Special Trustee Meeting 11/29/2016

special meeting of the Newbury Trustees was held Sunday November 29th at 10AM. Bill Skomrock, Jan Blair and Glen Quigley with Guest Ken Blair attended.

There was general discussion regarding several potentially available properties in Newbury and how these properties could be developed or marketed to meet current and future growth in the residential, commercial and industrial zones within the Township.

As a result Jan Blair would contact Kinetico regarding development of their industrial property and Bill Skomrock would contact representatives of the Teague family to regarding a senior housing project and development of their industrial property.

Glen Quigley discussed his meeting with Engineered Endeavors and Geauga County Planning Director David Dietrich. Engineered Endeavors would like to remain in Newbury and is looking for a 10 to 15 acre site to build a new facility on. 

At 11:15 a motion was made by Bill Skomrock and seconded by Jan Blair to adjourn. With a unanimous vote the meeting was adjourned with no other action taken.



Respectfully submitted, Glen Quigley 12/02/2015