Township Meeting - 6/16/2004

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order on June 16, 2004 at 7:30 p.m., with Mr. Fioritto, Mr. Majeski and Mr. Quigley present.  Mr. Fioritto welcomed all and asked the board to first hear the health insurance representatives and defer reading of the minutes till later.

At the request of David Lair, Mr. Jim Prout of Prout Insurance presented his plan to reduce costs but keep comparable benefits for the township employees.  He explained the advantages of changing to a PPO from the current HMO for a projected savings of $1380 per month. He presented the plan book to the board members and "walked" them through the graphs and plan comparisons.  A discussion of the plan specifics continued including hospital access, primary referrals, annual cost increases, prescription drug coverage, health care savings accounts, vision and dental coverage.  Mr. Prout outlined the "Anthem by Design" elective allowing the employer and employees maximum flexibility for a self-managed plan with incentives for a win-win result.

Mr. Jim DeLucas, representing OTARMA, encouraged township employees to access the safety videos, manuals, training, and risk management information on the web  He said there were no rate increases in the township property/casualty/liability program this year, that the new property purchase has liability coverage and encouraged the township to submit the lightning strike furnace motor damage bill for reimbursement.  He advised leasing of township property should include naming of the additional insured by the lessee's insurance.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read upon a motion by Mr. Quigley, a second by Mr. Majeski, with an affirmative vote by Mr. Quigley and Mr. Majeski with Mr. Fioritto abstaining.  Mr. Quigley asked Mrs. Majeski for her input on Community Days.  She explained she would be unable to chair the event this year but is more than willing to assist any volunteers with new energy and ideas.  She presented the board with a banner made by the 3rd grade of Newbury School to thank Mr. Majeski and Mr. Fioritto for their class presentation on local government.

Fire activity reported by Mr. Fagan included 229 calls year-to-date, with a total of 26 calls for June representing an average of 45 to 50 calls per month.  Mr. Fioritto and  (Corrected 7/7/04) Mr. Majeski will attend a special trustee's meeting on June 30 to discuss budget review, possible renewal levy, new equipment and repairs.  The discussion on Type 2 radios included costs, possible grants, government surplus units and switchover deadline in September.

Mr. Quigley reviewed the on-going chip-n-seal road problems in Kiwanis Lake.  The county engineers office concurred that the only solution was to asphalt over the roads.  The county samples checked out okay identifying the problem not with faulty installation but with poor adhesion of the currently mandated water-based emulsions over past oil-based surfaces. Mr. Quigley estimated the cost to repair would be between $7000 and $10,000 and has asked Mr. Hollis for review of costs if the township did the road repairs.  Mr. Majeski moved that the township repair the problem roads per the recommendations of the Engineer's office and Mr. Hollis.  Mr. Quigley seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote.  Mr. Quigley identified Kiwanis Lake Community's concerns regarding road degradation by multiple garbage services, need for speed bumps at the lake and playground areas and police enforcement of 11:00 p.m. curfew. They declined the EPA cancer study group presentation.

Ms. Endres toured the problem zoning areas with Stacy Reed, the new assistant county prosecutor now representing the township, who is finalizing the procedures to address removal of abandoned houses and junk cars in the township.  Mr. Quigley moved to notify the two property owners on Munn Rd. and Brookwood corner that they have 7 days to remove the "junk" or the township will haul it to the salvage yard in Concord Twp., with disposal when the storage costs exceed the salvage value.  Mr. Majeski asked that this formal resolution wait for passage at the next board meeting using the prosecutor's authorized procedure.  Mr. Quigley tabled his motion for lack of a second.

Mr. Hollis reviewed recent storm damage, downed trees and washouts.  He said he had taken care of tree problems at Munn and Music Sts.  The Police Department reported 121 calls with 2245 miles patrolled.

Linda Phillips said she has been the cemetery sextant for the past 20 years and presented a spreadsheet outlining the standard policy procedures. The board reviewed the costs for the 32 burials in 2003 and Mr. Quigley asked Mrs. Phillips for her recommendations.  Mr. Quigley presented the comparative charges of other burial facilities and their open and closing fees.  Mrs. Phillips agreed the township was not in the business of selling burial plots but said there were odd plots not used by family members that might be sold.  Township trustees set the fees and are responsible for perpetual maintenance.   A detailed discussion followed concerning maintenance problems of old soapstone markers, policy in time of need and nursing home requirements for plot identification.  Mr. Quigley thanked Mrs. Phillips for the information and her 20 years of dedicated service.  He asked to continue the cemetery discussion after the final health insurance presentation.

Sean Sprouse representing OTARMA, which covers over 1000 townships in Ohio, gave the board his health insurance combination of plans for the best insurance coverage for the money.  He covered the pros and cons of each option on the value page as well as the tradeoffs of any complete benefit package including vision, dental, life, separate family medical and drug coverage. He said rate increases were based on group experience, first the Newbury group then Ohio State pooled premiums.  The board thanked him for his input.

The board then continued discussion on cemetery issues.  The board outlined the true cost analysis required including the road department time for burials, waiting time and grounds repair (and added accounting costs), cemetery maintenance, equipment repairs and necessary drainage improvements at Munn Cemetery.  Mr. Fioritto asked the board to consider the long-term risks involved to subsidize costs by selling odd lots to non-residents. Burial decisions require timely action with any exception now recommended by the sextant and authorized by the trustees.  Mr. Yaecker suggested one trustee should be appointed to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.   Other ideas including limiting the number of odd lots for annual sale, multiple cremations in the same plot, flat stones for efficiency, old stone repairs, policy changes and fee increases were investigated.  Mr. Majeski moved to raise cemetery fees for non (Corrected 7/7/04) residents based on special circumstances and family ties with the recommendation of the sextant and one liaison member trustee.  Mr. Quigley seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote.  The trustees agreed to set the open-and-closing fees for residents at $350 with no fee change for infants or cremains, still at $150 for all days; marker setting fees are unchanged and there will be no sales of off lots to non-residents; Mr. Quigley is hereby designated cemetery liaison. (Corrected 7/7/04)

Other property items discussed were quotes for cemetery benches, location change for memorial day picnic from Grange Park to new township corner lot, contacting Hess Engineering for markers for Center Cemetery, clerical costs to maintain cemetery data base per ORC and cemetery policy changes for religious reasons.  It was noted that Cemetery Policy changes reviewed and changed this evening are effective as of 6-16-04.

Mr. Quigley moved that the board adjourn to executive session to review the pending All Erection Crane & Rental Case.  Mr. Majeski seconded the motion that passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Majeski asked to address several outstanding issues prior to executive session.  The county engineers office requested concrete stabilization and hammer tests of roads in Chatham Glen.  Mr. Hollis said his department could lay asphalt on needed roads in Kiwanis Lake on any dry day below 70 degrees.  Mr. Majeski asked the board members to sign the new 2004-1 zoning amendment maps and requested that Mr. Yaecker deliver the final amendment documents to the County Recorder's Office by Friday June 18, 2004.

The board members retired to executive session at 10:40 p.m.
The board members returned from executive session at 11:42 p.m.

Mr. Quigley asked to delay deliberation on the Newbury Township weapons policy in favor of adopting the county weapons policy.

No action was taken on the county proposal to change the status of Messenger Road responsibility.  Mr. Majeski said he had conferred with Mr. Cavanaugh of Auburn Twp. about the possibility of adding "CAUTION AHEAD" signs and yellow-caution-striping at the former stop-sign intersection on Lucky Bell Rd. to effectively slowdown traffic.  He would submit any written proposal for the prosecutor's approval prior to enactment.  Correction of other dangerous intersections would involve county vs. state road authority.
Correspondence was reviewed and a quotation for a 12 x 24 ft. shed-roof garage addition was discussed and filed for future decision.

Mr. Fioritto and Mr. Majeski agreed to review and compare all health insurance plans submitted by 3 providers with Mr. Lair for future meeting discussion.

Mr. Quigley presented the attorney's letter requiring answers to specific questions regarding the All Erection Crane & Rental law suite.  He requested clerical help to spearhead the research needed to meet the deadline of June 28, 2004.

Mr. Quigley moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:05 a.m. with a second from Mr. Fioritto and a unanimous affirmative vote.

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  Robert Fioritto – Chairman            William Majeski – Vice Chairman       

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 Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Township Clerk

A special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:00 p.m., June 30, 2004, with all members present.  Purpose of this meeting was to conduct the 2005 Budget Hearing for the Township.  The Clerk read the legal notice for this Budget Hearing.  

The trustees discussed the 2005 budget as presented by the Clerk, and discussed various financing alternatives.   Mr. Quigley moved that the 2005 budget as presented by the Clerk and revised by the trustees be adopted.  Mr. Majeski seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  

The following purchase orders were approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
    P. O. #    Payee    Acct    Amount
    3873    Various Vendors    03a05    $5,000.00
    3874    QualChoice    01a06    $5,211.39
    3874    QualChoice    04a10    $6,168.58
        Total:        $16,379.97
The following warrants were approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
    Check #    Payee    Acct    Amount
    26574    Ohio Def Comp.    01a02a    $100.00
    26574    Ohio Def Comp.    01j01    $200.00
    26574    Ohio Def Comp.    20a01b    $295.00
    26575    Prots BiRite    01a04    $12.58
    26576    Flag Store    01a04    $71.10
    26577    ComDoc    01a05    $400.00
    26578    US Postmaster    01a04    $36.00
    26579    AmericanLegion    01a11    $754.70
    26580    GeaCntyMapleLeaf    01a26    $19.50
    26580    GeaCntyMapleLeaf    01j03    $34.50
    26582    Atwells Pol&Fire    01g04    $29.88
    26583    Newb.TV Hardw.    01a04    $4.99
    26583    Newb.TV Hardw.    01g04    $8.58
    26583    Newb.TV Hardw.    05a09    $75.33
    26583    Newb.TV Hardw.    03a05    $66.03
    26584    ScapeAbilities    01a26    $175.00
    26584    ScapeAbilities    01g04    $175.00
    26584    ScapeAbilities    20a08a    $1,250.00
    26585    Newb.AutoParts    01g04    $36.93
    26585    Newb.AutoParts    03a05    $171.30
    26586    Gea.CntyRecorder    01j03    $100.00
    26587    VerizonWireless    04a09    $100.39
    26588    Cintas Corp.    03a05    $272.16
    26589    FirstQualSales    03a05    $71.66
    26590    Bestone    03a05    $98.50
    26591    MunsonRadiator    03a05    $48.00
    26592    Schloss Material    04b02    $1,225.62
    26593    PERS    01a12    $2,213.79
    26593    PERS    04a02    $2,645.91
    26594    JunctionAutoSale    01g02    $10.39
    26595    Linda Nokes    01a02a    $694.16
    26596    Jack Lashley    01b01    $85.00
    26597    Jack Lashley    01d01    $700.00
    26598    Karen Endres    01j01    $439.21
    26599    Doug Zimperman    20a01b    $1,306.03
    26600    Geo. Mansfield    20a01b    $1,314.03
    26601    Jas.Rick Phifer    20a01b    $1,456.44
    26602    Randal Hollis    20a01b    $1,880.11
    26603    Randy O. Hollis    20a01b    $1,049.90
    26604    Tim Mansfield    20a01b    $1,282.29
    26605    Schloss Material    04b02    $776.87
    26606    VOID        $0.00
    26607    VOID        $0.00
    26608    Ohio Def Comp.    01a01    $100.00
    26608    Ohio Def Comp.    01a02    $1,200.00
    26608    Ohio Def Comp.    01a02a    $100.00
    26608    Ohio Def Comp.    01j01    $200.00
    26608    Ohio Def Comp.    20a01b    $295.00
    26609    QualChoice    01a06    $5,211.39
    26609    QualChoice    04a10    $6,168.58
    26610    Rel.Std.LifeIns.    01a06    $463.96
    26611    OTARMA    01a06    $15,842.00
    26612    Delta Dental    01a06    $282.43
    26612    Delta Dental    04a10    $250.22
    26613    Linda Nokes    01a03    $278.16
    26614    VFW    01a11    $241.57
    26615    Office Max    01a04    $34.88
    26615    Office Max    01g04    $99.99
    26615    Office Max    01j02    $75.97
    26616    Ill. Co.    01b04    $31.83
    26616    Ill. Co.    04a09    $393.57
    26617    EastOhioGas    01b04    $34.86
    26617    EastOhioGas    04a09    $71.56
    26618    Alltel    01b04    $251.82
    26618    Alltel    01k09    $186.53
    26618    Alltel    04a09    $32.64
    26619    Treas/State(Aud)    01a19    $94.82
    26620    Jack Lashley    01a26    $32.06
    26621    Gea.CntyTreasur.    01a26    $1,153.84
    26622    Newb.Printing    01g04    $67.00
    26623    GeaCntyMapleLeaf    01j03    $34.50
    26624    Chandler Tree Co    02c03    $2,185.00
    26625    ConcordRdEquip    03a05    $274.01
    26626    AllwaysFlasher    03a05    $618.38
    26627    Speedway    01g04    $467.98
    26627    Speedway    03a05    $73.21
    26627    Speedway    05a09    $136.67
    26628    VerizonWireless    04a09    $106.75
    26629    Arms Trucking    04b02    $923.96
    26630    Auburn Pipe    04b02    $1,264.20
    26631    Schloss Material    04b02    $450.00
    26632    Trushel Exc.    04a06    $400.00
        Total:        $61,816.22

This meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm upon a motion by Mr. Quigley, a second by Mr. Majeski, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Robert Fioritto – Chairman            William Majeski – Vice Chairman       

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 Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Township Clerk