Township Meeting - 5/19/2004

Mr. Fioritto called to order the Public Hearing on a proposed Zoning Amendment at 7:05 p.m., May 19, 2004, and noted that this hearing had been advertised in both the News Herald and the Maple Leaf.  Mr. Fioritto read the public notice of this hearing.  After review of the proposed Amendment, Mr. Majeski moved that the zoning changes be accepted as presented by the Zoning Commission with the following exceptions.

Pages 80, 81, 83 – Change in Article numbers from 1 to 11.
Page 209 - 21.02 F add Picnic Pavilion, Gazebo, Water Fountain
Page 211 – 21.06 D change distance to 200 ft.
Page 214 – 22.03 change distance to 200 ft.
Page 211 – 21.08 strike second paragraph
Correction of minor typographical errors

Mr. Quigley seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mr. Majeski made a motion that the trustees accept the preliminary map, reflecting the addition of active and passive park districts.  Mr. Quigley seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order on May 19, 2004 at 7:55 p.m., with all members present.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved upon a motion by Mr. Quigley, a second by Mr. Majeski, and a unanimous affirmative vote.   At 8:00 p.m., bids for the Asphalt Resurfacing of Kimmeridge Trail and Section C of Music Street were opened; results were as follows:
Karvo Paving                $214,710.00
Kenmore Construction        $186,675.00
Ronyak Bros. Paving        $190,590.50
Schloss Paving            $190,735.00
Shelly & Sands, Inc.            $206,088.00
The Shelly Co.            $214,783.00
It was noted that these bids would be forwarded to the County Engineer for review prior to final awarding of the contract.

Mr. Judd Douglas addressed the trustees with a Newbury Township Park Board activities update.  Mr. Douglas presented a recommendation that the Township Trustees approve expansion of an existing parking lot located on school property onto the township-owned land directly north of the school property.  This expansion would be constructed by the Recreation Board at no cost to the township or the school.  Mr. Quigley moved that the Recreation Board be authorized to proceed with this project.  Mr. Majeski seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Police activity reported by Patrolman Terry Aytay included 16 traffic offenses, 17 traffic hazards, 11 warrants served, 2 welfare checks, 2 weapon checks, 1710 miles traveled, and 394 hours worked. Zoning Inspector Karen Endres noted that she has been spending time in Kiwanis Lake monitoring the existence of abandoned houses and junk vehicles, and will be presenting this evidence to the trustees in the near future for further action.

The trustees reviewed two quotes for landscaping services received from Eco-Scape and Scape-abilities.  For the corner lot at Route 87 and Auburn,
Scape-abilities quoted $125/cut, plus $250 to do brush-hogging, while Eco-scape quoted $75 for the first cut and $60 for a weekly cut.  For the Soccer Field,
Scape-abilities quoted $105/cut and Eco-scape quoted $70/cut.  Mr. Majeski moved to accept both bids from Eco-scape.  Mr. Fioritto seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Road activity reported by Mr. Hollis included asphalt patching, repair of plows and spreaders, berm repairs, and preparation work on Music St.

Mr. Majeski reported on the recent trip that he and Mr. Fioritto made to Washington D.C. upon an invitation from Congressman Steve LaTourette to learn more about applying for Federal grants.  While there Mr. Fioritto and Mr. Majeski met a number of high-ranking government officials, including President Bush and Mrs. Bush.

Mr. Fioritto reported that in exchange for signing of a new franchise agreement subject to approval by John Tremsyn, Adelphia Cable will be providing a PEG grant of $15,000 for broadcast equipment to Newbury, and will provide access for broadcast of community events on Channel 22.   Mr. Majeski moved that the trustees agree to a fifteen-year agreement, subject to final review by the County Prosecutor’s office.  Mr. Fioritto seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mrs. Mary Lou Douglas addressed the trustees regarding speed limits and traffic enforcement on Lucky Bell Lane.  The trustees agreed to direct the Police Department to provide some targeted enforcement for this area.

Mr. Lair presented information regarding a proposal that the township join the Uniform Accounting Network system provided by the State Auditor’s office.  Cost to the township will be $193 per month, including all required hardware and software.  Mr. Majeski moved that the township join the UAN.  Mr. Quigley seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Quigley updated the other trustees regarding the All Erection Crane legal proceedings.  He reported that he is working on a series of conditions that may be incorporated into a final agreement.   Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Fioritto.

The following purchase orders were approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
    P. O. #    Payee    Acct    Amount
    3866    Ohio Machinery Co.    03a04    $15,000.00
    3866    Ohio Machinery Co.    04a04    $19,612.00
    3867    Various Vendors    01a03    $800.00
        Total:        $35,412.00
The following warrants were approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
    Check #    Payee    Acct    Amount
    26492    Linda Nokes    01a02a    $615.45
    26493    Karen Endres    01j01    $719.78
    26494    Doug Zimperman    20a01b    $1,104.00
    26495    Geo. Mansfield    20a01b    $1,055.93
    26496    Jas.Rick Phifer    20a01b    $1,297.62
    26497    Randal Hollis    20a01b    $1,708.36
    26498    Randy O.Hollis    20a01b    $897.49
    26499    Tim Mansfield    20a01b    $1,082.05
    26500    Jack Lashley    01d01    $700.00
    26501    PERS    01a12    $2,015.54
    26501    PERS    04a02    $2,688.21
    26502    Ohio Def Comp    01a01    $100.00
    26502    Ohio Def Comp    01j01    $200.00
    26502    Ohio Def Comp    20a01b    $295.00
    26503    Bob Fioritto    01a03    $367.91
    26504    Linda Nokes    01a04    $8.47
    26505    ABCO Distrib.    01a04    $152.59
    26506    Delta Dental    01a06    $282.43
    26506    Delta Dental    04a10    $250.22
    26507    News Herald    01a26    $109.35
    26508    GeaCntyMapleLeaf    01a26    $25.50
    26509    Geauga Hospital    01a26    $51.00
    26510    Newb.TV Hdwe.    01a04    $6.64
    26510    Newb.TV Hdwe.    05a09    $20.28
    26510    Newb.TV Hdwe.    01g04    $53.76
    26510    Newb.TV Hdwe.    03a05    $144.19
    26511    Newbury Printing    01g04    $76.40
    26512    Marge Hrabak    01a02a    $15.30
    26512    Marge Hrabak    01j01    $226.95
    26513    Marge Hrabak    01j02    $21.29
    26514    Gr.AmerAwards    01j02    $10.00
    26515    Jan Blair    01j03    $37.50
    26516    GeaCntyMapleLeaf    01j03    $49.50
    26517    Cont'l.Title Co.    01a26    $248,140.41
    26518    Sears    03a05    $34.99
    26519    Verizon Wireless    04a09    $84.99
    26520    Schloss Matls.    04b02    $980.97
    26521    Allied Dealers    05a09    $193.86
    26522    MunnRd Sand/Grav    05a09    $204.72
    26523    Scape-Abilities    20a08a    $400.00
    26524    US Postmaster    01a04    $37.00
    26524    US Postmaster    01j02    $37.00
        Total:        $266,502.65

This meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m. upon a motion by Mr. Quigley, a second by Mr. Majeski, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Robert Fioritto – Chairman            William Majeski – Vice Chairman       

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 Glen Quigley                     David Lair – Township Clerk