Township Meeting - 2/18/2009

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., February 18, 2009, with Mr. Snively, Mrs. Blair and Mr. Skomrock present.  Minutes of the meeting of February 4, 2009 were approved upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mrs. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

The ScapeAbilities quote for landscaping at various locations was reviewed and a motion to accept the quote was made by Mrs. Blair with a second by Mr. Snively, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

Mrs. Hrabak reported on a recent Geauga County Planning Commission meeting that she attended.  New maps are being worked on for township parks, libraries etc.  It was noted that wind reports for power generation are available, and that the Thompson ridge is the primary spot in Geauga County for wind power generation.  The Planning Department continues to handle the monitoring of water wells throughout the county through an agreement with the U.S. Geological Service.

Discussion of plans to update the township website was moved to the next meeting on March 4th due to Mr. Lair’s absence from tonight’s meeting.  It was noted that all maps relating to the Oberland Park zoning amendment have been signed by the trustees, and that this is the last step for the Trustees in rezoning the park, once the maps are signed by Mr. Lair and taken to Chardon for processing.

Mr. Snively reported that he had met with Mr. Trushel and Wheeler Landscaping to discuss the problems in the Oberland Park field preparation.  Everyone agreed that there were many low spots and many rocks that need to be cleaned up.  The lawn in the front seemed to be coming up okay, and it is hoped that the back section would germinate once spring comes (if it comes).  Mr. Trushel and the Wheeler representative both offered to fix the southwest corner where water is not draining properly.  Wheeler is to provide the township with a proposal as to how they are going to fix the problems.  Following receipt and review of this proposal the township will pay _ of the outstanding Wheeler invoice, with the remaining balance to be paid once remaining issues are addressed.

It was noted that there had been a recent zoning inspector meeting at the town hall with approximately ten local zoning inspectors present.  The new Geauga County Auditor Frank Gliha gave a presentation and answered many questions, which the zoning inspectors found very helpful.  

It was reported that for compliance with the BWC safety program the township needs to send a representative to attend one more meeting this year.  It was stated that the township needs to keep track on how many people are pulled for the drug program, so that number remaining to be tested is known.  

It was reported that the Geauga County Community Improvement Corporation is having a meeting March 5th at Punderson State Park, with the topic “What Will End This Recession?” to be discussed; Mrs. Blair and Mr. Snively will be attending.

Mrs. Blair reported that employees are still not receiving their reimbursements for prescriptions from United Healthcare.  Mrs. Blair has been working with Sean Sprouse from Burnham and Flower, and Todd from United Healthcare to correct the problem.  Sean has reported that problem should be corrected within the next week or so, and the reimbursements should mailed be to the affected employees by the next week.

Mr. Skomrock will be meeting with Lillibridge Landscaping concerning complaints that the township received last year regarding the Lillibridge’s mowing of township cemeteries, in an effort to prevent a reoccurrence of the same issues this year.

The trustees reviewed the proposed 2009 fire protection contract as submitted by the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department, and noted that it appeared to be the same as last year’s contract.  The Trustees were in agreement that the new contract should be signed, and asked the Fire Department Trustees to appear at the March 4th meeting to sign this contract.

In response to a recent published letter to the editor from a Newbury resident indicating the Trustees were not doing enough to keep business in Newbury, a response was read and signed by all Trustees; this response will be sent to the editor this week.  Mr. Snively reported that Mr. Hollis was approached by a representative of PB Alarm about the invoice for the monitoring of the Legion Hall not being paid.  Mrs. Mansfield reported that the bill was paid as soon as it was received and the warrant was dated 2/4/09.  Mrs. Mansfield also indicated that the agreement for the alarm at the building that has been rented by Ironman was canceled in 2008 due to that alarm no longer functioning.  

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date         Payee                       Amount
31192    2/12/2009    Patsy Keyes     $      209.00
31193    2/17/2009    Ann A. Wishart              - AW     $      428.26
31194    2/17/2009    Douglas J. Zimperman        - DZ     $    1,426.79
31195    2/17/2009    George Mansfield            - GM     $    1,333.01
31196    2/17/2009    Jas. Rick Phifer            - JP     $    1,538.31
31197    2/17/2009    Karen E. Endres             - KE     $      902.49
31198    2/17/2009    Marcia J. Mansfield         - MM     $      160.56
31199    2/17/2009    Randal R. Hollis            - RH     $    2,014.42
31200    2/17/2009    Randal O. Hollis            - ROH     $    1,225.41
31201    2/17/2009    Timothy A. Mansfield        - TM     $    1,372.19
31202    2/17/2009    Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro     $      640.00
31203    2/18/2009    First Energy     $    1,614.36
31204    2/18/2009    Arms Trucking Co., Inc.     $    2,712.53
31205    2/18/2009    Kuhnle Bros. Inc.     $      600.00
31206    2/18/2009    CED     $      294.57
31207    2/18/2009    Geauga County Maple Leaf     $      117.00
31208    2/18/2009    Cintas Corp.     $      413.50
31209    2/18/2009    Fox International Ltd. Inc.     $        38.22
31210    2/18/2009    Delta Dental     $      653.75
31211    2/18/2009    Doug Zimperman     $      200.00
31212    2/18/2009    KopyKat Inc.     $      227.89
31213    2/18/2009    Farmers Welding Supply Inc.     $        58.57
31214    2/18/2009    Turney Home and Auto     $        65.03
31215    2/18/2009    Physio-Control, Inc.     $    1,030.00
31216    2/18/2009    Allied Dealers Supply Co., Inc.     $        44.31
31217    2/23/2009    Geauga County CIC     $        30.00
Total:     $  19,350.17

It was reported that Newbury United Community Church requested the use of the corner lot on June 20 and Aug 15 for their Craft and Clutter sale, and stated that they would carry the required liability insurance; the trustees approved this request.  

It was reported that a representative of the Geauga County Public Library would like to speak to the Trustees about the services offered by the library.   Mr. King discussed the possibility of having a yearly event of some sort to attract visitors to Newbury.  Existing examples of similar events in the county cited included the Geauga County Fair in Burton, and the Maple Festival in Chardon.  Mr. Ruckstuhl commented that the Kiwanis would like to work with the Trustees on planning such an event, possibly a music festival promoted by a radio station.  It was recognized that this would take time and a number of different groups to come together to plan such an event.  This meeting was adjourned at 8:54 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock a second by Mrs. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
David Snively – Chairman                Jan Blair – Vice Chairman

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William Skomrock, Jr.                     David Lair – Fiscal Officer