Township Meeting - 6/23/2005

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., June 23, 2005, with all members present.   

Mr. Lou Mezak was given the opportunity to address the trustees and audience to express his concerns.  He first expressed his appreciation to the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department and national leadership.  He then expressed his concerns regarding what he felt was a lack of attention by local government to the needs of senior citizens.  He cited a lack of action on a request for zoning to accommodate senior housing several years ago, and expressed his displeasure with some of the actions taken by the recent board over the last several years.  Mr. Quigley expressed his thanks to Mr. Mezak for giving his opinions.

Ms. Anita Stocker, Director of the Geauga County office of Community and Economic Development addressed the trustees, describing the services that her office offers to county residents and prospective business operations.  Mr. Majeski expressed his appreciation to Ms. Stocker for her office’s efforts in assisting the Restful Lake and Kiwanis Lake communities in the upgrading of their community halls.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote. Fire activity reported by Mr. Fagan included 286 calls year to date, with 41 month to date.  Mr. Quigley expressed his thanks for being included in a recent exercise involving MedEvac.
The recently-completed chip and seal job on Music street was reported as “A-1” by Music St. resident Mrs. Hrabak.  It was noted that Hughes Contracting and the Newbury crew did a good job preparing for this project.  It was noted that the Road Department is done with preliminary repairs on Pekin Rd., and the repaving job is scheduled to begin there.  It was noted that no one was present from the Police Department this evening, and that the issue of the Police Dept would be addressed at the June 29th meeting.

Mrs. Endres reported that Eric Drake is the new Assistant Prosecutor assigned to Newbury.   Mrs. Endres reported on a number of BZA hearings, and said that she had sent a letter to TAP Enterprises regarding the number of illegally placed signs.  It was noted that there is no apparent progress yet on clean up on the Roberta Ann property.
In response to a resident question regarding political signs, 6 square feet was reported as the size limit that is enforced for political signs, as they are governed by the provisions for temporary signs.  It was noted that a mobile sign, which can be larger than 6 square feet could be used for a political notice, but that mobile signs require a permit.
It was reported that the Park Board wants the Zoning Commission to prioritize the creation of active/passive park regulations affecting the various park properties.

Mr. Roger Mezak, representing the Park Board asked that the trustees schedule a joint meeting as soon as possible to discuss active/passive designations and the potential use of the two grants that have been awarded the township.  It was decided to hold this meeting on June 29th at 6:00 p.m., prior to the 2006 Budget Hearing.   Mr. Mezak also presented information on a proposed creation of a new parking area on the south end of the Oberland Park property.  Mr. Yaecker reported that the Zoning Commission is wrapping up the proposed changes to the Zoning Resolution that they have been working on over the last year.

Mr. Quigley publicly commended the efforts of Mr. Majeski and Mr. Fioritto on heading up the recent Earth Day activities.

Mr. Quigley discussed issues relating to the Nature Works $13,000 grant application.  He noted that the park board expressed concerns regarding possible mandates to place all future wiring on the property underground, and possible limitations on future farming and sugaring activities that could be maintained on the property.  Mr. Quigley said that the application had been modified to specify a particular GPS-surveyed portion of the Oberland Park area, which limited the area where such limits might be imposed to that particular surveyed area.  In response to questions regarding financing of the local match and ongoing maintenance, the trustees stated their commitment to finding the funds necessary to accomplish this.  The recently awarded $198,000 HUD grant was discussed, which Mr. Quigley stated was the result of the efforts of Mr. Majeski and Mr. Fioritto.   Sidewalks, façade, and street furniture are the three allowable expenditure categories.  It was reported that Anita Stocker is filing the required environmental impact study reports for the Oberland Park and the Auburn and Rt. 87 intersection property, as the first step in the process.

It was noted that the township Board of Zoning Appeals had been named as the Appellee in an Appeal to the Court of Common Pleas filed by Lewis C. Tomsic, Jr.  
Mr. Quigley moved that the trustees pass a resolution in an action to bring a mutually agreeable outcome to this case, specifying that the following be addressed as follows:  
1) Storage of aggregate shall be permitted on the north side of the mound,
2) Storage of other supplies shall be stored on the south side of the mound,
3) Plant pine trees, 5 ft. high min., 20 ft. separation on top of the mound,
4) Store aeration tanks near center of the south side of the mound,

5) Store portable fuel tanks at mound ends, on the south side,
6) Store accessory equipment in area no more than 20 ft. south of building.

This motion was seconded by Mr. Fioritto, and passed by unanimous vote.

Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Quigley.  A tentative agreement to be executed between the Newbury School Board and the Geauga County Commissioners for transfer of ownership of the school’s waste treatment plant to the Geauga County Department of Water Resources was discussed.
The trustees determined that they did not need to request a hearing on the transfer of a liquor permit from Burton BP LLC to Big Moes BP, Inc.  

Mr. Ben Fisco asked Mr. Fioritto if he was aware of information contained in the Ohio State Highway Patrol accident report that indicates possible failure on the part of then-Sgt. Battaglia to follow proper site procedure.  Mr. Fioritto said that he would review this information.

Mr. Bill Mull expressed his concern about a failure by the Police Department to take action during Memorial Day weekend regarding an individual within Kiwanis Lake who had parked a trailered boat along the roadside, creating an obstruction that might hinder access by safety forces.  It was noted that the Police Department had three vehicles in service during at least part of Memorial Day.

Blanket Certificates approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
B.C. #    Date    Payee    Amount
    88-2005    6/16/2005    Various Vendors    $500.00
    89-2005    6/16/2005    Various Vendors    $500.00
        Total:    $1,000.00
Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
P.O. #    Date    Payee    Amount
    11-2005    6/16/2005    Verizon Wireless    $86.66
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee    Amount
27539    6/7/2005    National City Bank    $3,417.92
27540    6/7/2005    Treasurer of State of Ohio    $917.80
27541    6/7/2005    P.E.R.S.    $2,782.00
27542    6/17/2005    Linda Nokes    $681.18
27543    6/17/2005    Jack Lashley    $770.00
27544    6/17/2005    Jack Lashley    $43.52
27545    6/17/2005    Karen Endres    $773.35
27546    6/17/2005    Doug Zimperman    $1,267.52
27547    6/17/2005    George Mansfield    $1,257.57
27548    6/17/2005    J. Rick Phifer    $1,470.46
27549    6/17/2005    Randal R. Hollis    $1,799.98
27550    6/17/2005    Randal O. Hollis    $1,033.79
27551    6/17/2005    Tim Mansfield    $1,249.49
27552    6/18/2005    Ohio Public Empl. Def. Comp. Pro.    $645.00
27553    6/18/2005    P.E.R.S.    $4,434.78
27554    6/18/2005    U. S. Postmaster    $36.00
27555    6/18/2005    Moster's Plumbing    $425.00
27556    6/18/2005    Auburn Heating & Air Conditioning    $129.00
27557    6/18/2005    First Energy    $1,909.98
27558    6/18/2005    National City Bank    $119.21
27559    6/18/2005    Three Sisters Market    $47.46
27560    6/18/2005    Geauga County Maple Leaf    $88.40
27561    6/18/2005    Geauga County Treasurer    $3,111.38
27562    6/18/2005    ComDoc Inc.    $460.80
27563    6/18/2005    Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc.    $51.75
27564    6/18/2005    ScapeAbilities (John Suvak)    $1,610.00
27565    6/18/2005    Gary Mansfield    $120.00
27566    6/18/2005    John Omerza    $120.00
27567    6/18/2005    Jim Phifer    $120.00
27568    6/18/2005    Ironwood Landscape, Inc.    $410.00
27569    6/18/2005    Ecoscape, Inc.    $450.00
27570    6/18/2005    Chandler Tree Company    $1,350.00
27571    6/18/2005    Hans' Truck & Trailer Repair, Inc.    $275.84
27572    6/18/2005    First Quality Sales    $178.75
27573    6/18/2005    Farmers Welding Supply Inc.    $62.57
27574    6/18/2005    Truck Service Inc.    $578.63
27575    6/18/2005    Wingfoot Commercial Tire    $355.08
27576    6/18/2005    Schloss Materials    $456.85
27577    6/16/2005    Burton Sheet Metal, Inc.    $1,166.00
27578    6/18/2005    Newbury Volunteer Fire Department    $70,000.00
27579    6/18/2005    Cleveland Plumbing Supply Co.    $27.34
27580    6/18/2005    Newbury Auto Parts Inc.    $87.95
27581    6/18/2005    Barnes Auto Parts    $111.98
27582    6/18/2005    Newbury Hardware    $137.42
27583    6/18/2005    Verizon Wireless    $86.66
27584    6/18/2005    Cintas Corp.    $571.44
        Total:    $107,199.85

This meeting was adjourned at 10:09 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Glen Quigley – Chairman            Robert Fioritto – Vice Chairman       

_________________________________  ___________________________________
  William Majeski                     David Lair – Township Clerk

A special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township to discuss parks and recreation issues was called to order at 6:00 p.m., June 29, 2005, with all trustees present.  The trustees and Park Board members discussed the ongoing progress of the ODNR Nature Works Grant project, and also discussed various ideas regarding the use of the $198,000 HUD grant.  This meeting was recessed at 6:55 p.m., awaiting the start of the 2006 Budget Hearing.  The Annual Budget Hearing of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7 p.m., June 29, 2005, with all members present.    

The trustees reviewed the proposed 2006 Tax Budget, asked for and receiving clarification of the account makeup of various budget categories from the Clerk.

The trustees made modifications to the draft budget, reducing projected remaining year 2005 and projected 2006 expenditures in several budget categories, which enabled the 2006 Budget to allow for expenditures for police purposes up to a total of $50,000.   The trustees answered questions from a number township residents.   The 2006 Newbury Township Tax Budget as determined by the trustees was approved upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

This special session was adjourned at 8:35 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Glen Quigley – Chairman            Robert Fioritto – Vice Chairman       

_________________________________  ___________________________________
  William Majeski                     David Lair – Township Clerk