Park Board January 10, 2013

Newbury Township Park Board


Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2013 Town Hall

Present: Judy Barnhart, Mark Fritch, Roger Mezak,   Wayne Mansfield, Jim Stefancin

Guest: Boy Scout Sam Barnhart      

Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Minutes of November meeting read and approved with minor corrections





Eagle Scout Project:

            Sam Barnhart presented his revised drawing of a grilling patio he plans to construct next to the shelter. Showed a picture of the large grill he plans to purchase and told about a grant available from LOWES for Eagle Scouts he plans to apply for. Roger recommended using LOWES for hardware and Carter Lumber for wood as they have better quality and prices. Wayne said he would check with VanNess on overruns for the paver stones, Sam’s Dad knows someone who can bend metal to make the bench frames, so only need to attach wood to top or back and then mount to cement base of shelter. Park board approves of project.



Geese Problem on rec soccer fields

Arrangements were all made with sheriff and game warden to hunt, 3 blind locations selected but geese never came back, even when decoys were put up.

Frisbee tournament:

            Rec board admitted they dropped the ball in allowing the college Frisbee tournament to take place in November. Request came into the trustees who sent it to rec board. Roger suggested a letter be sent to head of Tournament telling them the procedure for future.

 Volley ball net

Net was taken down and stored in the basement of the town hall for the winter.


*Need to stake out 3rd base dugout before fence and drive done.

*need to come up for a better name for ball field. Some people refer to it as field 5. Would like to put out bids for naming rights. Question was brought up on the money that was donated when Les’ dad passed away. Can the money be used for the ball field?, maybe naming the field after him.



*Picnic tables will need sanded and pressure washed. Plan to hold a park board meeting at shelter in the future when warms up.

*Kiwanis had offered Park Board $1000 toward solar lighting, should relook at it.


Trustee rep to Park Board

No trustee rep at this meeting again.


Grange Park

Trustees accepted Jodie’s offer to purchase but needs a new permit as old permit for property on Rt.44 she had a does not cover grange park.


*Roger would like a copy of the financial records to see what money we have available to plan projects for 2013.

*Roger checking into setting up a 501c3 for park board to keep money separate from trustees

* Need list of projects money will be used for if levy passes.


 Next meeting

February 14 7:30 at town hall. Valentines Day wear red!


Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary