Park Board Minutes 02/09/2017

Newbury Township Park Board


Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017,
Newbury Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Wayne Mansfield, Roger Mezak, Jim Stephancin

Guests: Carol Draybek, Glen Quigley, Jan & Ken Blair

Meeting called to order at 7:35. November minutes read and approved with minor correction, December minutes read by Roger, Judy will decipher and type up.


Oberland Park

Rt. 87 and Auburn Corner/Veterans Park

200th Anniversary

-Jan and Carol met with Marcia and went over budget item by item.

Marcia will send to township’s attorney to verify what township can and cannot pay for.

Township can pay for food, porta potties, ice cream and cake for the picnic.

-township can’t pay for banners, calendars or tokens until hear from attorney.

-If go with CISCO food truck, they will only bill us for what we use, will serve andprovide all the food without needing tickets.

Picnic will go from 11:00-7:00 with a set time for food to be served.

Marcia will contact Munson Township fiscal officer to see how they planned for their bicentennial picnic in 2016.

-If we go with Mangia providing the food would need to know how much food is needed, possibly sell tickets.

-Discussion on how to sell tickets, township not allowed to sell tickets.

-estimate banners will cost about $5000 so have $5000 left in the budget for the picnic and other things.

-Menu decided on: hotdogs, hamburgers, salad (potato or macaroni), chips, cake and ice cream, drinks.

-would only need a single layer cake can ask Diane Schneider if she would provide.

-Wayne has a call into north coast custard, will hear back in mid January.

--hope to get water donated from Kinetico and Sunrise Springs.

-Carol to reserve auditorium for Friday movie night if rain.

-Wayne suggested getting a large tent to put up by pavilion if rain on Saturday rather than having a rain date on Sunday. Use fire department as a back up for rain. That way vendors do not have to book people for both days, everyone agreed to hold event just Saturday.

-Alan Knaas wants to promote skate park at picnic

=Carol met with Ann Weishart about doing an article in the Maple Leaf.

-Kiwanis offered free ad space on their pancake breakfast place mats. We can also sell the calendars at the breakfasts.

-There will be a re-enactment of Civil War? At Veterans Park on August 19 with 8-10 actors, this is the same day as the art show across the street at the plaza. Will need sherrif to direct people crossing the street.

-Bill Ward will do his talk at Veterans Park.

-Dianna making window clings at .20 a piece these can used as geocache prizes. Glen said to go ahead and order.

-Kiwanis bought the first banner.

-Glen working on getting a permit to hang the banners from the telephone poles.

-Preston and Junction would like to help pay for the car show.

-Art Festival committee met recently and have everything set.


Kiwanis is a 501c4 organization

Glen suggested Park Board become a 501c3 organization so can do fundraising- suggested Carol be the chair.

Glen will bring information to next meeting about getting another park board member appointed.

Eric Neff will donate art work to raise money for the Park Board.

Park board has $10,000.00 budgeted for 2017 so need to decide what project to work on next.

Next regular meeting Thursday, February 9, 2017 at town hall. As a tri board meeting with trustees and Rec board.

 Judy Barnhart– Newbury Park Board Secreta