Park Rec Trustee meeting Sept. 1, 2009

The special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order at 7:05 PM, September 1, 2009 with all trustees present for a joint meeting of the Trustees, Park Board, and the Recreation Board.  It was announced that this was the second joint meeting for 2009 and the purpose of this meeting is to talk about what is being done currently at Oberland Park and what can be finished this year and what needs to wait until 2010. 


The first item for discussion was the park entrance.  It was reported that currently the spraying of the field has been completed and the brush hogging is currently being done.  Mr. Hess stated that he has received a quote from Trushel Excavating for the laser grading for $9,000.00.  He has talked to the county about ditching, and the county has indicated that they will be able to do it this year but there may be cost in the drive culvert.  Mr. Hess said the catch basin from school can be done at any time and he is pursuing the work for the storm sewer to the front.  Mr. Skomrock and Mr. Mezak reported that the drive culvert is new within the last year and that the county should be able to reuse it. Trushel can be scheduled to do the grading around September 8th and it was estimated that it would take approximately 5 days, then the seeding could occur on the week of September 14th, then the county can ditch and Trushel can put gravel on the driveway.  It was decided that catch basins could wait until next year.  Mr. Skomrock said that the section of Auburn Rd. in front of the park is scheduled to be repaved with stimulus money by the Geauga County Engineer. 


It was reported that the foundation/footer sketch for the sign is complete.  The township has to dig the footer, and then the concrete can be poured.  Mr. Hess indicated that he would like for Trushel to do the grading before the sign is installed so that the land under the sign is at the correct grade.  After the cement is poured it was recommended that there should be about a 7-day wait for the sign to be set.  He also indicated that storm sewers and grade would be the means for drainage; there is no plan for underground tile.


Mr. Ketz of the Pattie Group presented his design of the entrance to the park that included split rail fence, trees and shrubs.  Mrs. Blair indicated that eight local Newbury landscape companies have offered to help landscape and donate material for the front of the park.  Mrs. Blair is to meet with the landscapers on Thursday to show them the design that Mr. Ketz came up with and to let them know that the Park Board would like to meet with them also and give them their ideas.  The Pattie Group indicated that adding sand to the playing field will increase the drainage and there may be a need for some topsoil and organic material for planting the trees.  Mr. Ketz reminded the group that timing for seeding and growing is an issue.  The Park Board commented on this that they have been trying to get the local landscapers to design, install and then maintain the area.


Mr. Ober questioned the group as to why there seemed to be a rush for trees, fence, etc. at the entrance.  He thought that they could grade and plant the grass this fall and leave time for landscaping and the design of the landscaping for the future.  He indicated that the Park Board would like the field to be seeded and the ball field in the back to be completed first, and stated that he still disagrees with the sand installation.  Mrs. Blair indicated that they could get the seeding done and put the front on hold until next year, which was the purpose of this meeting, to make sure that everyone is in agreement.  Mr. Mezak reported that the fence and landscaping could be easily donated by someone as other fences have been in the past.   It was agreed that the #1 goal is to clean up the front area along Auburn Road by getting rid of weeds, brush hogging, grading, and seeding. 


Mrs. Blair said that she would try to get together after the holidays with landscapers and the Park Board to come up with a plan.  There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm to make this a nice park.  Everyone was reminded that maintenance should be a concern.  The Park Board should check with the school to see if any of the students or classes could turn some of this into a project.   Mr. Ketz indicated that the plan they put together is only a starting point.  Mr. Skomrock indicated that a lot of people just don't have any idea what is going on and they need a visual to let them know that it is a park, and that should be helped out with the entrance sign. 


Mr. Hess thought that the plan has changed in the last week; and stated that the group was trying to get volunteers to do some work so money can be spent on other items in the park.  Mr. Mezak thought that the gas pipeline near the entranceway should be moved to the perimeter of fields so it is not in the way any longer and fix drainage anytime of year or in the winter.  The group was told that the grant money is not in jeopardy, and Mr. Hess reiterated that there has to be a plan on what needs to be done. 


Mr. Ober said there were two choices:  Let Pattie Group meet with the Park Board and draw a plan and design, or let it flounder with no actual plan.  It was agreed that a plan was needed along with a budget.  At that point the group could pick which projects could be completed now and which would wait.  Under this idea the Park Board would lay out ideas and then go to the Pattie Group so they could build a professional plan from the Park Board’s wishes.  It was decided that the Park Board would present a conceptual plan to the Trustees, followed by creation of a working plan to carry out the agreed upon ideas within the grant money allowed.  


The next meeting of the Park Board was set for September 17, at 7:30 PM; this meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM, upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mr. Snively and a unanimous affirmative vote.