Park Board 10-15-09

Newbury Township Park Board


Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Newbury Town Hall


Present: Judy Barnhart, Roger Mezak, Jodie Swartwout, Susan Walker-Meere, Mark Fritsch, Les Ober

Guest: David Snively, Jan Blair, Chip Hess, Doug Ule, Wayne Mansfield


Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m. Minutes of September 17 meeting read and approved.



Master Plan

*Chip Hess provided a map of park with GIS of trails, overlay of current and proposed soccer and baseball/softball fields, and gas line location, with separate enlargements of areas being considered for development. Would like to hear all ideas so can do a layout of where amenities might fit.

*Roger stated that ball field would be for softball and for baseball through age 12.

*Discussion on purpose of moving gas line if ball field can be laid out without impacting line. Soil cannot be added over line which is about 30 inches down and would require a lot of soil to bring infield up about 15’ to grade. Gas line is 2” plastic pipe inside 4” metal pipe. Need to look at difference in cost of moving line with development of preferred field layout to cost of not moving line and doing the fill necessary to bring other end of field up to grade. If gas line is moved, will not be in the way for any future development. No decision needed at this time to move line this fall.

*Roger would like the parking area expanded to triple the current size to park 100 cars.

*Discussion on location of pavilion. Various options suggested including centrally located, south of drive by newly seeded area and north of driveway in hay field. Size 24x32.

*Pre-school playground requested. Should be near pavilion so parents can watch children. Suggestion to have it closer to the road.

*Need for storage for recreation equipment brought up. Original plans called for having a storage building attached to pavilion. This idea was decided against in the past. Rec board could design storage areas as part of the dugouts.

*HUD grant to be used for grading and seeding of ballfield only and not backstops or dugouts. Those to be constructed by Rec board.

*Several option available for bathroom. Cost of Romtec of concern. Could possibly run septic into school system, distance not an issue.

 *Les provided a timeline for completion of HUD grant before it expires in March 2011.

*Chip Hess to come up with a couple options on layout of amenities


Federal Grant

Front multipurpose field:

*Seeding is complete, grass is coming in. Good drainage with only a small section in front corner with any water.

Entrance sign:

*Hole dug and footer has been poured. Rock has been paid for. Just waiting for a dry weekend day to install.



Nature Trail

*Cross country team has been using trail for practice and meets.


Next meeting: Tuesday, November 17, 7:00 p.m. at Newbury Town Hall (couple board members not available 3rd Thursday)


Judy Barnhart – Newbury Park Board Secretary