Park Board Minutes 02/11/2016

Newbury Township Park Board


Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2016, Newbury Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Roger Mezak, Les Ober, Wayne Mansfield,

Guests: trustee Glen Quigley, Carol Drabek


Meeting called to order at 7:35. Minutes of January meeting read and approved.


Eagle Scout projects

No scouts in attendance


Oberland Park

Les plans to tap the west grove for the first time with tubing. Has begun making maple syrup, hasn’t seen many squirrels in the woods damaging his tubing as very few oak trees. He is pumping the sap about ½ mile to collect across north field.



Rt. 87 and Auburn Corner/Veterans Park

Glen reported that the beams are at the fire station, the compression ring is at Newbury Sandblasting. The BZA is having a meeting February 23 for a conditional use hearing on the pavillion, will then need to get a building permit from the county. The state of Ohio approved the updated plans and they are now stamped and  the contract has been signed. Engineering Endevours has been paid $12,600 for their work on the compression ring, ½ of the estimated cost, they donated the other half. Many veterans work for the company.  Glen will go to the next Veterans meeting to give them an update. $45,000 is the current estimated cost to finish the project. As it is below $50.000 do not need to go out to bid.


Any left over money from the Envervest repairs after reimbursing the maintenance department could be used for projects, the pavilion lighting has priority.


200th Anniversary

Les welcomed Carol Draybek who is interested in helping with the anniversary celebration. Les made the Suggestion to have a series of events over 2017, rather than doing everything on one celebration day. Roger would like to set up a timeline and asked about a budget. Would like trustees to consider $20,000 to be used over the next two years. Glen to check with trustees.


Glen had pictures of the new Fullertown signs installed along Sperry Rd. Diana Hasket, a Newbury resident,  made them. She also provided Newbury history on Fullerton and the Interurban, Copies were made for the township with board members taking them home to read.


Ideas suggested by Carol and board included:

I big event with smaller events over the summer at multiple venues across the township

-open house of township buildings

-include fire department, cemetaries, churches

-Union Chapel  (contact Sandy Wolf or Beverly Ash)

-Jean Shook, the barber, has lots of pictures and may want to help

-lake communities including mobster connection to Kiwanis Lake

-Friends of Punderson and Pioneer picnics held at Punderson

-check the Pioneer History of Geauga County

St Helen’s school students may need to do service hours

-contact the St Helen’s Unicycle team

-ask the flag store if they can provide anniversary flags to hang around the township

-American Legion and war heroes

-Bill Ward may have Civil War connections

-Dictate oral histories of old timers


-One room school houses (one near Majewski’s house?)

-before organizing the big party-in –the-park check with Bill Majewski who helped organize the last one

-Diane Ryder may have historical info

-Maiann Botger was a great historian wrote some histories of Newbury.

-old grange building for agricultural history (les has pictures)

Party could have music in tents

-Sharon Gingerich, county recorder, lives in Newbury may have info

-Bill Skomrack should have fire department info

Ray Fidel may want to help

Wayne to check with other Mansfields as the family has been around for awhile

-Les would like to work on history and will contact Bill Ward and Botgers

-are there any other places signs could be posted around the township?

-Roger would like 2 co-chairs to organize everything and come up with a vision and plan, one person from the community (Carol offered to help) and one board member, rest of the board would be advisory committee

Judy could help with the Union Chapel and Interurban


Next regular meeting Thursday, March 10, 2016 at town hall.



Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary      

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