Township Meeting - 9/17/2007

The regularly scheduled meeting of Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., September 19, 2007, with all members present. Ms Blair welcomed all to join in the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Skomrock moved and Ms. Blair seconded the motion to approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting; this motion was passed by unanimous vote.   It was noted that in David Lair’s absence, Marge Hrabak would record tonight’s minutes.

Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
P.O. #    Date    Payee    Amount
    24-2007    8/28/2007    Stryker Sales Corporation    $9,880.00
    25-2007    9/11/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $73,432.00
    25-2007    9/11/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $100,000.00
    26-2007    9/11/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $100,000.00
    26-2007    9/11/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $100,000.00
    26-2007    9/11/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $36,598.85
        Total:    $419,910.85
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee    Amount
29797    9/18/2007    Douglas J. Zimperman        - DZ    $1,201.46
29798    9/18/2007    George Mansfield            - GM    $1,139.92
29799    9/18/2007    Jack Lashley                - JL    $1,429.58
29800    9/18/2007    Jas. Rick Phifer            - JP    $1,317.68
29801    9/18/2007    Karen E. Endres             - KE    $1,066.80
29802    9/18/2007    Linda C. Nokes              - LN    $879.60
29803    9/18/2007    Randal R. Hollis            - RH    $1,596.80
29804    9/18/2007    Randal O. Hollis            - ROH    $1,011.98
29805    9/18/2007    Timothy A. Mansfield        - TM    $1,151.64
29806    9/18/2007    Douglas J. Zimperman        - DZ    $1,276.85
29807    9/18/2007    George Mansfield            - GM    $1,214.47
29808    9/18/2007    Jack Lashley                - JL    $906.88
29809    9/18/2007    Jas. Rick Phifer            - JP    $1,402.64
29810    9/18/2007    Karen E. Endres             - KE    $348.62
29811    9/18/2007    Linda C. Nokes              - LN    $614.19
29812    9/18/2007    Randal R. Hollis            - RH    $1,803.73
29813    9/18/2007    Randal O. Hollis            - ROH    $1,077.68
29814    9/18/2007    Timothy A. Mansfield        - TM    $1,225.79
29815    9/18/2007    Randal O. Hollis            - ROH    $1,137.04
29816    9/18/2007    Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro    $720.00
29817    9/19/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $173,432.00
29818    9/19/2007    Ronyak Bros. Paving Inc.    $236,598.85
29819    9/19/2007    ScapeAbilities (John Suvak)    $280.00
29820    9/19/2007    Ecoscape, Inc.    $174.00
29821    9/19/2007    First Energy    $1,642.99
29822    9/19/2007    Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc.    $73.00
29823    9/19/2007    P.B. Alarm Company    $225.00
29824    9/19/2007    First Quality Sales    $28.45
29825    9/19/2007    Advance Auto Parts- HSBC Bus. Sol.    $83.36
29826    9/19/2007    CCP Industries, Inc.    $69.87
29827    9/19/2007    Kimball-Midwest Inc.    $341.17
29828    9/19/2007    Allied Dealers Supply Co., Inc.    $156.90
29829    9/19/2007    Cintas Corp.    $382.55
29830    9/19/2007    Western Reserve Farm Co-op    $184.07
        Total:    $436,195.56

Ms. Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, speaking for the Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc. (CRWP), discussed the $12,000 grant awarded to the township for planning of the Town Center to align the state and local priorities for balanced growth.  The CRWP can assist in this pilot project with technical expertise, guidance and suggestions.  She emphasized that Newbury already had in place an updated 208 plan and conservation rearrangement for smart zoning while maintaining low-density housing.  Ms. Amy Holtshouse Brennan continued with visual examples of other townships designed with the aid of Terry Swartz at KSU.  She showed several layouts for the Lake County intersection of Rts. 90 & 44 blending the old and the new roads for retail, housing and parking.  Mr. Dave Dietrich emphasized this economic development could combine urban design concepts at the township level and would be done at no cost to the township.

Mr. Quigley described the benefits of working with the CRWP citing examples from the current Nature Trail grant.  He said the township had received a $12,000 grant with a 25% matching in-kind (sweat-equity) grant of $3000.  He stated that he firmly believes in planning ahead, not management by crisis.  He suggested forming a committee to oversee this planning grant and offered to chair the group.  A discussion continued regarding conservation development, tax consequences, minimized infrastructure for low cost management, architectural review and diversity of the committee members.  It was decided that the committee should consist of 5 to 7 members to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to accommodate ODOT turning lanes, commercial activity, inclusion of township property and direct financial dealings with the Urban Design Center.  The trustees thanked the group for their presentation and said they looked forward to expanding and developing this Town Center design concept.

Mrs. Blair introduced Joe Haas of Reserve Energy to outline the specifics of Kuhnle’s gas drilling lease proposed for Cross Creek Parkway.  He said he had researched the question posed by Ms Endres regarding who owned the land under the road right-of-way.  He said there was no mention of any title transfer for the road in the original sub-division plat.  He presented the trustees with a pro-rated lease for the approximately 1 acre of Cross Creek road right-of-way.  The lease will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for review, revision, and/or approval.

Mr. Hollis offered the trustees the GAR proposal for extra chip and seal material @ $2.50 per square yard, totalling approximately $3500.  A discussion continued regarding the paving of the town hall parking lot and cemeteries.  It was decided that Mr. Lair would advise of funds available for this project.

Mr. Skomrock said he would follow-up with Mr. Hollis and included repair of the railing for the ramp entrance to the town hall.  Mr. Quigley said he would contact Chip Hess to complete the cemetery platting.  He also proposed submitting a quarter-page business ad in the Sun Newspapers promoting Newbury Twp. as “Open for Business”.  It would be a non-political editorial, about 500 words, written by the newspaper staff, with final content approval by the trustees.  Mr. Quigley moved and Mrs. Blair seconded the motion to appropriate $500 for the Sun business ad; this motion was passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Skomrock moved and Mrs. Blair seconded the motion to accept the GAR proposal for approximately $3500 to pave the town hall parking lot; this motion passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Quigley offered no new developments in the All Erection Crane case still being decided by Judge Burt.  The Impulletti property should be finalized soon with completion of the grassed and irrigation areas.   It was reported that Dr. Silver has decided to leave his lot-split on hold for now.  The trustees will review licensing of Adult Businesses with input from the sheriff’s and zoning departments at the next meeting.  The Fire Department is replacing concrete driveway sections at their own expense.  The trustees reviewed the United Health Care proposal for either a higher deductible or a 2% increase in premiums.  Mr. Quigley moved, with a second from Mr. Skomrock, to accept the higher deductible and allow the new trustee for 2008 the same opportunity to enroll; this motion passed by unanimous vote.  

A discussion was held regarding replacement of the Welcome to Newbury signs, their cost and the insurance deductible/experience rate with replacement decisions to be made at the next meeting.   At the request of Mrs. Blair, Mr. Quigley moved and Mr. Skomrock seconded to adopt the resolution for the Red Ribbon Campaign drug-free contract; this motion passed by unanimous vote.  Mrs. Blair reported that submitting the last two random drug testings would satisfy Worker’s Comp requirements for the coming year.  This meeting was adjourned at 9:03 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Quigley, a second by Mr. Skomrock and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Jan Blair – Chairman            William Skomrock, Jr. – Vice Chairman    

__________________________________  ___________________________________
      Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Fiscal Officer