Township trustees meeting January 4, 2012

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., January 4, 2012, with Mr. Skomrock and Ms. Blair present.

Mr. Quigley was absent due to a family emergency and it was decided to postpone the election of officers until the next meeting. Ms. Blair was Acting Chairman.

Ms. Blair reported that the Tri Board meeting between ZC, BZA and trustees is scheduled for January 28th 9:00 AM.

Mr. Skomrock moved to re-appoint Randy Hollis as Road Superintendent and Doug Zimperman as Assistant Road Superintendent. Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Mr. Skomrock moved to appoint Ann Wishart as Cemetery Sexton; Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Mr. Skomrock moved to re-appoint Karen Endres as Zoning Inspector and Marge Hrabak as Assistant Zoning Inspector/Secretary. This motion was seconded by Ms. Blair and passed by unanimous vote. It was noted that meeting times and dates would remain the same.

Mr. Hollis reported in December the Road Department repaired pipe, berms, and did ditching, they plowed 6 times, and applied cold patch to various township roads. They also made minor truck repairs including brakes, hydraulic lines, exhaust, battery cables. Mr. Hollis also reported they are planning on new equipment in 2012 and are going to get some quotes. Paving for 2012 was discussed and turned in to the County. They are looking for pre trip paperwork from Mr. Skomrock for the trucks.

Ms Endres, TRC has submitted their application for a use variance. The hearing should be January 24, 2012.

Ms. Endres also reported on the Levert teardown, legal notices have gone out. No objections have been received. She is also working on the RFP for the teardown.

Mr. Zimperman reported on the fire station roof, progress is being made and the trusses are going up. Target date for completion is approximately January 26. They will work on the new contract for the Township for 2012.

Ms. Wishart reported 1 burial in December.

At the recommendation of the Fiscal Officer, Mr. Skomrock moved that the Board adopt Resolution 2012010401, Ms. Blair seconded and affirmative vote, establishing temporary appropriations for 2012 as follows:
Resolution 2012010401 - 2012 Temporary Appropriation Temporary
Account Description Appropriation
1000-110-131-0000 Salary - Administrator $2,000.00
1000-110-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $400.00
1000-110-221-0000 Medical/Hospitalization $8,000.00
1000-110-229-0000 Other - Insurance Benefits $1,000.00
1000-110-229-1200 Other - Insurance Benefits $1,000.00
1000-110-313-0000 Uniform Accounting Network Fees $800.00
1000-110-330-0000 Travel and Meeting Expense $500.00
1000-110-410-0000 Office Supplies $500.00
1000-120-190-0000 Other - Salaries $500.00
1000-120-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $200.00
1000-120-323-0000 Repairs and Maintenance $200.00
1000-120-350-0000 Utilities $2,000.00
1000-120-490-0000 Other - Supplies and Materials $500.00
1000-120-590-0000 Other Expenses $500.00
1000-130-190-0000 Other - Salaries $2,000.00
1000-130-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $500.00
1000-130-345-0000 Advertising $500.00
1000-130-490-0000 Other - Supplies and Materials $500.00
1000-130-590-0000 Other Expenses $500.00
1000-190-359-0000 Other - Utilities $2,000.00
1000-190-599-0000 Other - Other Expenses $500.00
1000-310-360-0000 Contracted Services $2,500.00
1000-410-190-0000 Other - Salaries $500.00
1000-610-590-0000 Other Expenses $5,000.00
2021-330-420-0000 Operating Supplies $6,000.00
2031-330-190-0000 Other - Salaries $40,000.00
2031-330-219-0000 Other - Employer's Retirement Contributions $6,000.00
2031-330-221-0000 Medical/Hospitalization $10,000.00
2031-330-229-0000 Other - Insurance Benefits $2,000.00
2031-330-323-0000 Repairs and Maintenance $5,000.00
2031-330-350-0000 Utilities $4,000.00
2031-330-360-0000 Contracted Services $15,000.00
2031-330-490-0000 Other - Supplies and Materials $30,000.00
2031-330-740-0000 Machinery, Equipment and Furniture $2,000.00
2111-220-590-0000 Other Expenses $10,000.00
2141-330-190-0000 Road Salaries $40,000.00
2141-330-219-0000 Employer Contribution -PERS and Medicare $6,000.00
2141-330-221-0000 Medical/Hospitalization $10,000.00
2141-330-229-0000 Other - Insurance Benefits $2,000.00
2141-330-590-0000 Other Expenses $2,000.00
Total: $222,600.00

Mr. Skomrock moved that Resolution 2012010402 be adopted, requesting the first half real estate advance from the County Auditor; Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Blair nominated Mr. Skomrock to be the alternate for the HDAC, passed by unanimous vote.

Ms. Blair reported on the medical insurance and there are forms to use until the new cards come.

Mr. Skomrock reported 214 - 911 calls in December; this is average for a month.

Mr. Skomrock reported that the back stairs are waiting for permitting from the county.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2012 is the next meeting of the Geauga County Township Association.

Mr. Skomrock moved that Resolution 2012010403 be adopted, honoring Jonathan Kleve, Eagle Scout, Ms. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

This meeting was adjourned at 8:07 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Ms. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.