Township Meeting - 3/25/2004

Glen Quigley called the fourth meeting of the 208 Ad Hoc Committee to order at 6:37 p.m. on March 25, 2004 to present the Committee findings to a joint session with the Newbury Trustees; Mr. Fioritto and Mr. Quigley in attendance.

Mr. Quigley asked the attendees to focus on the proposed 208 boundaries  for the commercial and industrial zones only.

Mr. Hess suggested keeping the 208 criteria simple and not too subjective.  He said the boundaries could be drawn east of the fire station for a gravity feed sewer system.  A more costly pump station would be required for properties east of the high point on Rt. 87.

Discussion continued regarding inclusion of farther eastern properties, their pollution potential, pump station costs and sewer plant capacity.

Mr. Dietrich said it must be clear how the boundary criteria is established; a gravity system would be defensible before the EPA.

Mr. Quigley asked where the boundary should stop and how the costs would be allocated.
Costs for properties within the original 208 sewer district would be spread over all lots;  if the district boundary was later expanded to the east, the cost would be born by the individuals involved.

The proposed size of the sewer plant was compared to the Auburn Corners facility.  The drainage area for the Newbury 208 plan is 796 acres of which over 100 acres are school and township property.  Mr. Saikely estimated  the Newbury Plant might require 280,000 gal capacity given the present usage and inclusion of projected vacant lands.  The stream may be too small for this size plant and suggested some land be removed that is not in the commercial and industrial zoned areas.  He stressed that realistic 208 and PBD plans should be addressed simultaneously by the township and property owners.

All 208 board members had agreed that their goal was to present boundaries with defensible criteria to pass along for the trustees consideration and approval.

Traffic patterns, engineering studies, land limitations, costs and timetable for completion all were outstanding issues still to be resolved. The first step is to present the 208 board recommendations and boundary map to the trustees.  The Zoning Commission is currently reviewing the county guidelines for the PBD district and will make their recommendations to the trustees when available.

The trustees then should coordinate a grass-roots effort to educate and inform all township residents on the tax base benefits of this combined 208/PBD plan.  Several public meetings are suggested: first to inform and secure feedback from the affected property owners prior to a general review meeting.  Community input and acceptance is vital - these plans are built from the bottom up!

Mr. Quigley thanked Mr. Dietrich and Mr. Saikely for their county assistance and Ms. Holtshouse for the CRWP data input from GIS surveys.  He added that this sewer concept has been 5 years in process to this point.  Legislation in 1993 made it possible for townships to take the leading role to establish revised 208 plans.

The 208 boundary was redrawn in accordance with the gravity sewer concept to include the first western parcel of Les Ober's property with its eastern line extending due north to meet the institutional lot lines north of Rt. 87.  

Memo of Understanding (MOU) would combine the 208 plan with new PBD zoning to enhance the business tax base and provide future residential property tax relief.

Mr. Quigley moved to accept the recommendations of the 208 committee as presented with attached maps and justifying criteria with PBD zoning guidelines to follow.  Mr. Yeacker seconded the motion.

There being no further discussion the motion was voted as follows:

        Glen Quigley            yes
        Chris Yaecker            yes
        Chip Hess            yes

The motion was unanimously approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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Glen Quigley,  208 Chairman                Chris Yaecker, 208 member

Chip Hess, 208 member

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Marge Hrabak, 208 Secretary                Date: