Park Board 8-10-09

Newbury Township Park Board


Special Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2009, 6:30 p.m.

Newbury Town Hall


Present: Judy Barnhart, Roger Mezak, Jodie Swartwout, Susan Walker-Meere, Mark Fritsch, Les Ober

Guest: David Snively, Jan & Ken Blair, Bill Skomrack, Bruce Wiley, Adam Surkla


Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.



Federal Grant

Roger passed out copies of the current grant budget and copies of a proposal from Patti Landscaping to redo front property into two soccer fields. At trustee meeting last week the proposal was presented by the Geauga Community Development office overseeing the grant in which Patti Landscaping put a bid in to design and administer the development of two soccer fields for $14,600.  Trustees awarded with an understanding with Patti Group that they would go ahead with the completion of project for approximately $69,000. Roger and Les had asked Community Development to put together specs to spray out weeds, reverse till and laser grade field not completed by previous contractor. Bid was for more than was requested and is being questioned by Park Board.


Roger introduced Bruce and Adam as knowledgeable in soccer requirements if questions arose.


David Snively, speaking for himself and not as a trustee, stated that decision needs to be made on what we are doing and what we should be doing. Related discussion from May 2nd meeting of trustees, Park Board and Rec Board in which minutes reflect that there is a need for a softball field. Wants to focus on getting everyone on the same page. Has called for a special trustee meeting for Wed., Aug. 12 where he will recommend trustees rescind the entire package to spend $69,000 to build two soccer fields. Will also re-establish how HUD grant will be managed and roles of those involved. Would like recommendations on how the HUD grant should be spent based on what Newbury residents want. Board of trustees should be final authority on how monies are spent including paying consultants with background knowledge if needed for decision making. A project manager is needed to make sure contractors follow specs. Recommends that Township Trustee Jan Blair, who is responsible for economic development in the township, be liaison with the community development office and development at the park.


According to grant, work needs to be completed by March 2011 with final spending completed by Sept 30, 2012.


Next regular meeting: Thursday, August 20, 7:30 p.m. at Newbury Town Hall


Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary