Township Meeting - 1/8/2009

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:35 p.m., January 8, 2009, with all members present.  Minutes of the meetings of December 17, 2008 and December 29, 2008 were approved upon a motion by Mr. Snively, a second by Mr. Skomrock, and affirmative votes from Mr. Snively and Mr. Skomrock, with Mrs. Blair abstaining due to her absence from those meetings.

Mr. Skomrock opened the floor for nominations for Board Chairman.  Mr. Skomrock said that he would like to nominate Mr. Snively for Chairman.  Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mr. Skomrock nominated Mrs. Blair as Vice Chairman; Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  It was decided that this reorganization would take effect following tonight’s meeting, and that trustee liaison assignments would be reviewed at the next meeting.

Mr. Skomrock moved to re-appoint Randy Hollis as Road Superintendent and Doug Zimperman as Assistant Road Superintendent.  Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mrs. Blair moved to reappoint Linda Phillips as Cemetery Sexton; Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mrs. Blair moved to re-appoint Karen Endres as Zoning Inspector and Marge Hrabak as Assistant Zoning Inspector.  This motion was seconded by Mr. Snively and passed by unanimous vote.  

Mr. Lair stated that the December bank reconciliation and financial statement had been completed, as well as the 2008 Annual Financial Report, with a hard copy of this report advertised in the Maple Leaf as being available at the town hall for inspection and an electronic copy of this report being available at the township website.  Mr. Lair presented a summary of 2008 financial results and balances by fund, noting that township fund balances were up overall, from $454,945 at the beginning of the year to $709,977 at year-end, with balances in the General, Gasoline Tax, Cemetery, and Fire Funds up, and those in the Motor Vehicle License Tax, Road and Bridge Fund, and Road Levy Fund down at the end of December, as compared to the beginning year balance.

Mr. Skomrock moved to accept the Annual Township Highway System Mileage Report, as provided to the township by the County Engineer, specifying current township road mileage as 39.07 miles.  Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Fire activity reported by Mr. Fagan included 42 calls for December, with 537 calls for the year, and 11 calls to-date for January.  The trustees agreed that the AED unit formerly used by the Police Department should be refurbished with a 2-yr service agreement for an approximate cost of $2,000, upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mr. Snively, and a unanimous affirmative vote.  Mr. Fagan presented a $4151.50 invoice for payment from the township fire-miscellaneous expense account for a 2-yr service agreement on the Fire Department’s heart monitor equipment.

Mrs. Endres said that the Park Board had agreed that the final acceptance of the NatureWorks grant should be declined due to the restrictions which the Ohio Department of Natural Resources would place on the entire 88-acre Oberland Park parcel as a condition of the township’s receipt of the $17,500 payment from this grant; however, the Park Board also felt that prompt action should be taken to put deed restrictions to protect the area surrounding the nature trail created from this project.  Mr. Mezak said that some Park Board members would like to volunteer to investigate the process of creating the deed restrictions for the affected area and would consult with the Recreation Board to ensure that both groups agreed on a protection plan that incorporated the needs of both preservation and recreation needs within the township.   It was further noted that Assistant County Prosecutor Susan Wieland would be offering the township a variety of options including but not limited to a deed restriction and the Park Board will consider the various choices prior to making their final recommendation to the Trustees.  Following a recommendation from Mr. Skomrock that the Board take action to this effect, Mr. Snively made a motion that the trustees turn down the NatureWorks grant, and that they accept this offer of assistance from the Park Board to research the deed restriction process, with a target date of September 1 for them to report back to the trustees as to specific actions which could be taken to place a deed restriction on the trail area to protect this area from disturbance in the future.  Mr. Skomrock seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mrs. Endres brought up the issue of re-zoning of 88 acres from residential to active park; stating that the Zoning Commission had voted to move ahead in this direction by submitting paperwork for further trustee action, including the establishment of a public meeting within 30 days of date of notification.  The Board agreed to put the required notice in the News Herald this coming Saturday of the meeting to be held during the 1/21/2009 trustees’ meeting.

Mr. Snively presented the Trustees with a report of the discussion of safety issues at the intersection of Sperry and Fairmount roads that was held at the Geauga County Commissioners session on December 30th.   Mr. Bill Majeski, who was also at this meeting offered additional comments relating to this discussion.  It was reported that County Engineer Phillips committed to providing a decision on any additional signage within two weeks.  Mr. Snively said that the idea of providing additional traffic enforcement coverage by the township paying some additional money to the Sheriff’s Department has been considered before and may be considered in the near future if it appears that such additional coverage is warranted.  Mrs. Blair said she would follow up with the Sheriff’s office to get additional data and look into the possibility of additional coverage; possibly entering into a contract for paid supplemental coverage is this appeared to be necessary.

Finalists identified by the trustees for Zoning Commission Alternate are Susan Wagner, Timothy Quinn, and Louis Tomsic, Jr.; the Board said they would like to conduct interviews to identify the preferred candidate(s) before the end of the month.  

Mrs. Blair reported December 201 incidents reported by the Sheriff’s Department.
The trustees further reviewed suggested township tag lines, and agreed on the following tagline:  Newbury Township.  Where new ideas and traditional values prosper.  Mr. Skomrock moved to adopt this tagline; Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

At the recommendation of the Fiscal Officer, Mr. Skomrock moved that the Board adopt Resolution 2009010801, establishing temporary appropriations for 2009 as follows:

Account Number    Description    Fund    Amount
1000-110-131-0000    Salary - Administrator    General    $2,000.00
1000-110-219-0000    Other -  Employer's Retirement Contributions    General    $400.00
1000-110-221-0000    Medical/Hospitalization    General    $8,000.00
1000-110-229-0000    Other -  Insurance Benefits    General    $300.00
1000-110-313-0000    Uniform Accounting Network Fees    General    $800.00
1000-110-330-0000    Travel and Meeting Expense    General    $500.00
1000-110-410-0000    Office Supplies    General    $500.00
1000-120-190-0000    Other -  Salaries    General    $500.00
1000-120-219-0000    Other -  Employer's Retirement Contributions    General    $200.00
1000-120-323-0000    Repairs and Maintenance    General    $200.00
1000-120-350-0000    Utilities    General    $2,000.00
1000-120-490-0000    Other - Supplies and Materials    General    $500.00
1000-120-590-0000    Other Expenses    General    $500.00
1000-130-190-0000    Other -  Salaries    General    $2,000.00
1000-130-219-0000    Other -  Employer's Retirement Contributions    General    $500.00
1000-130-345-0000    Advertising    General    $500.00
1000-130-490-0000    Other - Supplies and Materials    General    $500.00
1000-130-590-0000    Other Expenses    General    $500.00
1000-190-359-0000    Other -  Utilities    General    $2,000.00
1000-190-599-0000    Other - Other Expenses    General    $500.00
1000-310-360-0000    Contracted Services    General    $2,000.00
2021-330-420-0000    Operating Supplies    Gas Tax    $5,000.00
2031-330-323-0000    Repairs and Maintenance    Road & Bridge    $5,000.00
2031-330-350-0000    Utilities    Road & Bridge    $3,000.00
2031-330-490-0000    Other - Supplies and Materials    Road & Bridge    $20,000.00
2031-330-740-0000    Machinery, Equipment and Furniture    Road & Bridge    $2,000.00
2111-220-590-0000    Other Expenses    Fire Fund    $5,000.00
2141-330-190-0000    Other -  Salaries    Road Levy    $25,000.00
2141-330-219-0000    Other -  Employer's Retirement Contributions    Road Levy    $4,500.00
2141-330-221-0000    Medical/Hospitalization    Road Levy    $5,000.00
2141-330-229-0000    Other -  Insurance Benefits    Road Levy    $500.00
2141-330-590-0000    Other Expenses    Road Levy    $1,000.00
Total:        $100,900.00
This motion was seconded by Mrs. Blair, and passed by unanimous vote.

Purchase Orders approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
P.O. #    Date    Payee     Amount
    39-2008    12/20/2008    Reliance Standard Life Insurance     $      156.79
    40-2008    12/20/2008    Reliance Standard Life Insurance     $      156.79
Total:     $      313.58

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee     Amount
31075    12/19/2008    Ken Blair     $      450.00
31076    12/29/2008    Newbury Volunteer Fire Department     $  75,000.00
31077    12/29/2008    United Healthcare Insurance Co.     $    8,324.26
31078    12/29/2008    Reliance Standard Life Insurance     $      448.53
31079    12/29/2008    Windstream     $      314.81
31080    12/29/2008    Dominion East Ohio Gas     $      323.93
31081    12/29/2008    National City Bank     $      764.22
31082    12/29/2008    Speedway SuperAmerica     $        65.19
31083    12/29/2008    Kimball-Midwest Inc.     $        51.70
31084    12/29/2008    Reliance Standard Life Insurance     $      448.53
31085    12/30/2008    Ann A. Wishart              - AW     $      619.88
31086    12/30/2008    David J. Lair               - DL     $    1,308.82
31087    12/30/2008    David A. Snively            - DS     $      622.70
31088    12/30/2008    Janice M. Blair             - JB     $      739.29
31089    12/30/2008    Marcia J. Mansfield         - MM     $      112.03
31090    12/30/2008    William J. Skomrock, Jr.    - WS     $      604.29
31091    12/30/2008    Douglas J. Zimperman        - DZ     $    1,624.65
31092    12/30/2008    George Mansfield            - GM     $    1,517.36
31093    12/30/2008    Jas. Rick Phifer            - JP     $    1,704.84
31094    12/30/2008    Randal R. Hollis            - RH     $    2,106.10
31095    12/30/2008    Randal O. Hollis            - ROH     $    1,372.36
31096    12/30/2008    Timothy A. Mansfield        - TM     $    1,505.56
31097    12/30/2008    Karen E. Endres             - KE     $      441.02
31098    12/30/2008    Marge Hrabak                - MHR     $        68.35
31099    12/30/2008    Ohio Public Employees Deferred Comp. Pro     $      605.00
31100    12/30/2008    Treasurer of State     $    2,697.34
31101    12/30/2008    Ohio Public Employees Retirement System     $  12,318.70
31102    12/30/2008    Ohio Public Employees Retirement System     $  12,318.70
31103    12/30/2008    Ray Fidel     $      220.00
31104    12/30/2008    Tezeon Wong     $      160.00
31105    12/30/2008    Mary Lee Brezina     $      160.00
31106    12/30/2008    Dean Eppley     $      145.00
31107    12/30/2008    William McCullam     $      175.00
31108    12/30/2008    Glen Quigley     $      100.00
Total:     $129,438.16

(The following are Year 2009 Financial Transactions)

Blanket Certificates approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:
B.C. #    Date    Payee    Amount
     1-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $    5,000.00
     2-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $    2,000.00
     3-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $    2,000.00
     4-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $    3,000.00
     5-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $      500.00
     6-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $      200.00
     7-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $      500.00
     8-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $    5,000.00
     9-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $    2,000.00
    10-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $      500.00
    11-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $      500.00
    12-2009    1/5/2009    Various Vendors     $      500.00
Total:     $  21,700.00

Warrants approved by signing prior to or at this meeting:    
Check #    Date    Payee     Amount
31109    1/8/2009    ScapeAbilities (John Suvak)     $      325.00
31110    1/8/2009    Tractor Supply Co.     $      218.95
31111    1/8/2009    Ann Wishart     $        33.93
31112    1/8/2009    Patsy Keyes     $      165.00
31113    1/8/2009    First Energy     $    2,429.75
31114    1/8/2009    Middlefield Hardware Inc.     $          6.97
31115    1/8/2009    Newbury Auto Parts Inc.     $      252.38
31116    1/8/2009    Dominion East Ohio Gas     $    1,499.33
31117    1/8/2009    Geauga County Maple Leaf     $        36.10
31118    1/8/2009    Verizon Wireless     $        66.49
31119    1/8/2009    Geauga Safety Council     $      180.00
31120    1/8/2009    Sunrise Springs Water Co. Inc.     $        82.50
31121    1/8/2009    Geauga County Township Association     $      125.00
Total:     $    5,421.40

Mrs. Blair moved that Resolution 2008010802 be adopted, requesting the first half real estate advance from the County Auditor; Mr. Snively seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Skomrock.
Mrs. Marge Hrabak representing her position with Newbury Kiwanis showed the Trustees a road sign which displayed the message, “Drive Carefully – Protect Our Children”, stating that Kiwanis offered to purchase at least one such sign for the township.  The trustees all expressed support for posting of this sign at both Elm Drive and a second sign at Kimmeridge Trail if possible.

Mr. Bill Majeski made the suggestion that the township might consider new technology for embedding of a tracking device in Welcome to Newbury signs to help deal with theft.
The trustees conducted a discussion of handling of town hall security and key control.  A policy of key control and accountability was decided upon, whereby groups needing off-hours key access to the building would sign for the key, and, prior to final exit from the building, slide the key under the Administrative Office door.

It was confirmed that there would be a joint meeting of the Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Trustees on Saturday January 31st and there will be a meeting held on February 11th for the quarterly Zoning Inspectors’ meeting.  This meeting was adjourned at 9:32 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mr. Snively, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
David Snively – Chairman                Jan Blair – Vice Chairman

__________________________________  ___________________________________
William Skomrock, Jr.                     David Lair – Fiscal Officer