Park Board Minutes May 8, 2014

Newbury Township Park Board

Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2014, Newbury Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Les Ober, Wayne Mansfield , Roger Mezak, David Snively, Jim Stefancin
Guest: trustee Glen Quigley
Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Minutes of March meeting read and approved

No official April meeting held as a quarum was not in attendance

Oberland Park

Suggestion made to possibly sell off ash trees before they die of emerald ash borer to make money for park board.
Les to smooth out trail where torn up from sugaring, willing to pay for some gravel for low areas. Figure would need about 15 tons of gravel, Roger to check to see if he can get a better price than the township hauling it in.
Les put a cable with lock across access to Sugarbush Trail that was knocked down by a snow mobile. Les has the key for lock if needed for access.
Electrical: Glen had an estimate from CEI for running electric to pavilion. Roger would like to meet CEI out there with Glen. Les questioned which pole they plan to run electric from. Believe it is 1st one north of drive. Glen talked to CEI about when the poles are moved from Auburn Rd. for road expansion, can they be moved to Oberland Park?

ODOT will deliver asphault grindings to Oberland Park for parking lot expansion. Doug Ule will spread when delivered in June.

Backstop: 4 poles are up, next week chain link fence going up. Old dugouts on Rec board fields being replaced

RT 87 and Auburn Corner/Veterans Park
-Glen showed 2 4x8 signs that were made to go at the corner to advertise the plans for the veterans memorial. signs will be displayed in a ā€œVā€ so can see from all directions. Discussion on if signs need a wooden frame to make them stronger
-Glen presented a draft copy of the landscape design for corner park drawn up by Dan McClain a certified landscape planner from Impilliti Landscaping.Design has tank displayed on a slant as if going up hill at one end closest to corner with a 5-sidedpavilion at the other end connected by a walkway with 5 trees down middle A series of intertwined walking paths and a small playground are located behind. A small circular drive utilizing permeable pacvers and a six car handicap parking area is located to the south of the gazebo This design still leaves room for the craft and clutter sale around. Wayne to meet with the commander of the Legion post on Monday.suggestion to meet at corner before meeting to install sign. -Gazebo will have steps on one side. Glen would like a metal roof, possibly copper be installed on pavilion. Judy would like native trees used on the connecting walkway, possibly Serviceberry which do not have a heavy leaf cover to block view, also have beautiful white flowers in the spring and non-messy berries for the birds in the fall. Glen estimating total cost to be about $25,000, $20,000 for concrete footers alone. Gazebo could be used for weddings. A fence-like sculpture design could be put in front of the tank to simulate war fencing.
-Glen talked to the veterans about a name for the memorial, someone suggested William J Skomrack as he had just passed away, however, it is a memorial to all veterans not just one. Bill Jr. will talk to his family about the possibility of naming the gazebo after him to see what they would want. All vets were happy with the planned name.

Budget for construction may need an additional $100,000. Have $27,000 already from the EPA Swift grant for the permeable paver parking lot and drive, which would be used as a demonstration project.

Next regular meeting: Thursday, June 12, 2014.

Judy Barnhart ā€“ Newbury Park Board Secretary

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