Joint meeting of Park, Rec and Trustee boards 5/2/09

The special Newbury Township Joint Meeting with the Newbury Park Board, Newbury
Recreation Board and the Newbury Township Trustees was called to order by David Snively at 8:32 AM, May 2, 2009, with Mr. Snively and Mr. Skomrock in attendance.  Also attending were Tami Sizemore, Greg Munn, Guy Munn, and Roger Mezak from the Newbury Joint Recreation Board, and George Mazarakis, Susan Moore, Les Ober, Jodie Swartout, and Mark Fritsch from the Park Board, with Roger Mezak also representing the Park Board.


David Snively indicated he was looking for recommendations for physical investments in Oberland Park.  Currently there are no major commitments at this time as to what has to be done at the park.  The deadline for HUD Grant money use is still a couple years away and there is approximately $130,000 left of the grant.  How and when the money is to be used is important, as there is only one shot at spending the money correctly.  The township needs something that is not going to require continuing, ongoing maintenance. 


Les Ober stated that the mission of the Park Board is to look at community property and figure out how to best use the property for the residents of Newbury.  The Park Board is looking for the best use of the land, acting as an advisory board to the trustees.


Roger Mezak stated that the Recreation Board would like dedicated softball fields, even though he acknowledged that participation in the Recreation Board programs is declining.  Their focus has been on Oberland Park and not the other parks.  The soccer fields had all the work donated by residents and business to create the fields.  They would like adult softball fields added at Oberland Park, with lights to be considered as a possible addition.  These fields would be located in the back of the property.  Mr. Mezak thinks if there were lights that they would attract about 2 games a night.  Other similar parks in the area are Chesterland and Middlefield.  This adult field would be open to adjoining communities to create adult teams.   Greg Munn stated he would like a hub design with four fields back to back, a concession stand, and a stat booth down by current fields 2 and 3.  It was noted that most of what goes on at the current fields is controlled by the Recreation Board.  The Recreation Board takes care of about 90% of the maintenance on the current fields, and they believe that they could create fees to play on leagues to pay for maintenance of the fields.


Roger Mezak estimated that it would take about $7,000 to mow new fields per year.  The Trustees indicated that improvements have to be self-sustaining.  The township will not have the funds for maintenance as an ongoing cost.  The Recreation Board currently uses school trash removal services, concession stand and restrooms, which they clean when they use them.  This is not a written agreement but since the school is part of the Joint Recreation arrangement this is the way that the school can participate in support of the Joint Recreation Board in lieu of funding assistance.  They also brought up the idea of a youth football field so that they do not have to play on the soccer fields.  There was discussion of a well for water for the sports fields; a well is approximately $3000.00 for 100 foot well.  Electric service for the well pump would come off Auburn. 


David Snively indicated that the park needs a sign, not just a rock. Roger Mezak reported an estimated cost of $1500 to $3000 cost of a new wood sign. They would like to have the sign by the 4th of July.  The Park Board will look into the options between wood and stone.   


The Park Board stated that they would like a pavilion, and they are putting together designs and costs.  They are hoping for donations and volunteers to reduce the cost of this project, as the approximate costs of three concepts presented for a pavilion are $10,000, $15,600, and $23,000.   Another idea is a gazebo in the front of the park, with an approximate cost of $10,500.   Ideally, they would also like to have restrooms installed.  The design currently being looked at is one unisex unit with approximate cost of $31,000 including material and labor and solar driven system power service.  This design needs to be pumped out once a year.  Roger Mezak pointed out that a “porta-potti” could be acquired for about $600.00 per year.


Les Ober and David Snively both thought that research into a long-term lease with the school for the ball fields and other things that they are currently using should be looked into.  Long term no one knows for sure what may or may not happen to the school.  Les Ober suggested that someone talk to the Manfredi family about placing “No ATV” signs in the old truck depot area.


The thought of merging the two boards together was brought up by David Snively.  He thought that maybe they could have one member of each board attend the others’ meetings.  They could then see what the other is up to.  Les Ober suggested occasional joint meetings like this one. 


Roger Mezak asked for a 40 ft extension on pipe by gas well, making a motion to that effect.  This motion was seconded by Jodi Swartout.   The trustees then adopted a township motion to this effect upon a motion by Mr. Snively, a second by Mr. Skomrock, and a unanimous affirmative vote.  Dave Lair is to let them know which account can be used.   This meeting was adjourned at 10:25 A.M. upon a motion by Mr. Skomrock, a second by Mr. Snively, and a unanimous affirmative vote.



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David Snively – Chairman                                          Jan Blair – Vice Chairman



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William Skomrock, Jr.                                                            David Lair – Fiscal Officer