Trustees Minutes 12/30/2014

The regularly scheduled meeting of Newbury Township Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m., December 30, 2014, with Glen Quigley, Bill Skomrock, Jr. and Jan Blair present.


Ms. Mansfield presented minutes from November 19, 2014, motion to accept minutes as presented was made by Mr. Skomrock 2nd by Ms. Blair and Mr. Quigley abstained due to absence at that meeting, a unanimous affirmative vote by all.    


Discussion turned to the 2015 Road department list of repairs and equipment.  The potential list includes a truck, paving of Pekin and Dora, repairs to the salt shed, a storage shed and tractor/mower.


Mailbox replacement, for mailboxes hit by township snowplows was discussed.  The maximum reimbursement discussed was a total of $30.00 if the home owner bought a replacement and installed it themselves.  If the township repairs/replaces it they will provide a 4x4 post and inexpensive mailbox and the township will install it.   Motion to accept this policy was made by Mr. Skomrock, 2nd by Ms. Blair and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Mr. Quigley opened the floor for nominations for the office of chairman; Mr. Skomrock                   nominated Mr. Quigley for Chair with a second by Ms. Blair and a unanimous affirmative vote.  Ms. Blair nominated Mr. Skomrock for Vice Chairman with a second by Mr. Quigley                             and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Ms. Blair then opened the discussion for department liaisons for 2015.  The Trustees indicated that it was working well the way the liaisons have been, and decided they will keep the liaisons the same as in 2014.


Ms. Blair will be the liaison for; BWC, health insurance, economic development, CIC, Geauga Safety Council, CRWP alternate, Habitat for Humanity, Township website, Geauga County Health District Chair.


Mr. Skomrock will be the liaison for; Road Department, cemeteries, town hall maintenance, county law enforcement, drug enforcement officer, NIMS, HDAC alternate.


Mr. Quigley will be the liaison for; Zoning, CRWP, Fire Department, parks and rec, representative to area schools, drug enforcement (back up), Road Department (back up).


These liaison positions were approved with a motion by Ms. Blair and second by Mr. Skomrock                            and a unanimous affirmative vote.


Mr. Zimperman was appointed Road Superintendent, Mike Joyce Zoning Inspector, and Marge Hrabak Zoning Assistant, by a motion from Ms. Blair, 2nd Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Mr. Quigley reported that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources grant was given to Middlefield and not to the Township; this was going to be used to help build the Veterans Park.


Mr. Quigley presented a letter from Gates Mills on a fracking committee.  Mr. Quigley will represent the Township at this meeting.


The next topic of discussion was campaign signs during voting.  The township will go on the advice of their legal advisor on the issue of campaign signs.  As long as they are outside of the 100’ range on voting day only and only on the Town Hall property they will be permitted.  This was approved by a motion by Ms. Blair, 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Mr. Quigley discussed the Green Visions operation.  Mr. Quigley will contact Sue Weiland on how to proceed.


Mr. Quigley requested that for the meeting on January 21 we will have comparison spending for prior years.


Mr. Quigley discussed the Veterans Park. The website for winning the car has been disabled.  A new website will be created in the future.  The trustees will ask the American Legion to donate the balance of the funds from the car raffle to the township. They will try to meet on the 26th at 7:00PM with the committee.