Trustees Meeting 11/05/2014

The regularly scheduled meeting of Newbury Township Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m., November 5, 2014, with Glen Quigley, Bill Skomrock, Jr. and Jan Blair present. Ms. Blair welcomed Chris Hrabak to lead all in the pledge of allegiance.


Mr. Quigley said that with Marcia unavailable the previous meeting’s minutes would be signed at the next trustee meeting.  Marge Hrabak will record tonight’s minutes.


Mr. Quigley asked for a report from the Zoning Commission – Ms. Hrabak said the ZC board had asked for direction regarding elimination of the P-O district.  Mr. Quigley said the trustees were against any and all changes primarily due to the associated costs of surveying, redrawing maps, change of land use maps and required public hearings.  He said that Chuck Gates was against any change of P-O for his building (former Great Lakes Cheese) but the trustees would be open to a plan that would not compromise the Munnberry court case results nor end in spot zoning sites.  He asked if anyone had asked the ZC to enact any changes to the P-O district.  Ms. Hrabak replied that the ZC felt strongly that the current P-O district was inhibiting the future business growth in Newbury.


Ms. Hrabak reported that the Planning Commission had addressed newly opened roads in the Canyon Lakes previously platted and sewered subdivision for high-end housing in the $400,000+ range.


Ms. Blair reported on the ticket sales for the Veterans Park car raffle.  She said she would have a better update after the Thursday night meeting but the present estimate is about 1700 tickets sold.


Ms. Blair said that current employee updated information is required for competitive bids for hospitalization quotes for 2015.  She forwarded the last two pages of the forms to Doug at the Road Dept.  Medical Mutual renewal vs. outside bids can be evaluated at the next meeting.


Bill Skomrock said that the sheriff’s report remained steady in the 220 range.  He explained to the audience about the dissolution of the Newbury Police Dept. in favor of surveillance by the Geauga County Sheriff.


Mr. Quigley said he met with the architects regarding changes to the design for Veterans Park and volunteer help offered with metalwork and painting.  He had sent an email asking “where is our tank?” to be installed on Township property.


He then explained the problems encountered on Election Day regarding posting of candidate signs on township property.  Newbury allows only non-profit signs on township property.  The Zoning Inspector took down the candidate’s signs but the Prosecutor’s office subsequently allowed signs within 100 feet of the entrance per free-speech mandates.  He said that Newbury would have a more definitive policy in place prior to the May 2015 primary election.  Courts regulate the size not content of the sign.


Old Business regarding the salt shed, employee manual, budget meeting at 6:30 p.m., BZA alternate, Park Board member were postponed to the 11/19/14 trustee meeting.


Mr. Quigley called for a motion to accept the change order for Wake Robin paving:  Bill Skomrock moved, Jan Blair seconded with a unanimous affirmative vote.


Mr. Quigley called for a motion to accept the change order for Hillview secondary agreement: Jan Blair moved, Bill Skomrock seconded with a unanimous affirmative vote.


Doug sent an email – waiting for estimates from Morton and Cargill before ordering winter supply of road salt.


Mr. Quigley said he is holding the invoice for the Veteran’s Park gazebo till next meeting date.  He encouraged the Fire Dept. to apply for grants for equipment and training.  He questioned if the 3rd party billing would be enabled by January 2015.  It was agreed that résumés would be reviewed for BZA and Park Board and appointments made by Jan. 15, 2015.


Under New Business: Mr. Quigley called for a motion: Jan Blair moved & Bill Skomrock, Jr seconded the motion for: 1) direct deposit as of Jan 1st, 2015, 2) move $3000 from 1000-120-730 improvement of sites to 1000-110-221 Medical/Hospitalization, & 3) change pay dates to the 5th and 20th per Resolution #20141105-1 that passed by unanimous vote.


For Warrants, please come to the township to review.