Officials & Board Members 

Township Trustees
Jan Blair, Trustee
 Bill Skomrock Jr, Vice-Chairman
 Glen Quigley, Chairman
Fiscal Officer
 Marcia Mansfield 

Board of Zoning Appeals
 Mary Lee Brezina
 Chris Yaeker
 Lewis Tomsic Jr.
 Karen Endres(alt.)
 Ed Meyers (alt.)
 Marge Hrabak, secretary

Zoning Commission
ZC Mike Nelson 2022, Vice Chairmen
Jerry Hudak 2021, Chairmen
Steve Boughner, 2020
Jessica Rivera, 2020
Margaret Avalon,  2018
Tricia Hajma, Alternate, 2017
Ed Deiulls, Alternate, 2019

Park Board Members
 Judy Bradt-Barnhard
 Roger Mezak
 Les Ober
 Wayne Mansfield
 Jim Stefancin
 David Snively
 Mark Fritsch


Minutes & Finances

Meeting are held the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 P.M.

Our "Recent Meetings" section shows only four of the most recent meetings. For more meeting minutes scroll down to our "Archive" and select the month that you want to view, then select your meeting.

Meeting minutes will not be posted until they have been read, corrected and officially approved by the trustees. This usually occurs at the following meeting two or three weeks later and may result in the minutes being listed under a different month than the one in which they were originally taken.


Recent Meetings


Financial Statements

     Financial Budget 6/7/2017