Munn Cemetery

Over the last few years Munn Cemetery has been the site of some extensive personal landscaping by friends and families of individuals buried there.  The cemetery regulation are, as follows:

Planting may be made at the East side of the stone (on the grave) not exceeding a distance of two feet total from the marker. Ground cover is not permitted beyond the two-foot distance from the marker and will be cut as necessary.

New shrubs, bushes or trees are not permitted as gravesite plantings. Existing shrubs or bushes will be trimmed or removed by cemetery maintenance as needed.
Artificial flowers or ornaments are permitted on the graves until they become weather beaten. Christmas decorations must be removed by April 1. The Township is not responsible for damage or theft of such items and may remove them if they become unsightly.
Benches must be authorized by the township.
Large monuments that cover the entire gravesite, and boulders or rocks are not permitted.