Trustees meeting March 18, 2010

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., March 18, 2010, with all members present.   Minutes of the meetings of March 3, 2010 were approved upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mr. Snively, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

The first order of business was a presentation from the Brewer-Garrett Company, which reviewed possible energy conservation strategies.  David Smith and Kurt Sassmannshausen were the presenters.  After reviewing other energy conservation projects completed with other public sector and private sector customers, they described the methodology employed in the energy conservation review, with a goal of providing a project payback within 7 to 9 years.  A utility review would be conducted, followed by a site study to determine opportunities for improvement in the efficiency of the electrical, gas, and HVAC components used by the township.  It was noted that for the utility review, Brewer-Garrett would be able to obtain some information directly from the utilities, saving township personnel time.  The final report would include a summary of energy conservation measures with estimates for return on the investment required.  Lighting, HVAC, automated controls, and alternative energy sources such as solar or wind are all discussed in this study.  Feature performance contracting verifies after the project completion that the savings actually realized equals the savings estimate made at the beginning of the project.  Estimates are provided to allow the customer to finance the costs of a project from the operational savings realized.   Current Ohio legislation (HB 300, amended with HB 295) allows for a township to select a vendor for energy savings consultation projects with some relief from the typical bidding process normally required for projects in excess of $25,000.  Ms. Blair stated that the township would review the presentation materials and advise Brewer-Garrett of possible interest in moving forward with an energy conservation review project.

 At 8:08 pm the Fiscal Officer conducted a bid opening for the purchase of a 2.5-ton truck cab and chassis for the Road Department; results were as follows:

Hans Freightliner                     $68,711                      

Cleveland Freightliner             $67,878

It was decided that the award for this bid would be made at the next meeting, following review of the bids by Mr. Hollis.

 Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:

 P.O. #    Date    Payee     Amount      7-2010


Kimtek Corporation

 $    7,050.00



Carlton Harley-Davidson

 $  11,864.48




 $  18,914.48

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:


Check #






Dominion East Ohio Gas

 $    1,245.25



Ann A. Wishart              - AW

 $      581.05



Douglas J. Zimperman        - DZ

 $    1,373.12



George Mansfield            - GM

 $    1,280.04



John H. Mansfield           - JM

 $      557.01



Jas. Rick Phifer            - JP

 $    1,418.51



Karen E. Endres             - KE

 $      956.87



Randal R. Hollis            - RH

 $    1,708.58



Randal O. Hollis            - ROH

 $    1,189.88



Timothy A. Mansfield        - TM

 $    1,289.16



Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro

 $      725.00



Kimtek Corporation

 $    7,050.00



William Skomrock, Jr.

 $          8.80



Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc.

 $        91.20



M.T. Business Technologies

 $        12.42



Cintas Corp.

 $      341.72



Preston Ford

 $        44.46



Air Gas Great Lakes

 $      110.17



Kauffman Tire

 $      966.70



Great American Awards Inc.

 $        45.00



Geauga County Maple Leaf

 $        74.00



P.B. Alarm (Roger Schaffert)

 $      225.00



Interstate Battery System of Lake Erie

 $      179.90



Morton Salt Inc.

 $    2,159.38



J.P. Clark Electric Inc.

 $      120.00




 $      129.07



Advance Auto Parts- HSBC Bus. Sol.

 $      117.75



Ohio CAT

 $      426.71



Concord Road Equipment Mfg.

 $      588.77



Carlton Harley-Davidson

 $  11,864.48



Chagrin Oil & Gas Co. Inc.

 $    1,697.32




 $  38,577.32


Mr. Skomrock provided an update on the township cemetery landscaping study, providing the audience with a history of how it has been handled.  Correspondence was sent to Newbury landscaping firms, requesting that they respond to the request for proposal for annual maintenance of the four Newbury cemeteries.    Proposal response amounts for the yearly cemetery landscaping program ranged from the mid-teens up to above 40 thousand for an outside contractor.  Mr. Skomrock stated that following this analysis he had come to the conclusion that utilizing a township employee who was currently working part-time would be a better way to go.  The approximate gross salary for this employee would be under $16,000 for the mowing season.  A needed new mower would be around $10,000, but would last a number of years.  The overall yearly estimate for an employee, including payroll taxes, supplies, and miscellaneous repairs would be in the range of $25,000.  In response to an audience question regarding contractors, problems with the contractor used over the last couple of years were reviewed.  The cemeteries were not properly cut in a timely manner prior to Memorial Day, and a number of headstone bases were pushed out of place by the mowing activity.  Ms. Blair recommended that the township use current part-time employee John Mansfield this year and said she would like to make this recommendation in the form of a motion.   Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.


The next item of business was to review the recently-modified cemetery reservations pricing policy.  Mr. Dave Wilkes addressed the trustees and audience regarding his concerns about the recent cemetery policy change, referring to a letter which he had written which summarized these concerns.    He reviewed minutes from the last several months that covered discussions regarding this policy, and said that he felt these minutes insufficiently described the change in policy.  He expressed his opinion that both the $600 reservation fee and the $1200 non-resident fees were excessive.  He suggested that if money for cemetery maintenance is the issue, the trustees might consider charging all residents a reasonable fee for each gravesite, rather than providing a free gravesite at time of need, with high reservations fees for those who wished to pre-arrange a site.   It was noted that one of the problems that had caused this change in policy was the number of gravesites reserved for unknown purposes.  There are currently 286 such gravesites marked with Rs and question marks.


Mrs. Blair read the letter sent to the Wilkes family by the township addressing their concerns.  Mr. Wilkes responded by relating some issues with the gravesite chosen for his son that were unknown at the time of the burial due to snow cover.


A suggestion was made by an audience member to consider modification of the current pricing policy, and to improve communication with township residents.  Various alternatives for improving communication were suggested, including placement in local newspapers and the Newbury School Knightlines.   It was noted that one problem with placement of notices in local newspapers is that there are a number of local papers in which notices could be placed, but such notices would still not be seen by many people. Many papers might not run this information as a news item, paid placement in the form of legal notices would be expensive, and would not in any event guarantee that all interested residents were aware of every significant township issue. In response to a question regarding how the board might review the current price schedule, Mr. Snively said that based on the input received tonight the trustees would continue to review the policy and may make changes based on that input or other information that comes to light.  Mr. Wilkes stated that the residents need to pay attention to what their government is doing, and the trustees need to work to improve communication.  Mr. Skomrock agreed that everyone needs to work to improve communication.  The trustees said that they would have some conclusions and alternative ideas ready to discuss at the meeting on April 21st. 


Mr. Snively reported that the GovDeals sales for disposal of two trucks went well.  The 1995 Dodge dump truck expected to get $3500 sold for $6717, and the 1998 Dodge ½ ton pickup expected to get $1,000 sold for $1800.


Mr. Skomrock discussed the Resolutions of Convenience and Necessity needed for 2010 paving projects.  Ms. Blair moved that the board adopt Resolution 2010031801 for the resurfacing of Oak Tree and Clover Lake; Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mr. Snively moved that the board adopt Resolution 2010031802 for the resurfacing of Valley Road and Lela Lane; Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.


Correspondence received since the last meeting included a letter from Russell Township regarding the joint repaving project for Pekin Rd., a letter from Bob Faehnle of Leadership Geauga thanking the township for sending Karen Endres to the program this year, and a letter from Geauga Community and Economic Development regarding the 2010 Formula grant program, and suggested that the township have the town hall bathroom reviewed by Chip Hess to determine what would be required to bring that bathroom up to current ADA compliance.


This meeting was adjourned at 9:58 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Snively, a second by Mr. Skomrock, and a unanimous affirmative vote.



__________________________________  ___________________________________    

Jan Blair – Chairman                          William Skomrock, Jr. – Vice Chairman



__________________________________  ___________________________________

            David Snively                                      David Lair – Fiscal Officer