Trustee Minutes 02/03/2016

The regularly scheduled meeting of Newbury Township Trustees was called to order at 7:00PM, February 3, 2016, with Glen Quigley, Bill Skomrock, Jr. and Jan Blair present.


The minutes of January 20, 2016, and special meeting January 25, 2016 were approved by a motion from Mr. Skomrock 2nd by Ms. Blair and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Ms. Mansfield presented the January 2016 financials.  Motion to approve the financials as presented was made by Ms. Blair 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Resolution 20160203-01 to cooperate with the Auburn Township Board of Trustees for the Improvement of Valley Road (TR199), motion to approve made by Mr. Skomrock 2nd by Ms. Blair    and a unanimous affirmative vote by all


Mr. Fagan reported for the fire department 57 calls for January and 60 YTD. Mr. Quigley reported that the Fire Contract was approved by the County Prosecutor.  The cost has gone up by $20,000 back to its prior amount of $300,000.00.  $230,000 comes from the Fire Levy and $70,000 comes from the General Fund.


Mr. Skomrock discussed road department issues, with equipment being past its useful life.  We will see if we can catch up the replacements in the next year or two.  The new truck has arrived and will be sent to Concord Road for the final attachments.


Mr. Zimperman is working on prices for building additions.  He is getting prices on brick and mortar type buildings and hoop style buildings with vinyl covering.


Ms. Barb Weist was in attendance regarding the Fullertown signs that were installed near Sperry and Fairmount.  Ms. Wise thanked the Township for its speedy action on the signs.  She had historical information that the Township can make copies of and some we did not have to return.


Mr. Skomrock reported 175 sheriff calls for the month of January.  The bumper stickers are in the design stage.  Mr. Skomrock called Mr. Hill to fix the light at the back steps of the Townhall,it was repaired this morning. 


Ms. Blair met with Kinetico about the land that we own at Grange Park and the one acre that Kinetico owns.  There are people inquiring about buying our land only if they can get the one acre behind it also.  Ms. Blair reported on Dollar General that needed a BZA meeting on the 9th of March, before they can start building. 


Ms. Hrabak indicated that they had a BZA meeting last night that ended in a tie, which is a denial.  The business will file an appeal.


Mr. Quigley reported on a letter we received on the old police station and combing the lots together from the State of Ohio, Taxation Department, they need more information before the can exempt the land from real estate taxes.  He will be collecting the documents they need and forwarding them to the state.


Discussion turned to hiring a temporary part-time employee for the road department, to help through the rest of the winter. This person must be able to pass DOT requirements and have a CDL.  Ms. Blair and Mr. Skomrock will look at applications for a temporary position.