Trustees' meeting Sept. 21, 2011

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., September 21, 2011, with all members present. Minutes of the August 17, 2011 meeting were approved upon a motion by Ms. Blair, a second by Mr. Snively, and affirmative votes from Ms. Blair and Mr. Snively, with Mr. Skomrock abstaining due to his absence from that meeting. Minutes of the September 7, 2011 meeting were approved by a motion from Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

Mr. and Mrs. Ferry from Winfield Park Dr. addressed the trustees, noting that they had purchased property there in December of last year, unaware that a major drainage issue appears to exist on this property, originating from Sperry Rd. and draining onto the cul de sac of Winfield Park Dr. It was reported that both Mr. Hollis and a representative from the Geauga County Soil and Water District have both been out to look at the situation. Mr. Snively read a letter from Soil and Water District Director Carmella Shale, which stated that the driveway pipes on this property appear to be undersized to handle the water volume experienced in a one-year storm. Ms. Shale promised to further research this issue to ensure that they eventually identify the key contributing factors and exactly what will be required to resolve the problem.

A number of residents from the Whitewood Drive area were present to express concerns regarding conditions currently existing on the Kania property located on that street. Mr. Forster noted that many of the residents of the street had attended a township meeting a couple of years ago, and now the problems appear to have once again gotten worse, He provided current pictures of this property, and noted that the owners of the rest of the 16 houses on the street keep their property up. Mr. Snively read a letter from Ms. Endres, who couldn't be here this evening. Ms. Endres said that she had spoken to Mr. Kania, who has promised to clean up the property, sell an unlicensed vehicle, and move miscellaneous items inside the garage. Mr. Snively stated that the Health Department could do certain things to enforce health law where unlawful conditions exist. Mr. Snively said he would begin the process again with the township's current assistant prosecuting attorney, consult with Health Commissioner Bob Weisdack to see what issues he could address via legal action on his part, and promised to stay with the issue until improvement was seen.

Road activity reported by Mr. Hollis included asphalt patch application, crack sealing, ditching on several roads, roadside mowing, and several funerals. He also reported that the road department is beginning to stockpile cinders and salt for the winter. Cemetery decoration regulations were briefly discussed, and it was decided to notify families responsible for those graves of regulations prohibiting decorations which inhibit maintenance. Also discussed was the need to improve and make more prominent current signage describing limitations on decorations. Cemetery activity reported by Ms. Wishart included 1 burial and receipt of outstanding monies due on a gravesite. Ms. Hrabak reported that a recent Planning Commission meeting was cancelled this month.

At the request of the Fiscal Officer, Mr. Skomrock moved that Resolution 2011092101, an appropriation of $45,020 to the 2902-760-700-0000 NOPEC Grant Fund, Capital Projects account. Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Ms. Blair reported that completion of the final phases of this job, including work on the road garage and fire station would result in a total expenditure somewhat above the total NOPEC grant amount. Mr. Lair remarked that any overage due to upgrades for the road garage and fire station could be paid out of both the building improvement account in the Gas Tax Fund, and the Fire-Other account in the Fire Fund, rather than paying for the overage from the General Fund. Mr. Skomrock moved that the board approve spending a total amount on this energy conservation amount that would exceed the $50,000 total that had been received from NOPEC by an amount not exceeding $2,000 overall. Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which was approved by unanimous vote.

Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
P.O. # Date Payee Amount
19-2011 9/10/2011 ABCO Distribution, Inc. $ 210.00
20-2011 9/21/2011 Millstone Management Group $ 27,484.00
Total:: $ 27,694.00
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
Check # Date Payee Amount
27750 9/19/2011 John H. Mansfield - JM $ 683.51
27751 9/19/2011 Jas. Rick Phifer - JP $ 1,328.24
27752 9/19/2011 Randal R. Hollis - RH $ 1,558.58
27753 9/19/2011 Randal O. Hollis - ROH $ 1,122.82
27754 9/19/2011 Timothy A. Mansfield - TM $ 1,214.30
27755 9/19/2011 Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro $ 1,060.00
27756 9/21/2011 FASTENAL CO. $ 28.18
27757 9/21/2011 First Energy $ 640.67
27758 9/21/2011 Miller Bros. Concrete $ 51,005.00
27759 9/21/2011 Newbury Printing Co. $ 88.00
27760 9/21/2011 Snap-On Tools $ 53.00
27761 9/21/2011 NAPA Auto Parts Middlefield $ 97.98
27762 9/21/2011 Cars Autobody $ 92.49
27763 9/21/2011 Marshall Power Equipment $ 37.10
27764 9/21/2011 Geauga County CIC $ 25.00
27765 9/21/2011 Concord Road Equipment Mfg. $ 1,396.31
27766 9/21/2011 Morton Salt Inc. $ 5,705.97
27767 9/21/2011 ScapeAbilities (John Suvak) $ 350.00
27768 9/21/2011 Dominion East Ohio Gas $ 41.01
27769 9/21/2011 United Healthcare Insurance Co. $ 10,708.62
27770 9/21/2011 Delta Dental $ 674.31
Total: $ 77,911.09
EFT transactions processed prior to or at this meeting:
Trans# Date Payee Amount
E00567 9/19/2011 Ann A. Wishart $ 682.35
E00568 9/19/2011 Douglas J. Zimperman $ 1,199.56
E00569 9/19/2011 George Mansfield $ 1,196.85
E00570 9/19/2011 Karen E. Endres $ 673.18
E00571 9/19/2011 Marcia J. Mansfield $ 63.63
Total: $ 3,815.57

Mr. Snively gave Mr. Hollis documentation he had received from several Pekin Road residents regarding issues that the residents in the area repaved last summer; a special meeting will be held next Wednesday, September 28, at 7:30, with the sole purpose of hearing all remaining issues outstanding regarding this project.

At the request of Ms. Blair, Mr. Skomrock moved that the township accept the two HVAC bids received for the Town Hall HVAC and the Iron Man HVAC upgrades as part of the NOPEC energy conservation project, both of these bids having been received from Burton Sheet metal. Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Blair reported that she has received some information regarding proposed alternatives for dealing with the fire department building roof. She suggested that the next step would be to have a discussion with the Fire Department as to how to deal with this issue, and cautioned that this discussion should occur soon in order to prevent additional damage to what has already been observed. Mr. Snively said that he would speak to Chief Zimperman tomorrow to schedule a meeting.

Mr. Skomrock said that there were 259 Sheriff Department incidents were reported in Newbury for August, with a number of traffic stops on Route 44. It was agreed by the trustees that Trick or Trick hours for the township will be held from 5pm to 8pm on Monday, October 31st.

Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Snively. It was noted that a letter had been received from the Kania family on Whitewood regarding the neighborhood situation discussed earlier in tonight's meeting. This meeting was adjourned at 9:11 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.