Township Meeting - 5/18/2005

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:34 p.m., May 18, 2005, with all members present.  

Road activity reported by Mr. Hollis included a week’s worth of clean-up from storm damage, cemeteries seeded, cleaned, and raked, and repair of the Munn cemetery driveway.  It was reported that the installation of a pipe by Mr. Meredith on Wake Robin is an issue; the trustees agreed to notify Mr. Meredith that he would have to remove this pipe within 30 days.   The trustees and Mr. Hollis discussed the need to re-stripe Munn Rd., Mr. Hollis said that he would be contacting the County Engineer’s office to see if the township could be included on their program for this year.  Per the recommendation of the County Engineer, Mr. Majeski moved that the trustees accept the bid from Hughes Contracting for the chip and seal of a portion of Music St.  Mr. Fioritto seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Per the recommendation of the County Engineer, Mr. Majeski moved that the trustees accept the bid from Ronyak for the asphalt resurfacing of a portion of Pekin Rd.  Mr. Fioritto seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read by the Clerk upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote.  The next topic discussed was the Police Department, with Mr. Quigley stating that he is still determining criteria for establishing a need for its continued operation.  Mr. Quigley said that he would like to have a serious discussion regarding this issue at the next meeting.  Mr. Dan McDermott read a statement expressing concern about the lack of action on the part of the trustees regarding the continued operation of the Police Department in the face of two police levy defeats, and the possible impact on township insurance coverage brought about by lawsuits initiated by Chief Battaglia.  Mr. McDermott recommended the immediate closure of the police department.  Mr. Quigley stated that he is not ready to take an immediate action toward that end, but wants to move forward soon to determine the actual need for locally-controlled law enforcement.  A citizen requested verification of the business purpose of the Newbury Durango police vehicle seen at Geauga Hospital on a specific date earlier in May; the trustees said that they would follow up to determine the facts in that case.  Mr. Fioritto stated that Mr. Battaglia and his attorney want only to access insurance proceeds from the township insurance, and that the only significant possible impact is on workers compensation rates, which is separate from the township insurance.  Mr. Fioritto also re-stated the support that he and Mr. Majeski have had for the Fire Department, and that their concerns in requesting additional information from the Fire Department were only to increase accountability for the citizens.  

Additional discussion regarding Chief Battaglia’s workers’ compensation claim and pending lawsuit against the township noted that there are issues of lost time from more than one job, medical cost reimbursement, and a factor for pain and suffering.  The trustees agreed that it might be a good idea to meet with Mr. Frank from the Frank Gates Service Company, who administers the township workers’ compensation program.   Mr. Quigley expressed hope that this issue would be resolved through the combined efforts of Workers’ Compensation and our insurance carrier.  Fire activity was reported by Mr. Fagan.  Mr. Bill Skomrock Sr. reported on this year’s Memorial Day schedule, with an 11:00 am indoor service at the Newbury Auditorium, a parade beginning at 11:45 from the school to the cemetery, a 12 noon program at the Newbury Center Cemetery, and a luncheon at the American Legion Hall to follow.

Zoning activity reported by Mrs. Endres noted that the BZA hearing for the new U-Haul operation at Newbury Hardware, operated by the Bartons resulted in approval.  It was reported that Ron Burns and Jason Charles are the new owners of Newbury Hardware.  It was also reported that a new 16-parcel subdivision is likely to be going in on the south side of Bell Rd. at the South Russell line.   Mrs. Endres also reported on a pretrial on the Kiwanis Lake junk vehicle case, and that Ms. Roberta Ann has until July 15th to clean up her Munn Rd. property.  A final topic of zoning discussion was the car dealership on the southwest corner of Rt. 44 and 87, where vehicles are being parked in front of the structure in violation of the ZBA permit issued to that operation.  Mrs. Endres agreed to review the file to see what was specified in the agreement.

Mr. Frank Carney from the Cleveland Disc Association addressed the trustees regarding a competitive team Frisbee charity event that they have had for the past several years at the Cleveland Polo Grounds.   He asked that the trustees agree to the use of the soccer fields on the 18th and 19th of June to hold some of the events.  The trustees said that they had checked and the field is open for those dates, but that they should verify parking availability with the school and provide the township with a certificate of insurance naming the township as an additional insured.  This use was approved by the trustees upon a motion by Mr. Majeski, a second by Mr. Fioritto, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

Mr. Quigley reported that over $11,200 was approved for a Ohio Department of Natural Resources Natureworks nature trail project at Oberland Park.  A further grant in excess of $2,000 is scheduled to follow.  In discussing the local match required with the initial grant, it was noted that in-kind services could provide the majority of that local match.  It was announced that Earth Day activities were scheduled from 8 am to 1 pm this Saturday; trash bags will be provided to participants who wish to assist in the clean-up of roadsides in the township.  Audience concerns included costs of Adelphia service for some prospective users, as well as concerns regarding matching fund availability for the ODNR grant.  Mr. Majeski reported on the Geauga Impact meeting held at West Geauga Middle School on May 14th.    Mr. Majeski moved to approve the Natureworks Nature trail project.   Mr. Fioritto seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Blanket Certificates approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
B.C. #    Date    Payee    Amount
    86-2005    5/17/2005    Various Vendors    $1,500.00
Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee    Amount
27482    5/18/2005    Linda Nokes    $634.15
27483    5/18/2005    Jack Lashley    $48.36
27484    5/18/2005    Jack Lashley    $770.00
27485    5/18/2005    Karen Endres    $443.55
27486    5/18/2005    Doug Zimperman    $1,092.44
27487    5/18/2005    George Mansfield    $1,080.87
27488    5/18/2005    J. Rick Phifer    $1,266.73
27489    5/18/2005    Randal R. Hollis    $1,551.64
27490    5/18/2005    Randal O. Hollis    $900.12
27491    5/18/2005    Tim Mansfield    $1,087.32
27492    5/18/2005    P.E.R.S.    $4,934.97
27493    5/18/2005    Ohio Public Empl. Def. Comp. Pro.    $645.00
27494    5/18/2005    Glen Quigley    $240.93
27495    5/18/2005    First Energy    $1,322.73
27496    5/18/2005    National City Bank    $42.09
27497    5/18/2005    Newbury True Value Hardware    $97.75
27498    5/18/2005    Barnes Auto Parts    $8.28
27499    5/18/2005    Auburn Heating & Air Conditioning    $159.50
27500    5/18/2005    ScapeAbilities (John Suvak)    $330.00
27501    5/18/2005    National City Bank    $4,083.75
27502    5/18/2005    All-Ways Flasher Service Inc.    $133.50
27503    5/18/2005    Geauga County Maple Leaf    $37.40
27504    5/18/2005    CCM Rental Centers    $225.00
        Total:    $21,136.08

Mrs. Cathy Brent addressed the trustees regarding her request that a portion of Kiwanis Drive be vacated.  Mr. Quigley said that he would follow up with the County Engineer’s office to see how this might be done.  Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Quigley.   This meeting was adjourned at 10:21 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Fioritto, a second by Mr. Majeski, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Glen Quigley – Chairman            Robert Fioritto – Vice Chairman       

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  William Majeski                     David Lair – Township Clerk