Trustees meeting November 2 2011

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., November 2, 2011, with all members present. Minutes of the regular meeting of October 5, 2011 were approved upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and affirmative votes from Mr. Skomrock and Ms. Blair, with Mr. Snively abstaining due to his absence from a portion of that meeting. Minutes of the meetings of October 19, 2011, October 24, 2011, and October 26, 2011 were approved upon a motion by Ms. Blair, a second by Mr. Snively and affirmative votes from Ms. Blair and Mr. Snively, with Mr. Skomrock abstaining due to his absence from those meetings.

John Suvak from Scapabilities gave a quote for backfilling the new concrete drive at the Fire Department for $600.00. He indicated that if the actual cost is less, he will charge less. This quote was accepted by the board upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair and unanimous affirmative vote. Mr. Suvak said that he will attempt to do the work this Friday.

The Road Department report was given by Doug Zimperman, including asphalt and polymer patching on Lucky Bell, ditching on various roads, and commencement of needed work on one of the older trucks, patching and painting it. Also reported were some repairs on Pekin Road and pouring of headstone foundations. Ms. Blair asked about backfilling the park pavilion. Mr. Zimperman reported they would have to make sure the topsoil is dry before they can do this. It was also brought up that John Mansfield is working as a part-time employee and is allowed a maximum of 1500 hours in that status and has used 1454 so, leaving only 46 hours left for this year. Based on this information, it was decided that this Friday would be his last day for the year. In response to a question from Mr. Zimperman as to who was going to handle the miscellaneous work that Mr. Mansfield performed around the town hall, Mr. Skomrock reminded everyone that Mr. Mansfield was hired as part-time to care for the park and cemeteries during the spring, summer and fall, and was not to be working in the winter. The trustees said that possibly they could hire an outside contractor to shovel snow and look into other options if it turned out the existing Road Department staff did not have the time to handle these duties.

The Zoning Department report given by Karen Endres included news that the Levert arson case was now closed, there is a secondary lender, and the estate will not spend any more money on the property. She informed the estate representative that the bank or they should remove the burned out house as that would be more cost effective than having the township pay the up-front costs of having this work done, with the total costs subsequently placed on the tax duplicate of the property. She will find out who the other lien holders are and see if they will make it safe. If the township has to make it safe all the charges will be put against the real estate taxes. She will initiate a title search to find the lien holders. Ms. Endres reported that Shadow Wood parking violators have been cited again after one accident and a couple of near misses.

The Fire Department report given by Chief Doug Zimperman included 44 calls in October and one structure fire in an abandoned house. The fire department is working on the fire station roof issue with Ms. Blair and Mr. Snively. Ms. Blair reported that tomorrow they hope they will be able to lay out a plan to get it under a rebuilt roof before winter, and then they can take care of the inside damage. It had been determined that this work must go through the bidding process to make the repair, but the county prosecutor said that they may be able to do the work in phases to avoid some of the bidding process if need be.

Marge Hrabak gave the report on the Geauga County Planning Commission meeting from October; townships were advised to hold up all zoning issues regarding wind turbine code until the Auburn decision is finalized. It was noted that Montville has a referendum to do away with zoning.

Ann Wishart gave her cemetery report, with no activity other than the pouring of foundations. The report on October’s month end financials was deferred until the next meeting, as the trustees had not received their month-end report package as of yet.

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
Check # Date Payee Amount
27833 11/3/2011 David J. Lair - DL $ 1,376.58
27834 11/3/2011 John H. Mansfield - JM $ 525.03
27835 11/3/2011 Jas. Rick Phifer - JP $ 1,328.24
27836 11/3/2011 Randal R. Hollis - RH $ 1,558.58
27837 11/3/2011 Randal O. Hollis - ROH $ 1,122.82
27838 11/3/2011 Timothy A. Mansfield - TM $ 1,214.30
27839 11/3/2011 William J. Skomrock, Jr. - WS $ 663.80
27840 11/3/2011 Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro $ 1,060.00
27841 11/3/2011 Treasurer of State $ 897.64
27842 11/3/2011 Ohio Public Employees Retirement System $ 7,710.55
27843 11/2/2011 Kimball-Midwest Inc. $ 875.65
27844 11/2/2011 Rock of Ages Memorials $ 25.00
27845 11/2/2011 Kokosing Materials $ 13,495.09
27846 11/2/2011 Ann Wishart $ 28.90
27847 11/2/2011 ScapeAbilities (John Suvak) $ 410.00
27848 11/2/2011 United Healthcare Insurance Co. $ 11,662.60
27849 11/2/2011 Geauga County Maple Leaf $ 71.75
27850 11/2/2011 Dominion East Ohio Gas $ 167.71
27851 11/2/2011 Preston Ford $ 133.83
27852 11/2/2011 Best Sand Corp. $ 153.44
27853 11/2/2011 Western Reserve Farm Co-op $ 32.65
27854 11/2/2011 Snap-On Tools $ 213.85
27855 11/2/2011 FASTENAL CO. $ 3.92
27856 11/2/2011 Cleveland Plumbing Supply Co. $ 15.71
27857 11/2/2011 Windstream $ 295.81
27858 11/2/2011 Concord Road Equipment Mfg. $ 158.12
27859 11/2/2011 Allied Dealers Supply Co., Inc. $ 9.00
27860 11/2/2011 Delta Dental $ 674.31
27861 11/2/2011 Speedway SuperAmerica $ 373.98
27862 11/2/2011 M.T. Business Technologies $ 5.83
27863 11/2/2011 Jones Equipment Inc. $ 41.60
27864 11/2/2011 Reliance Standard Life Insurance $ 559.18
27865 11/2/2011 Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc. $ 67.35
27866 11/2/2011 PNC Bank $ 490.29
27867 11/2/2011 Tractor Supply Co. $ 167.08
27868 11/2/2011 Waste Management of Ohio Inc. $ 13.88
27869 11/2/2011 Verizon Wireless $ 36.20
27870 11/2/2011 First Energy $ 1,486.32
27871 11/2/2011 Hemly Tool Supply Inc. $ 109.82
27872 11/2/2011 Newbury Auto Parts Inc. $ 202.39
27873 11/2/2011 Patsy Keyes $ 275.00
Total: $ 49,713.80
EFT transactions processed prior to or at this meeting:
Trans# Date Payee Amount
E00584 11/3/2011 Ann A. Wishart $ 543.57
E00585 11/3/2011 David A. Snively $ 712.32
E00586 11/3/2011 Douglas J. Zimperman $ 1,199.56
E00587 11/3/2011 George Mansfield $ 1,196.85
E00588 11/3/2011 Janice M. Blair $ 748.80
E00589 11/3/2011 Karen E. Endres $ 673.18
E00590 11/3/2011 Marcia J. Mansfield $ 32.36
W00058 11/3/2011 Middlefield Bank $ 3,520.06
Total: $ 8,626.70

Mr. Snively told the audience that Munn Road maintenance will be retained by the Township. The township will be trying to keep the speed down on this road by using the Sheriff’s Department to maintain frequent patrols, and they will also be trying to eventually get through truck traffic banned on the road, working with the state legislature to modify existing law to allow for local regulation of township roads. The township will also be notifying residents when new paving projects come up to keep them informed.

Mr. Skomrock reported a total 224 incidents handled by the Sheriff’s Department in Newbury for October, up a little from the past month. He also reported on the repair of the town hall back stairs, they received a proposal from Mullet Company on the repair of the back stairs for $5,500. Ms. Hrabak asked about specifications for this work, as other companies were reportedly interested in quoting it. Mr. Skomrock told her to get a quote from any other company who was interested. Cemetery deeds were signed at this time. This meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.