Park Board Minutes 03/09/2017

Newbury Township Park Board


Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2017,
Newbury Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Wayne Mansfield, Roger Mezak, Les Ober, Jim Stephancin

Guests: Carol Draybek, Glen Quigley, Jan & Ken Blair

Meeting called to order at 7:35. January minutes read and approved with minor correction, February meeting was a tri-board meeting and minutes are posted on line. 


Eagle Scout Projects

-Zack Corkwell’s dad sent out an invite for trustees and park board to attend his Eagle Scout court of honor on Sunday, April 9th at 2:00 p.m. at Newbury High School auditorium. Bill will attend on behalf of the trustees.


Oberland Park

Les mentioned he was in contact with Western Reserve Land Conservancy about contacting trustees about protecting part of park with a conservation easement. Would like the woods, wetlands, and hidden meadow protected. Need the board to decide what we want to see done in the future. The front field is open for anything. The wetlands in back connect all the way with Punderson.

-Chagrin River Land Conservancy sent a 4 page list of potential funding opportunities they are will to help township get. Board will review and discuss at next meeting. Some items are time sensitive and decisions need to be made by April 1st.

No one in Geauga has applied for a nature works grant yet.

Les reiterated the need for a paved trail along the tree line east from the parking lot.

Need to look into the outhouse again which can be expensive

Glen passed out a fertilization contract from Quality Sprinkling Systems out of North Ridgeville that was recommended by Bruce Wiley. Concerns were raised about the insect control listed and how it would affect the bee population which is in decline. Question was raised if we could do it ourselves. Would need to see specs on the products before making a decision. Roger suggested getting a soil test done first. Suggestion was made to contact Eric Draper of extension office about soil testing.

-Watershed Partners will charge $1000 to manage the $11,500 grant.

Rt. 87 and Auburn Corner/Veterans Park

-Glen met with Dan McClaren from Impollitti Landscaping regarding the plans for the play area and walkway west of the gazebo, passed out a diagram with layout. Would need trees donated and a mason to do a seating bench where the silo was. Money is budgeted for this project.

-Glen hopes to have the cul-de-sac parking area completed with a donation.

-Impollitti is ready to start as soon as weather breaks, very committed to project.

-Roger suggested moving electrical panel into the vegetated are rather than by the open gazebo area. Landscape architect planning to hide it.

-the leaning electric pole will stay as of now.

Glen putting together an email to a tank place in Michigan recommended by David Joyce. If can’t get an actual tank could use a tank silhouette. Jan suggested contacting Larry ayers about getting a vehicle.

200th Anniversary

-Les has tractors coming from all over for tractor parade, including Portage and Trumble Counties. Jim Timmons very involved. Century Village will have?_____

-Mark stated car show is coming together, music boosters will do the food, music and D.J.. Junction will advertise the car/truck show on August 26 from 11-4:00./ A flyer template was passed around.

-Carol said the Civil War encampment is set. They want to do a wreath laying ceremony at Wallace Munn’s grave who was killed at the ridge. Will have noisy rifles at event on August 19

-the boy scouts are interested in volunteering for activities, Carol attended their meeting.

-Clkarified the picnic is scheled for Saturday only with no rain date. Carol talked to Munson Township about their picnic, they had 500-800 people, food cost $13,000, they sent out post cards to every household costing $1100. With schedule of events. Carol sent an email to the American Legion to seer if they want to do the food. Also asked Prots what they would charge for 500 people. Or get Cisco to handle all food. Roger suggested asking manja too as the menu is set so will have3-4 estimates to choose from.

-Roger suggested placing a free ad in the Good News. Ann Weishart will do an article in the Maple Leaf.

-attendees will get a free ticket at the entrance, get hand stamped when they pick up their food (so cant get extra food)

-an ice cream truck cost $50 for the day, they will have 8 items available for $1.00 each people can choose from. Township will pay per person. Suggestion was made to book Mark Grippie Ice Cream truck.

Carol will get prices on a bounce house for next meeting.

-Geocache is up and running with several cachers already participating.

Next regular meeting Thursday, April 13, 2017 at town hall. As a tri board meeting with trustees and Rec board.

Judy Barnhart– Newbury Park Board Secretary