Township Meeting - 9/15/2007

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., August 15, 2007, with all trustees present.   Minutes of the August 2nd meeting were approved upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mr. Quigley and an affirmative vote from Mr. Skomrock and Mr. Quigley, with Mrs. Blair abstaining due to her absence from that meeting.  

Sean Sprouse from Burnham and Flower addressed the trustees regarding the township healthcare plan and renewal for the policy year beginning 9/1/07.  Mr. Sprouse explained the Ohio Township Association’s partnership with Burnham and Flower Insurance Group, providing property/casualty/liability and healthcare benefits coverage to Newbury Township.  Mr. Sprouse presented an alternative plan offered by the current carrier, United Healthcare.  This plan would further raise deductibles, which would be then covered by the township’s Healthcare Reimbursement Account.  This plan would save the township more than $14,000 per year, compared to renewal of the current coverage and deductible limits.  The increased deductibles would mean that the township’s liability could be higher than the anticipated savings, but based on past experience, the township will realize a savings with this plan change.  The trustees asked Mr. Sprouse to obtain census data forms that had recently been submitted to Mrs. Nokes by individuals currently covered, so that a competitive quote could be obtained from at least one other carrier.   Based on a comparison of the current plan vs. a competitive plan, the Trustees would make a decision on coverage before the end of this month.

At the recommendation of the Fiscal Officer, Mr. Quigley moved to transfer $8000 from Road Levy-Contracted Services to Road Levy-Workers’ Compensation.  Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mr. Quigley moved that the township adopt Resolution 2007081501, Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor.  Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee    Amount
29712    8/3/2007    Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro    $1,120.00
29713    8/3/2007    Treasurer of State    $798.69
29714    8/3/2007    Ohio Public Employees Retirement System    $7,809.56
29715    8/15/2007    First Energy    $1,525.18
29716    8/15/2007    Geauga County Maple Leaf    $105.45
29717    8/15/2007    Newbury Hardware    $256.13
29718    8/15/2007    Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc.    $75.50
29719    8/15/2007    Cintas Corp.    $299.64
29720    8/15/2007    Chagrin Oil & Gas Co. Inc.    $2,101.74
29721    8/15/2007    Auburn Pipe & Plumbing Supply    $1,095.00
29722    8/15/2007    Newbury Auto Parts Inc.    $49.21
29723    8/15/2007    BetterLetters & Graphics, Inc.    $90.00
29724    8/15/2007    First Quality Sales    $32.34
29725    8/15/2007    Advance Auto Parts- HSBC Bus. Sol.    $83.36
29726    8/15/2007    Kevin Chartrand, MD    $86.00
29727    8/15/2007    Bureau of Workers' Compensation    $13,503.66
29728    8/15/2007    Office Max-HSBC Business Solutions    $129.25
29729    8/15/2007    Advance Auto Parts- HSBC Bus. Sol.    $49.99
29730    8/15/2007    FASTENAL CO.    $184.52
29731    8/15/2007    Farmers Welding Supply Inc.    $42.05
29732    8/15/2007    Kimball-Midwest Inc.    $353.56
29733    8/15/2007    Ohio CAT    $436.68
29734    8/15/2007    Crown Cleanaing Systems    $289.04
29735    8/15/2007    Kokosing Materials    $4,360.01
29736    8/15/2007    The Penn Ohio Corporation    $4,022.51
29737    8/15/2007    ScapeAbilities (John Suvak)    $390.00
29738    8/15/2007    Paul Carson    $845.00
29739    8/15/2007    Douglas J. Zimperman        - DZ    $1,201.46
29740    8/15/2007    George Mansfield            - GM    $1,139.92
29741    8/15/2007    Jack Lashley                - JL    $906.88
29742    8/15/2007    Jas. Rick Phifer            - JP    $1,317.68
29743    8/15/2007    Karen E. Endres             - KE    $614.92
29744    8/15/2007    Linda C. Nokes              - LN    $730.76
29745    8/15/2007    Randal R. Hollis            - RH    $1,596.80
29746    8/15/2007    Randal O. Hollis            - ROH    $1,011.98
29747    8/15/2007    Timothy A. Mansfield        - TM    $1,151.64
29748    8/18/2007    Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro    $720.00
29749    8/15/2007    Advanced Electronics    $49.99
        Total:    $50,576.10

Mr. Quigley presented the other trustees with information regarding a mixed-use structure proposed for the southeast corner of Sperry Rd. and Rt. 87.  The plan called for residence apartments on the upper floor and commercial space on the ground floor, with possible combination of the two uses on the second floor.  Mr. Quigley reported that there was no new news on the All Erection Crane case, but he reported that there was a potential buyer for that building, with a possible use for an upscale rehabilitation center.  It was also reported that St. Gobain would probably be moving from their current location in the Newbury Business Park near the southwest corner of Routes 44 and 87.  A discussion followed this report regarding steps that can be taken to keep remaining businesses, and attract new businesses to assume the space being vacated by this anticipated move.  

Mr. Quigley reported on his continuing work toward creating measures that will enable the township to closely regulate and monitor any adult-oriented businesses that might be established in the township.  Mr. Quigley presented a draft regulation document that was created by the State Attorney General’s office and has been approved as to form by the County Prosecutor’s office.  The township is still waiting on feedback from the Sheriff’s office as to the workload that regulation of this type of business will have on that department, so that impact fees appropriate to the costs of registration and background checks can be specified in the final document.

Mr. Skomrock reported that a mandatory drug and alcohol training meeting for all Newbury Township employees and elected officials has been scheduled for Sept 4th at 7pm.  He also reported that all of this year’s contracted re-paving work is complete except for final striping on Elm Drive.  Mr. Skomrock raised a question to the other trustees regarding level of interest to have the township sponsor a return of the Kelly-Miller Circus next year as a means to help fund the ongoing maintenance that will result from the construction of a structure and other assets to be created as part of the HUD grant project on the Oberland Park property.  Mr. Skomrock also reported that a request had been made for a new township directional sign for Stockton Gardens in the Kimberly Estates subdivision.

Mrs. Blair reported that she had attended a session reviewing the Western Reserve Heritage Area program, which is intended to preserve areas identified as having historical significance.

Mr. Quigley announced that he would not be seeking re-election as Township Trustee this November, saying that he would be distributing a press release that would elaborate on this decision and his plans for the future.

In response to a question from Mr. Frank Kovacs regarding the Public Participation guidelines specified in the meeting agenda, the trustees clarified the policy limiting formal presentations normally to five minutes, noting that citizens were free to provide input.  Mr. Kovacs submitted a number of pictures of various locations within the township, asking for trustee and Zoning Inspector comment.  As Mr. Kovacs requested return of the pictures at the end of this meeting, the trustees said that they would make a black and white copy of each picture and asked the Zoning Inspector to prepare a response for each situation depicted.  Mr. Kovacs also reported some difficulty in receiving a hard copy of the township zoning resolution when he came to the town hall and made that request to the administrative office.  He reported that he ultimately was given a copy to review, and the trustees responded that they would investigate that report, and that Mr. Kovacs was certainly entitled to see a copy of the resolution, could buy one for $30, or could access the resolution via the township website (

Mrs. Endres reported that she was working with ODNR and Soil and Water regarding a new gas well on Cross Creek.  She also reported that she had met with APA Bridey Matheney from the Prosecutor’s office, and together they had visited a number of places in Newbury that have been the topic of current zoning discussion.

This meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m., upon a motion by Mrs. Blair, a second by Mr. Skomrock, and a unanimous affirmative vote.


__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Jan Blair – Chairman            William Skomrock, Jr. – Vice Chairman    

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      Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Fiscal Officer