Trustee Meeting 02/18/2015

The regularly scheduled meeting of Newbury Township Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m., February 18, 2015, with Glen Quigley, Bill Skomrock, Jr. and Jan Blair present.


Ms. Mansfield presented the January 21 minutes for approval Mr. Skomrock made the motion to accept the minutes as presented, Mr. Quigley 2nd and Ms. Blair abstaining due to absence at the meeting


Ms. Mansfield presented minutes from the special meeting on February 2, 2015, motion to accept minutes as presented was made by Mr. Skomrock 2nd by Ms. Blair and, a unanimous affirmative vote by all.    


Ms. Mansfield noted that there were no minutes for February 4th as that meeting was canceled due to poor weather.


Ms. Mansfield presented the January 2015 financials for approval, motion to accept the financials as presented was made by Ms. Blair 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.


Mr. Fagan reported for the Fire Dept. 64 calls for January, so far for February 30 calls and year to date 94 calls.  Mr. Quigley asked about resources on the township level for residents without heat, he indicated that there was none at this time.


Mr. Mansfield reported for the Park Board, Mike Fenstermaker wants to plant service berry trees in Oberland Park, for his Eagle Scout project, he hopes to have this done in April 2015.  Mr. Quigley also discussed the Veterans Park and field 5.  They also discussed renting the park/fields out for income to cover park expenses.


No hearing was requested for the Paradise Pub liquor license.


Mr. Quigley reported on zoning that we were still waiting to hear, from Susan Wieland County Prosecutor, on the Green Visions judgment.  Structural Engineers is looking for options on their stock that is visible from the road.


Mr. Quigley indicated that the handbook has been revised and is ready to be handed out.  Sue Wagner will make copies and collect sign off pages for everyone.


Ms. Blair questioned the bid on the salt shed, Ms. Blair will check to see if the contractor is going to hold the price on the quote from last year.


The Trustees then discussed the funds the Veterans are going to donate to the Township for the Veterans Park.  Ms. Blair will get the check from the American Legion and send a copy to Susan Weiland who will get approval to accept donations.  Then the check will be deposited.


Mr. Quigley discussed the budget for years to come.  The General Fund will need extra funds in the future or will have to cut expenses.


Ms. Blair made a motion to put a sign on the park that it is closed in the winter and not maintain the drive, 2nd by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote by all.