

Ms. Blair talked about the Zoning Inspector changing from full-time to part-time effective October 1, with a pay rate of $22.00 per hour for 20 hours, with no benefits, due to pending budget shortfalls. A motion by Mr. Quigley to change the position, a 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.

Mr. Skomrock reported 240 sheriff calls in August.

Mr. Quigley reported that Tezon Wong resigned from the BZA due to change of location. There are two positions on the Zoning Commission and one for the BZA that are currently open. Mr. Quigley requested that they appoint putting Mr. Mike Nelson be appointed to one Zoning Commission position that has the longest term and to appoint Mr. Edward Deiuliis to the other spot. A motion to appoint these positions was made by Mr. Quigley, 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all. Mr. Quigley asked that an ad be run for the open BZA position.

Mr. Quigley reminded everyone that there is a tri-board meeting on Sept. 13 at 7:30 PM with the Parks and Recreation Boards.

Mr. Skomrock received a letter from Dominion, that they may need help locating high density population areas that may need evacuation during a pipeline emergency.

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this Meeting:

Warrant Date Payee Amount stat
28517 8/20/2012 Skipped Warrants 28517 to 28517 0.00 Void
28528 9/5/2012 Ray Fidel 130.00 E
28529 9/5/2012 Tezeon Wong 145.00 E
28530 9/5/2012 Mary Lee Brezina 180.00 E
28531 9/5/2012 William Skomrock, Sr. 200.00 E
28532 9/5/2012 Lou Tomsic Jr. 195.00 E
28533 9/5/2012 Ken Blair 200.00 E
28534 9/5/2012 Chris Yaecker 200.00 E
28535 9/5/2012 Newbury Tire 25.00 E
28536 9/5/2012 Turney Home and Auto 84.36 E
28537 9/5/2012 VSP 144.40 E
28538 9/5/2012 FASTENAL CO. 43.53 E
28539 9/5/2012 Cleveland Plumbing Supply Co. 936.07 E
28540 9/5/2012 Airgas USA, LLC 99.69 E
28541 9/5/2012 ScapeAbilities (John Suvak) 140.00 E
28542 9/5/2012 M.T. Business Technologies 12.76 E
28543 9/5/2012 Medical Mutual Of Ohio 7,284.81 E
28544 9/5/2012 Cars Autobody 50.60 E
28545 9/5/2012 Delta Dental 415.74 E
28546 9/5/2012 Geauga County Maple Leaf 118.90 E
28547 9/5/2012 Burnham & Flower of Ohio, Inc. 45.00 E
28548 9/5/2012 Windstream 320.58 E
28549 9/5/2012 PNC Bank 306.22 E
28550 9/5/2012 Verizon Wireless 41.54 E
28551 9/5/2012 Waste Management of Ohio Inc. 14.15 E
28552 9/5/2012 Dominion East Ohio Gas 131.38 E
28553 9/5/2012 Ann Wishart 20.26 E
28554 9/5/2012 First Energy 1,578.20 E
28555 9/5/2012 Patsy Keyes 220.00 E

EFT transactions approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:

Warrant Date Amount Payee stat
E00703 9/4/2012 644.43 Ann A. Wishart E
E00704 9/4/2012 1,194.29 Douglas J. Zimperman E
E00705 9/4/2012 1,223.39 George Mansfield E
E00706 9/4/2012 750.60 Janice M. Blair E
E00707 9/4/2012 674.95 Karen E. Endres E
E00708 9/4/2012 852.27 Marcia J. Mansfield E
W00069 9/4/2012 3,501.59 Middlefield Bank E

Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:

Blanket Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:49PM by, Mr. Quigley 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.