Park Board minutes May 20, 2010

Newbury Township Park Board 

Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2010 7:30 p.m.

Oberland Park 

Present: Judy Barnhart, Roger Mezak, Mark Fritsch, Les Ober

Guest: David Snively, Chip Hess 

Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m. 


RFP’s/Bid Process

Chip Hess met with Geauga County Development Office and Prosecutor’s Office to discuss RFP process. As public funds are involved, cannot break projects into individual components for RFP’s . Entire projects (pavilion and ball field) need to go out for open bid process. Chip almost done with specs. Will get to Joni at Development office for bidding in June and construction in July or August. 

Pavilion: Meeting held at Oberland Park site to determine location of pavilion along drive. Discussion centered on using the high ground near gas well for better visibility of pavilion from road as well as usability for sports. Les motioned to construct pavilion approximately 400’ east of Auburn Road and east of gas well along drive. A small parking lot can be added between pavilion and triangle drive once pavilion complete. Roger seconded. 

Gas Line:

Chip Hess stated that due to liability, cannot use another contractor to trench new line. Gas company gave estimate of $8500 to move gas line. This is a reduction in cost from original estimates of $12-15,000. Mark motioned to request trustees proceed with moving of gas line, Roger seconded. New line will follow wood line just outside drip line of trees. Chip provided paperwork for trustees to sign.

 Entrance Rock:

Extra rock along drive was moved and dirt pile spread out. Many comments of people noticing rock now that it is engraved.

 Trail clean-up:

Newbury Cub Scout pack 99 met April 17 and cleaned up garbage, scrap metal, and old tires from trail area, raked trail to define, and lined with branches in some area. Township maintenance picked up materials collected. 


Tubing lines have been removed from across trail and down trees cleaned up from recent storms.

 Newbury Elementary Wetlab Days:Kindergarten through 6th grade students participated in the annual Wetlab days on May 6 & 7 using the Oberland Trails to learn about animal adaptations. This event was put on by the Newbury PTO with help from Geauga Park District and Geauga Soil & Water. Minutes: Minutes of March & April meetings read, approved with corrections. Grange Park:Trustees working on getting permanent access to Grange Park. Chagrin River Watershed Partners did survey of property. Approximately 40% of back property is wetlands.

 Rec Board looking at doing a 6K walk. May use trails as part of route.

 Next regular meeting: Thursday, June 17, 7:00 p.m.

 Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary