Township Meeting - 9/15/2004

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order on September 15, 2004 at 7:33 p.m., with all members present.   Mr. Fioritto moved to accept the minutes for both meetings with one correction; Mr. Quigley seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  

Mr. Ken Fagan reported 23 Fire Dept. calls for September month-to-date and 356 calls year-to-date.  

Police Chief Battaglia presented a monthly report to the Trustees, and noted that due to budget constraints and the high number of hours that had been worked earlier in the year, hours worked in recent months have been cut back.   Chief Battaglia reported 82 calls handled by Newbury Police for August, with 247 calls handled by Sheriff’s Department.  Emphasis by Newbury PD was on traffic offenses, with 13 traffic citations issued, 11 of those on Sperry Rd.  Chief Battaglia noted that two of four recent thefts from May were solved, and several more other recent thefts were also solved.  He also stated that several felony cases were currently in front of the Grand Jury, with a high probability of conviction on these cases.  

Road activity reported by Mr. Hollis included asphalt patching, repair of catch basins, installation of a new 48” culvert on Hillview, and roadside mowing.  Mr. Hollis said that he would like to open up the drainage ditch onto private property on the south side of Hillview beyond the culvert ditch; the trustees agreed that this would be a good idea if the owner would agree and such action wouldn’t obligate the township to all future maintenance of this ditch.  Also discussed at this time was the condition of the Fire Department’s concrete parking lot.  The trustees and Mr. Hollis discussed the 2005 Road Paving projects; it was decided that formal work on preparation of this document should wait pending the outcome of the issue for renewal of the 2.8 mill Road Levy on the November ballot.

Mr. Quigley reported that there are a couple of active zoning complaints, but no new news on the All Erection Crane case.  It was noted that Stacey Reid from the Prosecutor’s office would meet with the trustees, ZBA, and Zoning Commission at 7:00 p.m. on September 22nd.   It was reported regarding the issue of an individual on Idlewood Dr. allegedly operating a junk vehicle business that this case will continue to be pursued through the Prosecutor’s office.  This same process will be pursued in the case of a property owner located on Munn Road.

Mr. Majeski reported that he had spoken to Joni Stusek from the Geauga County Community and Economic Development office who said that the Restful Lake Community Center improvement project was heading toward completion sometime in the next month.  

Mr. Majeski reported on the September 18th Garden Tractor Pull event that will be held at Oberland Park.  Trick or Treat hours were established from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, October 30th.   Also discussed was the pending liquor permit application transfer for Ramble Inn. Mr. Quigley moved that the township waive their right to a hearing in this matter; Mr. Majeski seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  A general discussion period included review of financial data, a report from the Clerk regarding the ongoing UAN implementation, and further discussion on the township’s weapons policy.  Also discussed was a policy that would require drug and alcohol testing of any employee involved in an accident while on duty.  The trustees agreed that such a policy was desirable, but further research was required as to what criteria would be used to invoke this policy.  Mr. Fioritto said that he would follow up with both the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation and the Frank Gates Service Company, which administers the township workers’ comp program.  Mr. Lair said that he would arrange to meet with Sean Sprouse of Burnham and Flower regarding the current and proposed benefits plan, as well as arranging for an employee meeting.

Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Fioritto, including the reading of a letter from Mr. William Skomrock Sr. applying as a second alternate on the ZBA.  Mr. Quigley voiced his opinion that whoever was chosen to this post should have extensive zoning experience.

Mr. Fioritto presented the proposed Adelphia contract for the trustees to review.   The trustees agreed that proposed changes in the contract offered by Adelphia as recommended by Stacey Reid of the Prosecutor’s office, plus deletion of the provisions for automatic renewal of the contract, should be submitted to Adelphia as the Township’s requested terms for execution.  

Mr. Quigley moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:55p.m. with a second from Mr. Majeski and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Robert Fioritto – Chairman            William Majeski – Vice Chairman       

__________________________________  ___________________________________
 Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Township Clerk

The special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order on September 22, 2004 at 7:15 p.m., with Mr. Fioritto, Mr. Majeski and Mr. Quigley present.  Mr. Fioritto announced this special meeting was a joint work session with members of the Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals and Assistant County Prosecutor Stacey Reid to review abandoned houses, junk cars and other zoning issues.  A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the junkyard operation on Idlewood Dr. in Kiwanis Lake.  The neighbors asked if the township had the authority to ticket cars parked on the road blocking normal traffic.  They said these illegally parked cars presented a safety hazard for emergency rescue access.

The trustees questioned Ms. Reid on the procedures, processes and costs involved to expedite legal action.  She agreed to research the problem and report back to Mr. Quigley who agreed to relay this information to these neighbors by the weekend.    

Mr. Yaecker said that he and Ms. Endres would like to attend the Ohio Planning Conference on Zoning Issues.  Mr. Fioritto asked if there was any further discussion before the joint group executive session; there being none he called for a motion.  Mr. Quigley moved and Mr. Majeski seconded the motion to retire to executive session to discuss specific problems with the township legal representative.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.  Members of the zoning commission, the BZA, Zoning inspector and assistant adjourned to executive session at 7:42 p.m.

Mr. Quigley moved and Mr. Majeski seconded the motion to end the executive session and return to the regular session. The motion passed by unanimous vote at 8:43 p.m.  Mr. Quigley announced the group had met with legal counsel to discuss problem zoning issues but no decisions had been made pending further legal options.

Mr. Yaecker asked about adopting noise regulations that would require equipment and training for enforcement.  Mr. Quigley read Ms. Hrabak's letter regarding BZA hearings for additions to pre-zoning older structures.  Mr. Yaecker replied the zoning commission was working on wording for "extension of non-conforming use".  Mr. Majeski asked for the zoning commission current agenda.  He thanked all the zoning members for their good work for the township's benefit.
Ms. Blair and Ms. Curran said there should be more joint meetings to educate the boards on options and costs to solve zoning problems prior to legal action.

Mr. Quigley recapped the settlement options presented in the All Erection and Crane Rental Co. litigation.  All settlements were rejected (*** added 10/6/04:  …upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, second Mr. Quigley; passed by unanimous vote.***)  Ms. Hrabak asked if the trustees could levy fines for repeated zoning violations.  The question requires research and discussion for a future meeting.

Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
P.O. #    Date    Payee    Amount
     1-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $151.46
     2-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $2,137.19
     3-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $1,416.42
     4-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $19,528.65
     5-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $203.73
     6-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $1,161.75
     7-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $16,095.13
     8-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $1,273.00
     9-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $4,500.32
    10-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $256.06
    11-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $3,477.86
    12-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $500.00
    13-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $35,000.00
    14-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $5,546.81
    15-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $3,315.00
    16-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $2,762.00
    17-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $2,396.04
    18-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $2,693.52
    19-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $1,692.25
    20-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $2,049.05
    21-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $953.84
    22-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $10,239.99
    23-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $1,681.26
    24-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $12,815.00
    25-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $16,227.30
    26-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $4,075.00
    27-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $10,000.00
    28-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $8,697.22
    29-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $5,494.68
    30-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $21,929.21
    31-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $25,119.97
    32-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $1,960.05
    33-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $853.54
    34-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $611.41
    35-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $52,173.50
    36-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $19,961.29
    37-2004    8/1/2004    Various Vendors - Blanket Cert.    $220,000.00
     1-2004    7/31/2004     Conversion    $52,013.52
     2-2004    7/31/2004    CONVERSION    $23.00
     3-2004    8/1/2004    Newbury Volunteer Fire Department    $52,500.00
     4-2004    8/1/2004    Ohio Machinery Co.    $15,000.00
     5-2004    8/1/2004    Hans Truck & Trailer Repair Inc.    $41,482.00
     6-2004    8/1/2004    Concord Road Equipment Mfg.    $28,032.91
        Total:    $708,000.93
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee    Amount
26813    9/15/2004    Ohio Public Empl. Def. Comp. Pro.    $1,895.00
26814    9/15/2004    Ohio Public Empl. Def. Comp. Pro.    $595.00
26815    9/15/2004    Treasurer of State of Ohio    $933.67
26816    9/15/2004    P.E.R.S.    $2,844.80
26817    9/15/2004    Western Reserve Office Supply    $12.99
26818    9/15/2004    Prots BiRite    $31.35
26819    9/15/2004    Office Max    $337.59
26820    9/15/2004    Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc.    $47.25
26821    9/15/2004    Alltel    $476.77
26822    9/15/2004    Robert Fioritto    $350.00
26823    9/15/2004    William Majeski    $140.00
26824    9/15/2004    Delta Dental    $532.65
26825    9/15/2004    Dominion East Ohio Gas    $98.96
26826    9/15/2004    First Energy    $1,789.94
26827    9/15/2004    First Energy    $713.46
26828    9/15/2004    Ecoscape, Inc.    $510.00
26829    9/15/2004    Speedway SuperAmerican    $461.95
26830    9/15/2004    TLC Auto Service    $19.78
26831    9/15/2004    Treasurer of State (Fund83F)-LEADS    $240.00
26832    9/15/2004    Marge Hrabak    $64.96
26833    9/15/2004    Geauga County Maple Leaf    $63.00
26834    9/15/2004    Allied Dealers Supply Co., Inc.    $193.86
26835    9/15/2004    First Quality Sales    $266.55
26836    9/15/2004    Cintas Corp.    $285.72
26837    9/15/2004    Newbury Auto Parts Inc.    $106.58
26838    9/15/2004    Kimball-Midwest Inc.    $199.53
26839    9/15/2004    Chagrin Oil & Gas Co. Inc.    $616.82
26840    9/15/2004    Reliance Standard Life Insurance    $33.56
26841    9/15/2004    Reliance Standard Life Insurance    $463.96
26842    9/15/2004    Verizon Wireless    $130.74
26843    9/15/2004    Auburn Pipe & Plumbing Supply    $238.00
26844    9/15/2004    Haueter Construction Company    $99.00
26845    9/15/2004    Geauga Security Inc.    $109.00
26846    9/15/2004    Kenmore Construction Co. Inc.    $189,228.40
26847    9/15/2004    Randal R. Hollis    $220.00
26848    9/15/2004    Ohio CAT    $33.58
26849    9/1/2004    VOID    $0.00
26850    9/1/2004    Tractor Supply Co.    $33.56
26851    9/18/2004    Linda Nokes    $846.73
26852    9/18/2004    Jack Lashley    $94.42
26853    9/18/2004    Jack Lashley    $700.00
26854    9/18/2004    Karen Endres    $372.24
26855    9/18/2004    Doug Zimperman    $1,120.83
26856    9/18/2004    George Mansfield    $1,055.93
26857    9/18/2004    J. Rick Phifer    $1,237.53
26858    9/18/2004    Randal R. Hollis    $1,516.64
26859    9/18/2004    Randal O. Hollis    $923.48
26860    9/18/2004    Tim Mansfield    $1,132.55
        Total:    $213,418.33

At 9:00 p.m. Mr. Quigley moved and Mr. Majeski seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting; the motion passed by unanimous vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Robert Fioritto – Chairman            William Majeski – Vice Chairman       

__________________________________  ___________________________________
 Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Township Clerk