Township Meeting - 5/4/2003

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., March 5, 2003, with Mr. Majeski and Mr. Fioritto present.

February police activity reported by Chief Charvat included 29 shifts and 186 hours worked, 65 incidents handled, and 1200 miles driven.   The trustees and clerk reviewed quotes from Junction Auto for a Dodge Durango, GMC Envoy, and GMC Yukon, noting that the actual purchase would require putting out an invitation for public bid to sell the township the vehicle.  Auxiliary equipment for the vehicle was also discussed.  It was noted that the 1994 police vehicle has about 85,000 miles on it, and the 2000 vehicle has about 33,000 miles.  Mr. Majeski said that he would like to get quotes on video cameras to be put in both the new vehicle and the 2000 vehicle.  The Clerk and Chief will get information necessary to prepare a public bid notice.

Road activity reported by Mr. Hollis included plowing, cindering, and stockpiling of cinders, as well as some work to prepare for installation of new garage doors in the back building.   Mr. Hollis said that the road department personnel were doing some research to check into the employee policy information relayed to them by the trustees at last Saturday’s special meeting.  Mr. Majeski read a letter from a Pekin Rd. resident requesting clearing of brush near her driveway, and asking for police monitoring of speed in her area.  Mr. Hollis said that he would take care of clearing the brush near her driveway.  

Fire activity reported by Chief Fagan included 21 calls for February, with 78 calls year-to-date.

Mr. Fioritto provided a Kiwanis Lake update, reporting that the chemical test and cancer study results had not been received yet.  Township-sponsored scan test results should be due back soon.  The trustees discussed having the follow-up meeting in the evening at the school auditorium to accommodate citizen interest in this issue.

Mr. Majeski noted that the first Land Use Committee meeting had been pushed back to March 18th, as the earlier date of March 11th was in conflict with a school meeting that night.

Minutes of previous meetings were approved with corrections.  Mr. Lair reported that he had purchased a new Dell computer through the Dell Factory Outlet for use for the Zoning Department.

Mr. Lair reported that he would be conducting a test of a fixed assets labeling and tracking system with Hank Milnark, a local systems consultant.  The no-obligation test would provide the township with an assets database for subsequent use, and the opportunity to test software that might be required at some point to meet potential GASB mandates regarding tracking of infrastructure values.

The 2003 Landscaping proposal was presented by Scape-Abilities.  Also presented was a proposal for spring cleanup and turf repair services, fertilization program, and police department landscape maintenance.  Mr. Majeski asked Scape-Abilities to provide a quote for maintenance of the landscaping in front of the town hall as well.

Mr. Majeski mentioned the opportunity the township had to apply for federal funding through Congressman LaTourette’s office, for projects including the Rt. 87/Auburn intersection turning lane, noting estimated costs provided by ODOT of 500 to 700 thousand for this work.  Mr. McDermott raised issues regarding costs and strings that might be attached to accepting Federal funds.  Mr. Avalon stated that creating handicap access to the second floor of the town hall should be a priority.  Mr. Majeski agreed that access is an issue but that affordable projects like a possible upgrade to Grange Park might be worthwhile, and that the township could apply for grants and later determine whether they were affordable and whether any unacceptable strings might be attached.  Mr. Majeski said he felt it was his responsibility to look into potential funding as potentially beneficial to the township.  Mr. Fioritto said that he didn’t feel it hurt to look, reviewing any possible funding carefully.  Mr. Majeski said that he would like to have a special meeting at 7:30 next Monday March 10th to prioritize potential projects for submission for federal funding and other township business.  Mr. McDermott stated concerns that the trustees hadn’t followed up on working with ODOT for the turning lane; Mr. Majeski said that he had had conversations with ODOT representatives, and it was his understanding that a turning lane project would be about 2/3 of the way down their current priority list.

Correspondence received since the last meeting was read by Mr. Majeski.  Mr. Majeski moved that Mr. Lair be authorized to sign and submit a Visa Business Credit Card application with National City Bank.  Mr. Fioritto seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Fioritto moved to go into Executive Session at 10:20 p.m. to discuss potential purchase of property in the township, and township employee wages.  This motion was seconded by Mr. Majeski and passed by unanimous vote.  The trustees returned to regular session at 10:35, with no action taken as a result of the executive session.  

This meeting was adjourned at 10:36, upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

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  William Majeski – Chairman            Robert Fioritto    – Vice Chairman       

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 Glen Quigley                         David Lair – Township Clerk

A special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 PM, March 10, 2003, with all trustees present.  Mr. Majeski stated the reason for the special meeting was for the board to work on applications for federal grant monies through Congressman LaTourette's 14th District Office and other township business.

Dennis Charvat, Police Chief, was in attendance to discuss personnel and compensation for the Police Department.  Mr. Fioritto motioned that the Board go into executive session and Glen Quigley seconded.  The roll was called and the Board unanimously voted to go into executive session at 7:40 pm.

The Board returned to the regular meeting at 8:30PM with no decisions being made
but they reiterated to Chief Charvat that they would be prepared at their next regular meeting to finalize a decision.

The Board proceeded to prioritize their proposals for the federal grant application
which is due March 12.  Mr. Fioritto reminded the members that the funds
available are 80/20 for highway/road projects and 10% of the total monies will
go to green space projects.  There are $216 billion dollars available nationally.

After completing the grant applications, Mr. Quigley updated the Board on his recent
meeting with Dave Dietrich, GCPC regarding development of the Panzica and
Teague projects and the need for infrastructure to support development at the center of town, at Auburn Rd and Kinsman Rd. Mr. Quigley reminded the members that a community group consisting of various business people met some time ago at the request of the Board, and he felt the Board should encourage this group to proceed once again with developing a plan for the Rt. 87 corridor.    It was agreed to ask the group to do so.
The Board also discussed, as they have in the past, a desire to form a historical society, consisting of residents involving some of Newbury's older residents and others who share the interest of preserving Newbury history, artifacts, and memorabilia.  Mr. Majeski stated that there are some senior residents who expressed to him much interest in working on preserving Newbury’s historical information.

The following purchase orders were approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
    P. O. #    Payee    Acct    Amount        
    3590    Geauga Door    03a08    $6,985.00         
    3591    Arms Trucking    04b02    $6,092.87         
    3592    QualChoice    01a06    $3,993.67         
    3592    QualChoice    04a10    $4,492.87         
    3593    Morton Salt    04b02    $6,875.49         
    3594    NVFD    20a08a    $82,049.67         
        Total:        $110,489.57         
The following warrants were approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:        
    Check #    Payee    Acct    Amount        
    25179    Glen Quigley    01a01    $654.37        
    25180    Robert Fioritto    01a01    $649.49        
    25181    Wm. Majeski    01a01    $654.95        
    25182    David Lair    01a02    $918.31        
    25183    Linda Nokes    01a02a    $605.25        
    25184    Jack Lashley    01b01    $323.24        
    25185    Dennis Charvat    01g01    $869.64        
    25186    SantoBattaglia    01g01    $886.77        
    25187    Bernard Krotine    01g01    $463.66        
    25188    Terry Aytay    01g01    $463.08        
    25189    Larry McKinnon    01g01    $36.54        
    25190    Karen Endres    01j01    $426.80        
    25191    Doug Zimperman    20a01b    $1,227.83        
    25192    Geo.Mansfield    20a01b    $1,378.97        
    25193    Jas.RickPhifer    20a01b    $1,620.79        
    25194    Randal Hollis    20a01b    $1,986.13        
    25195    Randy O. Hollis    20a01b    $1,015.67        
    25196    Tim Mansfield    20a01b    $1,154.76        
    25197    NCB    01a01    $192.68        
    25197    NCB    01a02    $110.44        
    25197    NCB    01a02a    $125.79        
    25197    NCB    01b01    $68.87        
    25197    NCB    01g01    $176.51        
    25197    NCB    01j01    $19.68        
    25197    NCB    20a01b    $2,910.36        
    25197    NCB    01a12    $141.29        
    25197    NCB    04a02    $201.04        
    25198    PERS    01a01    $212.27        
    25198    PERS    01a02    $122.77        
    25198    PERS    01a02a    $131.83        
    25198    PERS    01b01    $65.40        
    25198    PERS    01g01    $272.84        
    25198    PERS    01j01    $115.36        
    25198    PERS    20a01b    $2,012.74        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    01a01    $67.00        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    01a02    $52.40        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    01a02a    $47.32        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    01b01    $11.30        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    01g01    $92.48        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    01j01    $15.82        
    25199    Treas.Ohio    20a01b    $1,538.17        
    25200    Prots BiRite    01a04     $84.18        
    25201    W.Res.Off.Supp.    01a04     $9.05        
    25202    Delta Dental    01a06    $271.49        
    25202    Delta Dental    04a10    $240.52        
    25203    Karen Endres    01j03    $39.42        
    25204    Ohio Def Comp    01a01    $100.00        
    25204    Ohio Def Comp    01a02    $266.66        
    25204    Ohio Def Comp    01j01    $200.00        
    25204    Ohio Def Comp    20a01b    $235.00        
    25205    QualChoice,Inc.    01a06    $4,492.87        
    25205    QualChoice,Inc.    04a10    $3,993.67        
    25206    Rel.Std.LifeIns.    01a06    $464.29        
    25207    News Herald    01a26    $15.31        
    25208    Linda Nokes    01a26    $15.00        
    25209    Bloom Bros.    01a26    $449.00        
    25210    Office Max    01a04     $318.76        
    25210    Office Max    01j02    $103.98        
    25210    Office Max    01g04    $126.96        
    25211    Chandler Tree    01a26    $75.00        
    25212    Sunrise Springs    01a26    $24.75        
    25212    Sunrise Springs    03a05    $22.50        
    25213    Newb.TV Hdwe.    01a26    $75.02        
    25213    Newb.TV Hdwe.    01g04    $8.71        
    25213    Newb.TV Hdwe.    03a05    $167.67        
    25214    Speedway SA    01g04    $131.95        
    25214    Speedway SA    03a05    $39.41        
    25215    Marge Hrabak    01j01    $230.00        
    25216    Marge Hrabak    01j03    $38.68        
    25217    M. Lamanna, Atty    01j03    $700.00        
    25218    Fox Intl. Inc.    03a05    $47.36        
    25219    Newb.AutoParts    03a05    $159.67        
    25220    ChagrinOil&Gas    03a05    $1,928.25        
    25221    Chardon Welding    03a05    $17.22        
    25222    GoodyearSt&Hwy    03a05    $605.00        
    25223    VerizonWireless    04a09    $129.30        
    25224    Arms Trucking    04b02    $6,092.87        
    25225    Morton Salt,Inc.    04b02    $6,875.49        
    25226    E.Ohio Gas    01b04    $522.32        
    25226    E.Ohio Gas    04a09    $1,371.79        
    25227    Ill.Co.    01b04    $232.71        
    25227    Ill.Co.    04a09    $853.56        
    25228    AT&T    01b04    $31.77        
    25228    AT&T    01k09    $29.15        
    25228    AT&T    04a09    $36.92        
    25229    Alltel    01b04    $236.77        
    25229    Alltel    01k09    $160.22        
    25229    Alltel    04a09    $43.07        
    25230    Ohio E-Check    01g06    $19.50        
    25231    Ohio E-Check    01g06    $19.50        
    25232    Ohio E-Check    03a05    $19.50        
        Total:        $56,412.40        

This meeting was adjourned at 10:20pm.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  William Majeski – Chairman            Robert Fioritto    – Vice Chairman       

__________________________________  ___________________________________
 Glen Quigley                         David Lair – Township Clerk