Trustees meeting November 16, 2011

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., November 16, 2011, with all members present. Minutes of the regular meeting of November 2, 2011 were approved upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote. Minutes of the special meeting of November 3, 2011 were approved upon a motion by Ms. Blair, a second by Mr. Snively and affirmative votes from Ms. Blair and Mr. Snively, with Mr. Skomrock abstaining due to his absence from that meeting.

Financial results for October 2011 were briefly reviewed by Mr. Lair.

Blanket Certificates approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
B.C. # Date Payee Amount
94-2011 10/22/2011 Various Vendors $ 5,000.00
95-2011 10/22/2011 Various Vendors $ 900.00
96-2011 10/22/2011 Various Vendors $ 700.00
97-2011 11/7/2011 Various Vendors $ 900.00
98-2011 11/7/2011 Various Vendors $ 14,000.00
99-2011 11/7/2011 Various Vendors $ 1,000.00
Total: $ 22,500.00
Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
P.O. # Date Payee Amount
21-2011 11/2/2011 ScapeAbilities (John Suvak) $ 600.00
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
Check # Date Payee Amount
27875 11/2/2011 Skipped Warrants 27874 to 27875 $ -
27876 11/7/2011 Treasurer of State of Ohio $ 40.00
27877 11/16/2011 Geauga County CIC $ 50.00
27878 11/16/2011 Karen Endres $ 541.34
27879 11/16/2011 David Snively $ 210.00
27880 11/16/2011 First Energy $ 565.19
27881 11/16/2011 All-Ways Flasher Service Inc. $ 118.00
27882 11/16/2011 MANGIA! MANGIA! $ 55.00
27883 11/16/2011 Kimball-Midwest Inc. $ 44.28
27884 11/16/2011 Concord Road Equipment Mfg. $ 321.48
27885 11/16/2011 Kolsom Tires $ 20.00
27886 11/16/2011 Geauga Lift Truck $ 298.27
27887 11/16/2011 Cintas Corp. $ 349.52
27888 11/16/2011 Kokosing Materials $ 1,679.59
27889 11/16/2011 Chagrin Oil & Gas Co. Inc. $ 1,025.95
27890 11/16/2011 FASTENAL CO. $ 378.76
27891 11/16/2011 Western Reserve Farm Co-op $ 897.28
27892 11/16/2011 Jones Equipment Inc. $ 2,505.64
27893 11/16/2011 Premier Paint Technologies, Inc. $ 160.70
27894 11/16/2011 Jennie Smalley $ 600.00
27895 11/16/2011 Geauga County CIC $ 50.00
27896 11/16/2011 David Snively $ 858.60
27897 11/16/2011 Marcia Mansfield $ 31.64
27898 11/16/2011 David Lair $ 420.00
27899 11/16/2011 Air Gas Great Lakes $ 127.36
27900 11/16/2011 Advance Auto Parts- HSBC Bus. Sol. $ 41.18
27901 11/16/2011 Kinetico-Newbury $ 81.90
27902 11/16/2011 Jan Blair $ 210.00
27903 11/16/2011 Kokosing Materials $ 909.70
27904 11/16/2011 Turney Home and Auto $ 216.52
27905 11/18/2011 John H. Mansfield - JM $ 335.90
27906 11/18/2011 Jas. Rick Phifer - JP $ 1,328.24
27907 11/18/2011 Randal R. Hollis - RH $ 1,612.53
27908 11/18/2011 Randal O. Hollis - ROH $ 1,159.03
27909 11/18/2011 Timothy A. Mansfield - TM $ 1,253.53
27910 11/16/2011 Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro $ 1,060.00
Total: $ 19,557.13
EFT transactions processed prior to or at this meeting:
Trans# Date Payee Amount
E00591 11/18/2011 Ann A. Wishart $ 624.23
E00592 11/18/2011 Douglas J. Zimperman $ 1,240.87
E00593 11/18/2011 George Mansfield $ 1,196.85
E00594 11/18/2011 Karen E. Endres $ 673.18
E00595 11/18/2011 Marcia J. Mansfield $ 126.17
Total: $ 3,861.30

Mr. Snively announced that the township was conducting its annual call for applicants for positions on the Park Board, Recreation Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Zoning Commission, for terms expiring at the end of this year. It was noted that individuals currently serving in these positions whose terms are ending are being sent notice of their expiring term. Some discussions were held regarding the timing of any new appointments for terms beginning next year, with the consensus that appointments made as early as possible will help facilitate transition in the new year.

Mr. Snively expressed his appreciation on behalf of the board for the efforts of Mr. Hollis and Mr. Zimperman who were able to make fast repairs on the town hall furnace after problems were discovered the afternoon of the day before Election Day.

Mr. Snively reported that the Chagrin River Watershed Partners Executive Committee recently announced receipt of an $821,000 non-matching Federal grant for use within the Chagrin River Watershed for various watershed-related activities; also announced was receipt of a $25,000 grant from the Gund Foundation.

Ms. Blair reported on actions taken thus far on the fire department building roof damage situation caused by a hailstorm which occurred earlier this year. In order to fast-track the repair project, funds had to be identified and a lead contractor to spearhead the project had to be chosen. Normal procedure for construction projects of this scope per Ohio Revised Code would result in severe delays, and it has thus been determined that the Fire Department as a private entity can act as the manager of this project to ensure that the needed replacement of the roof can be accomplished quickly, and it was noted that the Fire Department has enough money in their own fund accounts to handle the initial emergency work. By Friday November 18th the required preliminary paperwork will be done, pre-bid work will be complete by the 22nd, and bids for the work will be received back within two weeks. Ms. Blair stated that the goal is to have a new truss roof completed before Christmas. The current anticipated cost for constructing the new truss roof is in the $125,000 to $150,000 range. As the reason for the current leakage and subsequent interior damage has been established as due to the effects of a hailstorm which occurred earlier this year, insurance proceeds will be equivalent to full repairs on the existing flat roof, in the amount $33,396; additional funds will be received for subsequent interior cleanup. Ms. Blair said that a meeting will need to be held once the initial repairs are made to determine the funding sources going forward between the Fire Department and the township. Also discussed was the need to ensure a full mold remediation study, and a thorough investigation of all issues that the leaks in the roof may have caused, including lighting, fixtures, carpeting, and ductwork, ensuring that the proceeds from insurance cover all issues identified as having stemmed from the hailstorm damage.

Ms. Blair provided an update on the annual healthcare renewal process, including electronic submission of data by employees that will allow for the township’s healthcare business to be quoted on by a number of providers, and noted that United Healthcare has provided an initial renewal estimate of eight percent for next year

Ms. Blair reported that 14 people attended a recent Munn Road meeting, during which the group studied speed and repaving costs. It was noted that numerous tickets are being issued for speed violations on the road, and Ms. Blair reported that she had sent a note of thanks to Sheriff McClelland for his department's efforts at stepped up traffic enforcement. Ms. Blair reported that newly-appointed Ohio State Senator John Eklund has offered his assistance in working to promote legislation that will increase the amount of local control.

Mr. Skomrock discussed a request from County Engineer Phillips for townships to submit information to share equipment and resources; the trustees agreed that the township should provide this information so that improved collaboration amongst townships and the county can be achieved.

Mr. Skomrock brought up the issue of quotes received for the reconstruction of the external stairway of the town hall. $5525 was quoted by the Mullett Company; a quote received from Loftworks for an equivalent all-wood design was $4850, while they also provided a second option using welded steel treads for the stairs at a price of $6513. Ms. Blair made a motion to accept Loftworks Option 2; Mr. Skomrock seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Snively reported on the current situation regarding the property previously owned on Arbor Trail by the now-deceased Gerald Levert. He read a summary received from the Geauga County Building Department which stated that the property in its current condition is unsafe due to an in-ground swimming pool and the fire-damaged remains of the home, including a steel spiral staircase. A current estimate for the township to take action to remove the hazards on this property is about $6,000; total expenses incurred by the township would be placed on the tax duplicate, and the township would be in a lead position to be reimbursed upon ultimate sale of the property, as outstanding taxes are considered the senior debt. Ms. Endres reported that an attorney representing the Levert estate said that the family members were unwilling to spend any money to remove the hazards and make the property safe.

Ms. Blair moved to adopt Resolution 2011111601, to initiate action abating dangerous property conditions pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 505.86. Mr. Snively seconded this motion; with the vote as follows: Mr. Snively - yes, Ms. Blair - yes, Mr. Skomrock - no. Mr. Skomrock explained his objection as based on what he saw as uncertainty about the township's ability to ultimately be paid back for this expenditure.

Mr. Snively brought up the issue of a need to appoint a new representative on the Health District Advisory Committee. Attendance at upcoming meetings and correspondence was reviewed by the trustees. It was noted that the township had received a notice from Suddenlink Cable of a pending increase in certain monthly fees. This meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.