Township Meeting - 1/5/2006

The regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:30 p.m., January 5, 2006, with all members present.  As the first order of business, Mrs. Jan Blair was sworn in as Trustee by Judge Colleen O’Toole.  Mr. William Skomrock Jr. was sworn in as Trustee by Fiscal Officer David Lair.  Minutes of the year-end meeting were approved by Mr. Quigley.  Mr. Quigley opened the floor for nominations for Board Chairman.  Mr. Skomrock said that he would like to nominate Mr. Quigley for Chairman.  Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  Mr. Quigley nominated Mr. Skomrock as Vice Chairman; Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.
Mr. Skomrock moved that the current Police Chief, Zoning Inspector, Assistant Zoning Inspector, and Cemetery Sexton be retained.  Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

The following Trustee Liaison assignments for 2006 were established:

Road Dept – Bill Skomrock        St. Helen’s School – Jan Blair
Police Dept – Jan Blair        Newbury School – Glen Quigley
Fire Dept – Bill Skomrock        Subst. Abuse Ofcr – Bill Skomrock, Jan Blair (Alt)
Cemetery – Glen Quigley        CRWP – Jan Blair, Bill Skomrock (Alt)
Zoning – Glen Quigley        Financial Review Board – Jan Blair
Park/Rec Boards - Glen Quigley    Action Business Cmte – Jan Blair/Bill Skomrock

Ms. Diana Haskett addressed the trustees regarding a proposal for a replacement Town Hall sign, describing the construction and materials to be used, as well as providing two alternative sign designs.  The trustees noted with regret the passing today of long-time Newbury resident Howard Brannon.

Mr. Quigley discussed the NOPEC situation as it pertains to natural gas, noting that their failure to lock in rates currently works in their favor.   Mr. Quigley presented a summary of his analysis, and recommended that the trustees consider an alternative supplier.  The other trustees agreed with this suggestion, but did not decide on an alternative supplier at this time.  Mr. Quigley read a letter of thanks to Newbury Troop 99 for their work on a representative Christmas Tree at the Donald Meyer Center at Big Creek Park.

Mr. Skomrock moved that the township pay $240 in Township Association dues; Mrs. Blair seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote. Correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed by Mr. Quigley.  

Chief Zimperman gave the Fire Department report, including 565 calls for 2005, with 55 calls for December, with 18 calls in the last week of that month.  The current roster totals 31 members, including cadets and applicants.  The new squad vehicle will be complete by January 20th.  The Fire Department presented a draft 2006 contract to the trustees for their review; Mr. Lair said that he would draft clarification language to make sure that the contract specifies that all Fire Fund revenues be used solely for legitimate Fire protection activities.

Police activity reported by Chief Aytay included 60 calls for December, which were mostly traffic-related.  498 miles were patrolled and 117 man-hours worked.  The trustees also acknowledged receipt of the year-end report.  In all of 2005, 771 calls were answered, including 113 assists, 73 accidents, 13 911 calls, and 70 traffic offences.  10799 miles were driven and 2560.5 man-hours were worked.   

Road activity reported by Mr. Hollis included stockpiling of salt and cinders and maintenance on plow equipment, application of cold patch, and repair of berms.  Road projects have been sent to the County Engineer’s office for review.  Music St., Moss Glen, and partial township road striping are potential projects over and above the prospective Snow Road Issue 1 project.  Also discussed were planned purchase of new equipment, and status of the town hall front door.   A safety issue discussed was the condition of the front sidewalk and possible needed repairs on the sidewalk and stairs.

Zoning activity reported by Mrs. Endres included 28 variance hearings for 2005, along with 8 conditional use hearings by the ZBA.  Mr. Quigley suggested that Mrs. Endres contact Carmella Shale of the Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District to investigate possible violation of soil control regulations at a gas well drilling site on Pekin Road.

Mr. Roger Mezak suggested that a joint meeting be set up between the Rec Board, Park Board, and Township Trustees, tentatively on February 8th at 8pm.  Mr. Mezak requested that the trustees consider appropriation of $5000 to support Rec Board activities in the coming year.  The trustees decided to meet on January 17th at 7pm to hold a work session to discuss the two grant projects targeted for Oberland Park.

Mr. Quigley brought up the issue of the initiation of a Health Reimbursement Account.  Mr. Skomrock and Mrs. Blair both agreed to talk to Jason Matney from Burnham and Flower to get more details so that a decision can be quickly arrived at.  The subject of Jack Lashley’s winter hours was discussed; it was discussed by the trustees and agreed that a continuation of 5 to10 hours per week was desirable.

Vacancies for two ZBA and one Zoning Commission position were discussed.  Several letters of interest have been received.    Mr. Ray Fidel’s candidacy for return to the ZBA was discussed.  Mrs. Blair moved that Mr. Fidel be re-appointed; Mr. Skomrock seconded this motion, which passed by unanimous vote.  The trustees decided to wait on the other appointments until after the 1/31/06 close date, with the open seat on the ZBA to be filled by one of the alternates during the interim.  

Use of the town hall by outside groups was discussed.  User fees and possible curtailment of town hall use were considered.  Also discussed was completion of the surveying and marking of the expansion of the Newbury Center Cemetery.  The trustees agreed to allow Les Ober to install a tubing system for the collection of maple sap within the area on Oberland Park that has traditionally been used for this activity.

At the recommendation of the Clerk, Mr. Skomrock moved that the following temporary appropriations be made for 2006:                        
Account    Descrip    Amount        Account    Descrip    Amount
1000-110-131     Sal-ADM    $2,000.00        1000-210-323    Police Repairs    $1,000.00
1000-110-330    Adm Expenses    $800.00        1000-210-590    Police Other    $1,000.00
1000-110-410    Adm Supplies    $500.00        1000-130-190    Zoning Sals    $2,000.00
1000-110-740    Adm Equipment    $2,000.00        1000-130-490    Zoning Supls    $200.00
1000-110-221    Medical Hosp    $8,000.00        1000-130-590    Zoning Other    $2,050.00
1000-110-599    Genl Other    $5,000.00        1000-210-350    Police Utilities    $1,000.00
1000-120-190       TH Salaries    $1,000.00        2011-330-360    MV Contracts    $5,000.00
1000-120-730    TH Site Improve    $1,000.00        2021-330-420    Gas Tx Supplies    $5,000.00
1000-120-350    TH Utilities    $2,000.00        2031-330-740    Rd BrTools&Equip    $5,000.00
1000-120-490    TH Supplies    $500.00        2031-330-323    Rd Br Repairs    $5,000.00
1000-120-323    TH Repairs    $1,000.00        2031-330-350    Rd Br Utilities    $2,000.00
1000-120-590    TH Other    $500.00        2141-330-221    Rd Dist Med/Hosp    $5,000.00
1000-410-190    Cem Salaries                       $500.00        1000-130-345    Zoning Advt.    $150.00
         Street Lting    $2,000.00        2031-330-490    Rd Br Material    $20,000.00
1000-210-740    Police Equipment    $1,000.00        2111-220-590    Fire-Other    $5,000.00
1000-210-490    Police Supplies    $1,000.00        2141-330-190    Road Salaries    $18,000.00
                Total:        $106,200.00
This motion was seconded by Mrs. Blair, and passed by unanimous vote.

It was noted that Dan McDermott had written a letter in support of Margaret Avalon for appointment to the ZBA.   This meeting was adjourned at 10:55 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mrs. Blair, and a unanimous affirmative vote.

__________________________________  ___________________________________     
  Glen Quigley – Chairman            William Skomrock, Jr. – Vice Chairman    

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  Jan Blair                         David Lair – Fiscal Officer