Park Board Minutes 8-11-2016

Newbury Township Park Board Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2016,
Newbury Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Wayne Mansfield, Jim Stafancin, Roger Mezak

Guests: trustee Glen Qigley , Carol Drabek, Jan and Ken Blair, Bill & Sue Skomrack, Zaqck Corkwell

Meeting called to order at 7:35.

Eagle Scout projects

Zack Corkwell is at the fundraising stage of his project and passed out donation request letters to park board members. Any excess money not spent can be donated back to the township for future maintenance. Had Jim sign his paperwork Hopes to start digging and clearing this month still. The deck needed to be moved 30 feet south per Les. Deck will be 16’x12’ with standard railing of no less than 4” between posts. Wayne can take his tractor with Auger to drill the deck holes. Roger reviewed the plans making a few suggestions.

Sam and his dad stopped up to fix the paver frame by the grill.

Oberland Park

Skate Park: Township has a 3 million dollar liability insurance. Kiwanis still looking for money.

-the flag pole lights are up at all township properties with the brightest light at town hall.

Rt. 87 and Auburn Corner/Veterans Park

-Glen is meeting with Impolitti landscaping tomorrow to lay out landscaping and trails.

-Township got an extension on the $25,000 Eckland grant, Glen will provide total moneys spent at the next meeting, including final payment to Bob Moon.

-still waiting on approval from state on $11,000 grant.

-Tom Coleman stopped to see Glen, he can make a metal artillery piece if we can’t make one, Glen had pictures.

The formal dedication will be on November 11th at 11:00 a.m., Glen would like to have Ravenna Arsenal fly over then. Glen will go to the next Veterans meeting to give them an update and check on tank availability.

-when the floor was poured last week, it rained and needs to be resealed again. The lines in the floor morrow the overhead beams

-Glen will go to the lighting place in Auburn to see about getting lights

-the conduit was put in before the floor was poured. Geauga concrete and Sidleys donated the concrete.

-Van Ness will donate some stone.

-will let decking weather before sealing the wood.


200th Anniversary

-Wayne talked to some Rec board members about them helping with at the anniversary picnic with a possible softball or soccer game, will attend the next meeting.

-Roger wants a rain date indoor location booked such as the fire department. Trustees can askKen Fagan at the next trustee meeting.

- the fire department does not want to have an open house but will have the fire trucks at our events.

-Carol, reviewed the calendar for next summer, the first part of June is empty. Will plan to kick off on Memorial Day by passing out the events card at the ceremony. Preston will donate a car for the trustees to ride in for the parade.

-Jan looking at booking “No Moss” for either Tuesday June 6 or Friday June 9th, Geauga Growth Partners will sponsor again. Decided on June 9 as Friday would be a better day. Kiwanis may have an ice cream social with pizza before the concert.

Jim talked to Kieth Corkwell about boy scouts setting up tents and doing a cooking demonstration.

-Marcia Manfield has a Newbury Kiwanis Bicentennial Fund set up so can take donations. Two signatures will be need to write checks, Marge Hrabak of Kiwanis and Carol of Committee. Roger motioned we work with Kiwanis and authorize Carol to make payments, Jim Seconded.

-Carol got at office box #13 for the Bicentennial committee

-Carol plans to call on local businesses with an introductory letter and proposed schedule and talk to them for 5-10 minutes with hopes they will donate.

-a tractor event is scheduled for the 1st or second weekend in August, will have a classic car show on a separate day, could also be a power event with steam tractors, fire trucks, Kuhnle and township trucks.

-any money left overin bicentennial fund can go into capital improvement for the parks.

-Judy made arangments for a local geocacher to set up a course taking people to historical locations around the township to collect numbers for a final cache location at grange park. Can look into getting a bicentennial coin made for the cache container.

Fullerton sign is done, it will go onto the SW corner of Sperry and Fairmont during a dedication October 21

Next regular meeting Thursday, September 8, 2016 at town hall.

Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary

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