Trustees meeting Jan. 6 2011


The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., January 6, 2011, with all members present. Minutes of the meetings of December 15 and December 27, 2010 were approved upon a motion by Mr. Snively, a second by Mr. Skomrock, and affirmative votes from Mr. Skomrock and Mrs. Blair, with Mr. Snively abstaining due to his absence from the December 27th meeting.

Ms. Blair opened the floor for nominations for Board Chairman for 2011. Mr. Skomrock stated that due to the current demands of his full-time employment, he would like to recommend the other trustees for the posts of Chairman and Vice Chairman. Ms. Blair expressed her support for Mr. Skomrock's preference, and nominated Mr. Snively for Chairman. Mr. Skomrock seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Mr. Snively nominated Ms. Blair as Vice Chairman; Mr. Skomrock seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Skomrock moved to re-appoint Randy Hollis as Road Superintendent and Doug Zimperman as Assistant Road Superintendent. Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Mr. Snively moved to appoint Ann Wishart as Cemetery Sexton; Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Ms. Blair moved to re-appoint Karen Endres as Zoning Inspector and Marge Hrabak as Assistant Zoning Inspector. This motion was seconded by Mr. Snively and passed by unanimous vote. It was noted that meeting times and dates, along with current trustee liaison assignments would be kept as is. Ms. Blair expressed her appreciation for the support from her fellow trustees she received last year in her duties as Chair

Mrs. Endres provided a Grange Park update, noting that 1/18/11 was set for a date to consider township's rear lot at the current Grange Park location as an industrial parcel, along with combining the present three parcels (including the new parcel acquired in the land exchange with Kinetico) into one industrially-zoned parcel. Ms. Blair said that she will continue to report on updates regarding the combination of parcels, rezoning, and offering for sale to the public of this property. It was noted that the parcel acquired from Kinetico contains the entry right-of-way for entrance to the township property, as well as the industrially-zoned land owned by Kinetico behind the township property.

Mrs. Endres provided an update on the Sweet Peet appeal hearings, noting that the ZBA found for the Zoning Inspector for the correctness of her initial conclusions, and denied by majority vote any utilization of this property for the applied purpose. The township and the ZBA, along with Susan Wieland from the Geauga County Prosecutor's office are currently reviewing their conclusions of fact to ensure that each of the decisions has been properly supported by fact and applicable law.

Mrs. Endres presented the board with a planned building layout for the Zeppes restaurant being planned for the Panzica development in the building space located to the south of the existing Subway restaurant. Mrs. Endres informed the board of issues with a property containing a 12,000 s.f. building on Bell St., which has now been foreclosed upon by the bank, and appears to have been built under an agricultural exemption but used as a commercial building. Ms. Endres said that she would be visiting the site with a representative from the Geauga County Building Department to see if the building could be converted to residential use.

Mrs. Endres said that she has been contacted by a realtor stating that a potential buyer had interest in land in the township for potential use as a logging operation. The trustees agreed that they would like to have the opportunity to evaluate potential business proposals which don't conform to existing zoning before the individual making the inquiry is told that the potential business is out of the question.

Fire activity reported by Mr. Fagan included 42 calls in December, with 534 calls year-to-date for 2010. The trustees asked Mr. Fagan to provide a draft of the new Fire Protection contract for the trustees’ review on February 2nd, with execution of the new contract hopefully to occur on February 16th. Mr. Fagan reported that the Fire Department had received a $20,000 grant from Fairmont Minerals, and are looking at purchasing some equipment with these funds, including a specialized cot that can be used to lift disabled or particularly heavy individual for rescue purposes. The trustees agreed that they would like to pass a resolution of appreciation for Fairmount for this donation; Mr. Skomrock moved that this Resolution, number 2011010601 be adopted, Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mrs. Wishart presented a Cemeteries report for December, and reported she had reviewed and updated cemetery records for 2010. Ms. Blair reported regarding the information gathering for the NOPEC grant, with approximately half of the overall $50,000 grant to be spent on the township hall, with the balance to be considered for projects including the fire station, township garage, and the Ironman rental property.

Mr. Skomrock provided the Sheriff’s Department report, with 169 911 calls for December. Mr. Skomrock discussed the process of identifying potential road repaving projects for 2011, including Guinevere, King Arthur, and Parkview.

The joint meeting between BZA, Zoning Commission and trustees, for goals and objectives for 2011 was tentatively scheduled by the Trustees for Saturday, February 12th at 9 am.

Mr. Lair reported that year-end financials were completed, and year end balances forwarded to the County Auditor. He also noted that the 2011 Certificate of Estimated Resources had already been received back from the Auditor's office, enabling the township to adopt 2011 permanent appropriations at the next meeting. At the recommendation of the Fiscal Officer, Mr. Skomrock moved that the Board adopt Resolution 2011010602, establishing temporary appropriations for 2011 as follows:
Account Description Appropriation
1000-110-131-0000 Salary - Administrator $2,000.00
1000-110-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $400.00
1000-110-221-0000 Medical/Hospitalization $8,000.00
1000-110-229-0000 Other - Insurance Benefits $1,000.00
1000-110-229-1200 Other - Insurance Benefits $1,000.00
1000-110-313-0000 Uniform Accounting Network Fees $800.00
1000-110-330-0000 Travel and Meeting Expense $500.00
1000-110-410-0000 Office Supplies $500.00
1000-120-190-0000 Other - Salaries $500.00
1000-120-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $200.00
1000-120-323-0000 Repairs and Maintenance $200.00
1000-120-350-0000 Utilities $2,000.00
1000-120-490-0000 Other - Supplies and Materials $500.00
1000-120-590-0000 Other Expenses $500.00
1000-130-190-0000 Other - Salaries $2,000.00
1000-130-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $500.00
1000-130-345-0000 Advertising $500.00
1000-130-490-0000 Other - Supplies and Materials $500.00
1000-130-590-0000 Other Expenses $500.00
1000-190-359-0000 Other - Utilities $2,000.00
1000-190-599-0000 Other - Other Expenses $500.00
1000-310-360-0000 Contracted Services $2,500.00
1000-410-190-0000 Other - Salaries $500.00
1000-610-590-0000 Other Expenses $5,000.00
2021-330-420-0000 Operating Supplies $6,000.00
2031-330-190-0000 Other - Salaries $40,000.00
2031-330-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $6,000.00
2031-330-221-0000 Medical/Hospitalization $10,000.00
2031-330-229-0000 Other - Insurance Benefits $2,000.00
2031-330-323-0000 Repairs and Maintenance $5,000.00
2031-330-350-0000 Utilities $4,000.00
2031-330-360-0000 Contracted Services $15,000.00
2031-330-490-0000 Other - Supplies and Materials $30,000.00
2031-330-740-0000 Machinery, Equipment and Furniture $2,000.00
2111-220-590-0000 Other Expenses $10,000.00
2141-330-590-0000 Other Expenses $2,000.00
Total: $164,600.00

This motion was seconded by Mr. Snively, and passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Blair moved that Resolution 2011010603 be adopted, requesting the first half real estate advance from the County Auditor; Mr. Skomrock seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Blanket Certificates approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
B.C. # Date Payee Amount
1-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 8,000.00
2-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 1,000.00
3-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 800.00
4-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
5-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
6-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 200.00
7-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 2,000.00
8-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
9-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
10-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
11-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
12-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 2,000.00
13-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 500.00
14-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 2,500.00
15-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 5,000.00
16-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 6,000.00
17-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 10,000.00
18-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 2,000.00
19-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 5,000.00
20-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 4,000.00
21-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 15,000.00
22-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 30,000.00
23-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 2,000.00
24-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 10,000.00
25-2011 1/1/2011 Various Vendors $ 2,000.00
Total: $ 111,000.00
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
Check # Date Payee Amount
27224 1/6/2011 United Healthcare Insurance Co. $ 12,127.05
27225 1/6/2011 Reliance Standard Life Insurance $ 559.18
27226 1/6/2011 Newbury Auto Parts Inc. $ 425.83
27227 1/6/2011 Marge Hrabak $ 10.72
27228 1/6/2011 Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc. $ 143.10
27229 1/6/2011 FASTENAL CO. $ 58.68
27230 1/6/2011 Dominion East Ohio Gas $ 944.27
27231 1/6/2011 Chagrin Oil & Gas Co. Inc. $ 500.25
27232 1/6/2011 First Energy $ 3,273.92
27233 1/6/2011 Verizon Wireless $ 69.06
27234 1/6/2011 Cintas Corp. $ 449.85
27235 1/6/2011 Geauga County Maple Leaf $ 73.80
27236 1/6/2011 Skipped Warrants 27236 to 27236 $ -
Total: $ 18,635.71

This meeting was adjourned at 9:04 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Snively, a second by Mr. Skomrock, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________ ___________________________________
David Snively – Chairman Jan Blair – Vice Chairman

__________________________________ ___________________________________
William Skomrock, Jr. David Lair – Fiscal Officer

A special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 9:00 a.m., Saturday, January 15th, with all members present. The purpose of this meeting was to hold one-on-one discussions with the board members of the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Commission whose term had expired.

The following were in attendance along with the Board of Trustees:

Mr. Steve Kitko Mr. Ken Blair
Mr. Lou Tomsic Ms. Karen Endres
Mr. Ray Fidel

Mr. Snively opened by explaining the Zoning Policy Requirements to all members present. The results of attendance and support from both boards proved to be an excellent working environment in 2010.

Each candidate that wanted to renew his membership made general comments on why he wanted to remain on the respective board. Once the exchanged conversation was completed the following action took place:

Ms. Blair made a motion to retain Mr.Ray Fidel on the BZA, a second by Mr. Skomrock which passed by unanimous vote. Ms Blair made a motion to retain Mr. Ken Blair on the BZA, and affirmative votes by Mr. Skomrock and Mr. Snively, with Ms. Blair abstaining. Ms. Blair made a motion to retain Mr. Lou Tomsic on the Zoning Commission, a second by Mr. Skomrock which passed by unanimous vote. Ms. Blair made a motion to retain Mr. Steve Kitko on the Zoning Commission, a second by Mr. Snively, which passed by unanimous vote.

This meeting was adjourned at 10:10 a.m. upon a motion by Ms. Blair, a second Mr. Snively, and a unanimous affirmative vote.