Trustee Meeting 08/01/2016

special meeting was held to solidify the Consent Judgement Entry between Richard Wervey, Precious Cargo Transportation, Inc and Newbury Township Trustees on Monday, August 1st. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM with Glen Quigley, Bill Skomrock, Jan Blair, Susan Wieland, County Legal Advisor, Richard Wervey, Richard Wervey, Jr., and Donal Bagley, Precious Cargo Legal Advisor.

Jan Blair was assigned to take minutes on behalf of all present.

Chariman, Mr. Quigley asked if anyone on either side had any questions or comments they needed to ask or share. All attendees passed.

At this time Jan Blair made a motion to accept the CJE as written/presented followed by a second from Mr. Skomrock, and third by Mr. Quigley with a unanimous yes by all.

Mr. Quigley requested Mrs Wieland to move forward on everyone’s behalf to get a court date set for the judges’ review and signature. Mrs. Wieland said she may be calling on one of the trustees to be present if necessary.

All were very pleased with the result to move forward with the Precious Cargo parking lot project in full agreement with conditions stated in the CJE.

 Meeting was adjourned approx. 6:20PM