Trustee Meeting 02/17/2016 (Part 1)

The regularly scheduled meeting of Newbury Township Trustees was called to order at 7:00 p.m., February 17, 2016, with Glen Quigley, Bill Skomrock, Jr. and Jan Blair present.  Ken was asked to lead all in the pledge of allegiance.


Mr. Quigley said that with Marcia unavailable the previous meeting’s minutes would be signed at the next trustee meeting.  Marge Hrabak will record tonight’s minutes.


Mr. Quigley asked Ken Fagan for the Fire Department contract which contained the BOCA 101 National Fire Protection Code.  Mr. Skomrock moved to accept the annual contract continuous from this 2/17/16 date at the rate specified in the contract;  Jan Blair seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote.  Trustees and Fire Department officers signed the contract that was duly witnessed with copies supplied for each.


The permanent county appropriation resolution 20160217-01 was presented to the trustees.  Jan Blair moved to approve the resolution, Bill Skomrock seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote.  The document requires the fiscal officer’s signature; it was sent home with Wayne Mansfield for the required signature.


Mr. Quigley welcomed Samir Gautam of Caritas Financial (Geauga Leadership presented) who had offered to procure a sign celebrating FULLERTOWN at the intersection of Sperry and Fairmount roads. Discussion continued regarding other signage needs in view of the anticipated 2017 bi-centennial celebrations particularly the Union Hall on Rt. 44 where Susan B. Anthony and the future president Garfield spoke on “free speech”{ issues. 


Mr. Gautam agreed to include Geauga Leadership to investigate other Historical Marker cast signs, i.e. for the Town Hall.  He will then present proposals with costs to the Park Board to consolidate for the trustees vote.  Jan Blair said Mr. Gautam should focus on signs for Fullertown, Town Hall and Ohio Historical markers with text supplied by Newbury Township historical records.


Ken Fagan reported 89 Fire Dept. calls to date.


Mr. Quigley said Iron Man had contacted him to request more rental space as they were “bursting at the seams”.  Discussion continued with Doug Zimperman outlining possible options for expanding the 3 bays in the old fire station;

  1. Build onto the service area, all under 1 roof,

  2. Vacate the existing building, relocate in a new rear building,

  3. Relocate truck repair bays,

  4. Balance needs vs. keeping expanding business plus costs for such economic development.


    Mr. Skomrock asked if the township should be in the landlord business vs. split/sell the lot and the septic system requirements.  Mr. Quigley said he would consider building in the space available to balance short vs. long term needs.


    Mr. Quigley asked how many trucks were in the heated area – 4 now with 8 projected for the future.  Mr. Zimperman said there are 8 bays reserved for parking (1 bay contains the lift) and he needs 3 more spaces.  He clarified his needs as follows:

                8 spaces now with 14 spaces as a future ideal,

                6 + 2 now      with 6 more                               .

    Mr. Skomrock noted these “wants” would double the size of the proposed building.


    Mr. Quigley said the board needed an inventory of cold vs. heated bays.  Mr. Skomrock said the board should require a long term tenant lease.  Mr. Quigley stated the cost of any new sewer line would be too high.

    The plumbing problems in the Ironman building were addressed.  Kaufman and Moster had done the original installations that now required revamp/repair. 


    The BOT reviewed the needs of hiring a part-time employee for the Road Dept. including:            1)  suggested per/hr rate - $15 to $18 with no benefits,

    2)  job description – Bill Skomrock to review,

    3)  background checks – thru Sheriff’s Dept.

    4)  applications – 3 current – also advertise in Maple Leaf, post on website


    Doug Zimperman said he has a permit for the CEI electrical connections on the temporary pole across Auburn Rd. that were available for the future gazebo building.


    Doug Zimperman said his department needs a new mower for the cemetery that should be 48 to 52 inches wide.  He will present a proposal at the next meeting.


    Ms. Blair said she will be meeting with the Kiwanis Community Board officials, Anita Stocker and Craig Matthews at the Community Center regarding the 4/1/16 survey and report back to the BOT. 


    Wording on proposed bumper stickers was reviewed – suggestions included:

  1. Emphasize size of NEWBURY ,

  2. Revise wording priority

  3. Present new samples for decision at next meeting.


    Bill Skomrock asked about the engineer’s request to vacate a portion of Woodbury Rd. in Kiwanis Lake.  Glen Quigley said it would solve a lot encroachment problem into the road right-of-way and provide clear titles to the affected lot owners.


    A resident questioned whether there was a permit for a building foundation begun on Ravenna Rd. – Marge Hrabak was asked to check on this.


    Glen Quigley was asked about appointments and re-appointments to the BZA.  Ray Fidel had been re-appointed on January 15, 2006 clarifying the 5 year term sequence question. Mr. Fidel's appointment was discussed and the trustees decided not to reappoint


    The BZA denial on the Precious Cargo case was briefly reviewed.  Don Bagley, legal counsel, was sent copies of the BZA minutes.  He should now appeal the decision in court, then negotiate with the trustees.  Mr. Skomrock said he preferred that all 3 trustees be present and offered his vacation/work schedule with Monday and Tuesday as best meeting days.


    Glen Quigley said he would ask the prosecutor for advice on past carry-over re-appointments not done in a timely manner.  Jan Blair said the BOT should advertise to fill open alternate BZA positions.


    The trustees reviewed the cemetery fees for Saturday cremations for both residents and non-residents to note and/or correct any discrepancies.