Newbury Trustees special meeting Aug 25, 2009

A special meeting of the Board of Township Trustees, Newbury Township was called to order August 25, 2009 at 10:30 AM with Mrs. Blair and Mr. Snively present.  The main purpose of this meeting is to decide what steps need to be taken with the front of the park to get the multi purpose field ready for use and the entrance to the park designed.  It was stated that the Trustees would like the entrance to look better than it does currently. 


Many items were discussed including future improvements to the park such as a pavilion, baseball field with lighting, water, electricity, moving the gas line and restrooms.  The sheriff’s department indicated that the pavilion should be put in the open for safety. School and park land need to be considered as one joint facility, because they share parking, fields etc. The school is open to doing what is right for the community and will assist where they can. 


It was asked if there was a fast track to getting the front cleaned up.  The Trustees would like for people to have something to look at instead of the current view.  Mr. Pattie stated that he needs more information on the sign so he can design an entrance that may include some fence and shade trees.  Mr. Hess is working on a foundation for the sign.   Mr. Ober stated that the Park Board will want to have input on the front design.  A soil sample was taken and the soil currently in the front is contaminated with too much clay and needs sand added.  Mr. Ober questioned whether adding sand would correct the drainage problem or just drain water 12” lower, with the result that if there is a lot of rain the field would fill and be very wet.  He suggested we may need to use drain tile.  Mr. Ober sees drain tile being necessary, with it either draining to the back or the front toward Auburn Road.  If it drains to the front, the ditch would have to be lowered and cleaned so it drains.  Mr. Pattie noted that if a lawn is wanted before winter it would have to be completed in the next couple of weeks.  Mr. Pattie indicated that Wheeler is ready to install lawn seeding whenever he is given the go ahead.


Mr. Ober said that before we spend money on and correct the errors from before, that the drainage issue needs to be addressed, and that it appears that the project is being rushed.  He said that if the field won't be playable it would make sense to wait on all of it and make the drainage correct giving more time for planning.  He thought that if drainage needs to be corrected that the seeding and grading should wait until next year.


Mr. Hess inquired about the process that needs to be taken on doing the work.  Mr. Snively indicated that any quote below $25,000 can be voted on by the Trustees and it would not have to go through the Geauga County Department of Community and Economic Development.   Mr. Hess indicated that the Township minutes should clearly show who gave bids and who the job was given to and the reason why that choice was made if they are under $25,000.  Mrs. Blair indicated that the county was only going to be paying the invoices for the township.


Mr. Hess indicated that we should find out what current grades are so we know where to go from there.  He also thought that the Township should use laser grading for a nice grade and drainage.   The field needs to be level so no one gets hurt and has good drainage so it can be used.  The field in the front should be similar to the soccer fields for safety and use.


It was agreed that the preliminary steps now are to get the fields sprayed, then brush hogged and graded, while at the same time checking the current grade and elevations for drainage.  If no corrections are needed to the drainage, then the grade and seed step could commence; if corrections are needed the township should wait on laser grading and seeding until next year.  A motion was made by Mrs. Blair to spray the fields and have them brush hogged; this motion was seconded by: 2nd by Mr. Snively, and passed by a unanimous affirmative vote.   It was decided that Mr. Hess will contact several contractors for grading, Mrs. Blair will contact Western Reserve for spraying, and Mr. Snively will contact Mr. Hollis for brush hogging.


Mr. Ober then asked for a meeting of the Park Board to discuss the design of the entrance; it was then decided that this meeting would be held on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009 at 7:00 PM.  Mr. Pattie will attend with the Trustees.   Mr. Hess asked about the proposed project budget and he was brought up to speed on it.  It was decided that Mr. Hess and Mr. Pattie will send updated quotes for the work that is being requested.  A motion was made at 12:30 PM to adjourn by Mr. Snively, a second by Mrs. Blair, with a unanimous affirmative vote.