Park Board November 8 2012

Newbury Township Park Board

 Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2012 Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Roger Mesak,   David Snively, Les Ober, Jim Stefancin

Guests: boy Scout Sam Barnhart      

Meeting called to order at 7:34 p.m.

Minutes of October meeting read and approved with minor corrections


 Geese Problem on rec soccer fields

Not known if any goose hunting has taken place to date.

Frisbee tournament:

            A college Frisbee tournament was held last weekend, November 4th at oberland Park after 7 inches of rain from hurricane sandy. There was lots of damage to the front field as seeding is newer with lots of mud and garbage left all around the shelter. No permit was issued to the out-of-Township group or a deposit made. Request came into the township but was deferred to the rec board. Trustees and rec board need to be made aware of the procedure that is in place for groups to use the field. A provision should have been in place that if field is too wet to play event should have been cancelled or postponed. Group should not be allowed to use property in the future. According to Roger, the group has used the property in the past but there was insurance money available.

Volley ball net

Net was taken down Nov 4th and stored upstairs in town hall for the winter.

Eagle Scout Project:

            Sam Barnhart presented his idea of making a grilling patio with paver stones next to the shelter with a large grill and prep table, along with benches for watching volleyball. Because of the extra 10’ safety perimeter required around the volleyball court for protection from falls, roger made the suggestion of installing benches between the pillars at volleyball end of the shelter like the benches on the shelter by baseball field one. Not sure of length 30 or 32 feet at that end of shelter or if there are 2 or 3 posts may be able to reach expanse with a 16’ board, Recommended deciding on size of grill and making a 2’ perimeter around grill making sure grill 12” away from drip edge of shelter. Need to meet on site to select best location for patio, SE corner suggested, not sure of location of future pre-K playground to be put in by Fairmont minerals?


*No stone put in driveway yet by new ball field, need to move gravel pile and spread, need a loader.

*Need to make a decision on dugouts, person who said they would donate money for dugouts never came back.

Need to get drainage ditch done first, then 3rd base dugout


Trustee rep to Park Board

>At the last few park board meetings there has been no trustee rep at the meetings as in the past. Park board requests a rep attend meeting to give some guidance on projects being proposed so do not feel like we are wasting our time.


Grange Park

BZA did not approve a shooting facility, as not allowed by zoning.



David recommended a .3 mil levy to generate$42,000/yr.  David to make presentation to the trustees in January to put on ballot would have 7 months to promote to get it passed in November general election.

Next regular meeting in December cancelled due to the busy holidays. January meeting Jan 10th at 7:30 at town hall.

Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary