Park Board April 19 2012

Newbury Township Park Board

Meeting Minutes
April 19 Town Hall
Present: Judy Barnhart, Roger Mesak, Wayne Mansfield, judy Barnhart, David Snively,
Guests: Glen Quigley, Sue & Bruce Wagner from & Newbury Kiwani
Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m.


Due to work conflicts with park board chairman, suggestion was made to change the regular meeting date from the thurd Thursday to the second Thursday of the month. Trustees would like to have a joint trustee, park board, rec board meeting on may 10th which is the 2nd Thursday so official meeting dates will beg in may on the second Thursday.

Volleyball court
Fairmont Minerals would like to schedule may 3rd or4th as a workday to put in the volleyball court. However the elementary school is holding their wet lab days, those same two days All the kids will be out in the area and additional time neeeded to schedule a truck to haul materials. Roger asked if stone and sand can be stockpiled ahead of time need to make arrangements with Township to dig a hole Jim and Wayne to check to see if they can get the time off to oversee the project would prefer this project be scheduled in late May or after June 11when Roger will be available. Will need a snow fence installed around hole after it’s dug the material removed from the hole will be used to backfill around the Pavilion hole -size to be 50’x80’x3’ 15 feet off edge of the Pavilion

Pavilion lighting

Kiwanis would like to pay up to $1000 for solar lighting with a motion detector for the Pavilion to increase visibility for sheriff patrol. prices for different styles $690 for 135 watts or $490 for a larger size lasts about 5 hours of lighting time would also require 2 batteries. Materials and fixtures can be put up in rafters at one end representatives were asked if Kiwanis would be willing to donate $1000 toward running electric back as will need electric for the outhouse question was asked if there is a minimum usage charge glen to contact CEI to check on cost of running power back and if we are classified as commercial or recreational useage. Kiwanis will have to take request back to next meeting on monday
Eagle Scout project
Les walked trail with alex and went over information on sugaring he could use on his signs

Roger provided a cost breakdown for installing a primitive restroom facility (Prf) with two different styles totaling $7800,he figured total cost would be less than $10,000 without labor
Rout 87 and auburn corner
No additional discussion

next regular meeting, May10 at 7:30 p.m. at Town hall with rec board
Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary